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Author commentary

Veronica: BUT JUNIORS :’(

By the way, I went to a movie with a friend over the weekend and I wanted to plug his YouTube channel because his stuff is really good and funny and hasn’t got nearly enough views. Check out his series about how video games are terrible (video link) and his general YouTube channel. If you haven’t watched The Simpsons in a while you will be horrified and amused!

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Reader comments

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Comment ID #262559

Boom, this is it!

Twoplusfiveequallsseven October 21, 2013, 1:00 PM EST.

Comment ID #262560

Daisy’s eyes are so cute #^_^#

Jonas97face October 21, 2013, 1:00 PM EST.

Comment ID #262561

rachel is supes adorable oh my god

Shiny October 21, 2013, 1:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #262562

I didn’t expect this to be some fancy-dressed birthday party. How comes?

Waldo October 21, 2013, 1:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #262563

This room brings memories, eh Paulo dear? :P

KK October 21, 2013, 1:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #262564

“big kids”
And then we discovered Daisy though Tess was a giant the first time they met.

Vanvoltra October 21, 2013, 1:02 PM EST.

Comment ID #262565

You know what? There needs to be more LOVE! Where did all the go?! Come on, more kissing! Oh Daisy looks so beautiful. ;)

Jayden October 21, 2013, 1:03 PM EST.

Comment ID #262566

At first sight I thought Abbey is wearing pyjamas ^^; eather way, this party already looks so adult that if Paulo is gonna bring boose then it will be perfect for this party :D

EvilKitty3 October 21, 2013, 1:07 PM EST.

Comment ID #262568

Aww, look at Daisy being adorable. Don’t worry, Daisy. Abbey will keep you safe no matter what happens. :D Even if this happens to be a more mature party with alcoholic beverages.

Also, Daisy and her cute shoes. :love:

Sapphire20 October 21, 2013, 1:08 PM EST.

Comment ID #262569

Haha. It’s funny how in highschool being a grade above us or a year older than us made them seem so much bigger and intimidating. Now when I see someone 2 - 5 years older than me I can only think “Oh they’re not that much older than me! Maybe we have something in common. :D” Lol

RecklessRomantic October 21, 2013, 1:17 PM EST.

Comment ID #262570

Daisy, don’t worry. They’re not that much bigger.

Phillip October 21, 2013, 1:20 PM EST.

Comment ID #262571


Sea-Foam October 21, 2013, 1:20 PM EST.

Comment ID #262572

Abbey’s lookin dapper, Daisys dress is so adorable, this party shall be interesting.
Is it bad I’m focussing on the clothing choices..? PFFT, no.

Gabba October 21, 2013, 1:25 PM EST.

Comment ID #262573

They are right…
Daisy’s big&shiny eyes again…

HongKat October 21, 2013, 1:26 PM EST.

Comment ID #262574

Omfg daisy is too cute right now.

shmid October 21, 2013, 1:33 PM EST.

Comment ID #262576

Just like this Video with i found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NptxewobnL0

well… Not really…

Mr-Hero-Bio October 21, 2013, 1:38 PM EST.

Comment ID #262577

Omg, Abbey looks really good on this page! :o

Subaru October 21, 2013, 1:54 PM EST.

Comment ID #262578

Ow no! Big kids scare daisy. Good thing abbey is there to keep her safe and give her positive reinforcement. I wonder what daisy was expecting from a party held by Rachel. They will probably play some games like twister and spin the bottle along with seven minutes in heaven. And daisy can go from super happy to super scared in 0.3 seconds.

Blue fox October 21, 2013, 2:00 PM EST.

Comment ID #262579

@Mr-Hero-Bio Dat video was in a way good, especally 4:17 with EDDSWORLD

Keyblade Dragon October 21, 2013, 2:15 PM EST.

Comment ID #262580

There would probably be some games like twister, spin the bottle, spin-the-Sheen-and-hit-him-with-a-bottle, and seven minutes in heaven. Just kidding although that may happen and stuff goes wrong like party crashers or wild partying.

Keyblade Dragon October 21, 2013, 2:18 PM EST.

Comment ID #262581

D’awww! Abbey is the perfect partner for Daisy! She’s active but insecure, he’s calm and collected (when he’s not blowing his stack that is!)
This is one couple that @Taeshi should NOT mess up! Be nice to them #^_^# darn it!

5Cats October 21, 2013, 2:28 PM EST.

Comment ID #262582

Daisy is still adorable 8-D

The Observer October 21, 2013, 2:30 PM EST.

