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I love this page because from my POV, it seems like romantic intent on Rachel’s side is being put aside to take care of her vomiting friend. Like sure, you can see from the hug that it is on
What I love about Rach is that she seems to be one of the only characters who displays maturity in this comic. She’s confident in her sexuality, she’s deeply caring about the people who are close to her, and even though she did openly accept the alcohol at the party which got everyone wrecked, you saw her and her older friends…they knew how to handle themselves while the younger kids went nuts (which is common at parties anyway), so for the most part she’s pretty responsible. Not to mention she literally had to put her birthday to the side so these kids could cry about Lucy and didn’t put up a fuss about it.
And even now, with Paulo vomiting and talking about the love of his life to a girl who clearly likes him, and as we’ve seen from past comics he has SOME sort of feelings for her…but she’s putting that to the side too because she knows he needs someone (outside of the vomitting part) and she’s there for him. Regardless of whether or not they’d be a good couple, I think Paulo needs someone to see past his BS and be patient with him, and Rach is clearly willing to be that rock that he needs, if not as a partner then as a friend.

TL;DR Rachel is the most mature character and should get all the awards.

Jessebelle December 20, 2013, 2:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #271021

(I don’t think this hug is more than a thank you, however it is a deep and heartfelt thanks from someone who is emotionally distraught and exhausted inside. It’s a beautiful thing. And Rachel is a beautiful person… this moment between them is a lovely one. And how she puts up with Paulo shows real compassion… … … I don’t think they’re ever going to be more than occasional bed buddies, and I honestly hope that part stops as they seek real relationships. However I hope that they can be there for each other, and be friends for life… I would like that.)

Allsmiles December 21, 2013, 1:50 AM EST.

Comment ID #271055

Ooh. You know what would be totally awesome? He stays for the rest of the night being comforted. He tries to sex her up as an apology for being an ******* at her birthday party. And then she stops him, tells him that he is not in his right mind, and reminds him of his promise. And then he sees the parallels.


Lordofrye December 21, 2013, 4:35 PM EST.

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