Comment ID #262583

I feel like Daisy and Abbey have switched roles in the relationship where Abbey is now the older more mature one and Daisy is the less emotionally stable of the two

Misanthrope October 21, 2013, 2:33 PM EST.

Comment ID #262584

Seriously Daisy, what did you expect?

Anyway, I’m expecting to see some people totally wasted by the time this chapter is over. I wonder if that was a beer cabinet Paulo was in earlier, though I bet it was champagne.

Gate-senpai October 21, 2013, 2:41 PM EST.

Comment ID #262585

Daisy looks better than everyone… ;_;

Hawz October 21, 2013, 2:52 PM EST.

Comment ID #262586

Aww Daisy you’re so adorable (:

kami October 21, 2013, 3:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #262587

I know she wouldn’t appreciate it, but Daisy’s such a child sometimes, it’s kind of cute. :3

Jessica U. Ingmann October 21, 2013, 3:29 PM EST.

Comment ID #262588

This is confusing me. Daisy seems to have been a fairly mature indevidual, but this chapter she is scared of people 4 inches taller then her and she is having a breakdown about a dress color that she hasn’t chosen.

bla October 21, 2013, 3:47 PM EST.

Comment ID #262589

Oh no, not the scarey warey ‘big kids’! What will Daisy ever do?

HLTH October 21, 2013, 3:49 PM EST.

Comment ID #262590

Whoa, wait a minute.
Are they…wearing clothes?
It makes them seem more…human.
Guess it’s because humans are the only known animals to wear clothes.

Blank On Purpose October 21, 2013, 3:52 PM EST.

Comment ID #262591

Is rachel’s party daisy, what did you were imaging I would be? XD

eagle October 21, 2013, 4:04 PM EST.

Comment ID #262592

Nice thinking Paulo; a last minute gift for Rachel. How quaint, right? I’m incredibly curious as to what the gift could be. Knowing Paulo, its bound to show SOME sort of underused and stale object, or just some unorthodox gift that will shake things up. I can hardly wait.

Fangs October 21, 2013, 4:31 PM EST.

Comment ID #262593

@Blank On Purpose: Rule 1 of clothing is that you ALWAYS wear it to fancy events or parties. XD

Moogle October 21, 2013, 4:44 PM EST.

Comment ID #262594

Ok, I was always confused by the “Is he naked and flashing someone or is he just not clothed?”, and I think this is the explanation.

Young kids sometimes wear clothes to look nice and because clothes symbolize maturity and growing up. The other reason is…

PUBERTY. Yeah, puberty.
Some girls wear clothes during the month because of their period and boys sometimes wear clothes because they found their big brothers private stash. I’m guessing they have a flap made out of extra skin that overlaps their genitalia and that, when they grow up,the flap retracts and begins to the genitalia shows. Some cats or dogs with long fur don’t wear clothes a lot because of their long fur, but still need swimwear because that fur gets matted.

For bras, girls just don’t want there breasts sagging. No one likes sagging. [EDITOR’S COMMENT: JESUS CHRIST]

DatPotato October 21, 2013, 5:14 PM EST.

Comment ID #262595

Daisy should listen to One Directions hit song “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”. Maybe she’ll feel sexier and give Abbey her “Thank You gift”.

DatPotato October 21, 2013, 5:19 PM EST.

Comment ID #262596

I smell le sex in Abby and Daisy’s future…oh wait that’s just Rachel.

Fluffy October 21, 2013, 5:28 PM EST.

Comment ID #262597

I like the fact that Daisy does have fears and insecurities despite being highly intelligent, and Abbey understands that, and reassures her without undermining her feelings.

Despite working hard and trying her best at everything Daisy seems to think little of herself and cares a lot what people think of her.

dolphinbread October 21, 2013, 5:28 PM EST.

Comment ID #262598

also Abbey looks so cute in a shirt :D

I love this couple - Daisy brings out the best in Abbey and supports him, and he does the same for her :)

dolphinbread October 21, 2013, 5:30 PM EST.

Comment ID #262599

Dude, that guy on youtube is AWESOME!! Tell him to go complain more!

I love the way he edits funny little clip thingies into his videos. I love this guy. I want to make him go viral and then sell himself out to Nickelodeon.

This is awesome. Thank you Taeshi. x)

Cassidy October 21, 2013, 6:15 PM EST.

Comment ID #262600

Haha! I love how they’re all so short X)

Crayzee Foo October 21, 2013, 6:17 PM EST.

Comment ID #262602

3rd Panel: …….Did Rachel get shorter?!

DeathofInk October 21, 2013, 6:35 PM EST.

Comment ID #262603

Furious Abbey = dem swears

Daisy should have her eyes checked, they’re getting too much light.

I’m starting to think that Abbey should have been what Paulo was for Halloween.

Who is that creeper D: smiling at Daisy and Abbey in the last panel? He doesn’t look like David.

BCB clothes are better than our world’s, they’re only made for looks (except in extreme temperatures, I imagine) or, in Daisy’s and Paulo’s case, this: http://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/c54.2/p1.html

I just imagined yorkie miners, I’m a terrible person… ._.

Happy hour better not be some weird- Furious Abbey cult Furious Abbey , but that wouldn’t happen, RIGHT???

I wonder where Rachel’s little bro is at this point?

@Mr-Hero-Bio: Mad Lucy *bops*
@Fluffy: Your smell will change once Paulo gets there.
@Deathofink: No, she’s just compact. :D

Hawz October 21, 2013, 7:42 PM EST.

Comment ID #262604

Awesome so far, 8-D

The Shinobi October 21, 2013, 7:57 PM EST.

Comment ID #262605

It’s weird to see Abbey with a shirt :D It looks like a nightshirt on him :P

Sambo October 21, 2013, 8:16 PM EST.

Comment ID #262606

Wow, Abbey looks badass in a shirt.

Deiser October 21, 2013, 8:39 PM EST.

Comment ID #262607

I don’t know why but I feel like complimenting how awesome the little details are in the area around them. I just kind of noticed it, the fancy door, the patterns on the couch. I’m sure you prolly do it all the time but yeah. I wish I had that much dedication for details like that.

Muffie Winchester October 21, 2013, 8:43 PM EST.

Comment ID #262608

Daaaw Daisy you sooo cute X3

VolnuttN7 October 21, 2013, 9:14 PM EST.

Comment ID #262609

I still get the feeling it is going to come crashing down at this party.

MobileCrusader October 21, 2013, 9:36 PM EST.

Comment ID #262610



sorry 4 caps, Taeshi’s fans

Nice Guy Joseph October 21, 2013, 10:23 PM EST.

Comment ID #262611

@ DatPotato http://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/c54.2/p1.html hey look this chapter is talking about the same thing.

Blue fox October 21, 2013, 10:47 PM EST.

Comment ID #262612

I just realized I am now older than the cast //holds head in hands (I started reading this when I was in 8th grade…)

DarkCrystal828 October 21, 2013, 10:56 PM EST.

Comment ID #262613


Dude it’s the perfect plan, right?

Step 1: Get famous
Step 2: Sell yourself out to Nickelodeon
Step 3: Make a really annoying movie that has little to nothing to do with the topic you started your videos on
Step 4: Get cancelled
Step 5: ??????
Step 6: Profit
Step 7: swag

Cassidy October 22, 2013, 12:05 AM EST.

Comment ID #262614

DAW, the way she said “big kids” made me smile.

CHAOKOCartoons October 22, 2013, 1:48 AM EST.

Comment ID #262615

In an H Manga, this is the part where the birthday party turns into a full out orgy. But this is Taeshi, so it’ll probably end up in highschool drama when someone catches Rachel getting her “birthday present” from Paulo in her room.

Follarch October 22, 2013, 1:50 AM EST.

Comment ID #262616

Whoa, sweet party.

Trubeque October 22, 2013, 1:51 AM EST.

Comment ID #262617

Nnnnnoooo!! I’m all caught up and this is like the best webcomic ever. ;__; Is Lucy coming back? I kinda relate to her.. :c

Nanda October 22, 2013, 2:47 AM EST.

Comment ID #262619

Daisy returns to being the most adorable thing ever. Forever,

OneRumor October 22, 2013, 5:21 AM EST.

Comment ID #262620

I appreciate that taeshi pointed out the weirdness of that comment about the genitals of her characters. What the absolute, ****.

Lickit&stickit October 22, 2013, 6:36 AM EST.

Comment ID #262621

I spent whole day reading from beginning to this point and I enjoyed every moment ! I even teared up couple times, this is just so well executed !
I cannot wait to see what comes next :)

Tiido October 22, 2013, 8:13 AM EST.

Comment ID #262622

A thought:

… Abby with a mohawk…

Huh? October 22, 2013, 8:47 AM EST.

Comment ID #262623


Nickelodeon already stole my film idea when they made Fred: The Movie, but otherwise I am totes on board.

Nice Guy Joseph October 22, 2013, 9:59 AM EST.

Comment ID #262624

According to the older comics, isn’t Abbey a junior too? :question:

Maith1 October 22, 2013, 11:30 AM EST.

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