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Author commentary

Veronica: oh hi mark

Oliver: Is there anything more annoying than a phone ringing off the hook?

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12877

Oh my god it's happening

Camelote March 24, 2021

Comment ID #12962

“Huh, never thought I’d make it this far.”

Comment ID #12963


Airy Frith March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12964


Airy Frith March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12965


esinololly March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12966

That's not Sandy. She NEVER picks up.

I'm willing to bet she made his phone number silent when he calls so she could have the convenience of talking to him when she actually wanted.

TinaRiva March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12967

Its not her that picked up that call. She uses proper English. For once, calling someone repeatedly to get them to answer worked but not in the way he hopes. Usually, people just ignore people like Mike. I have been on both sides of this situation.

Comment ID #12968

She's going to be pissed he woke her up, or someone else just answered her phone.

Fiver26 March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12969

I wouldn't be surprised if she has an assistant now who handles her calls now.

Katelyn March 27, 2021

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Comment ID #12971

I have never needed Wednesday this bad!

Bailey Scott March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12972

Sandy: Maishul?

Mike: Sandy! Great!

Sandy: Don’t ever call me again! (click)

Mike: ……….

Comment ID #12973

Her other boyfriend picks up the phone..

Comment ID #12974

Omg wouldn't that be wicked! As great as that would be, it would force Mikes hand into a breakup.. The last thing that boy needs is someone else to blame.

Katelyn March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12975

yeah Sandy answered the phone with a "hello" back in Witch Hunt, not "hullo", PLEASE let this be her actual boyfriend answering on her behalf because I am here for the shitshow if so

Jordan Thompson March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12976

Okay my guess is that Mike does not know time zones...and Sandy was asleep?? Buuuut knowing an experience he's going back to the emotional abuser to have this 'make me feel better to lessen the pain lol' which is bogus. Paulo is right.

Michelle March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12977

As much as I hate Sandy and what she's unknowingly turned Mike into, I really want to see her side of it. But I'm not talking about just dialogue. Like what goes through her head when she sees a ton of missed calls, or flat out ignores his texts. Is she really that busy? Does she complain about him to others? Does she have any friends? How do the adults in her life treat her?

Katelyn March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12978

Of course no matter what it won't change the fact that she's been awful to him, or my opinion of her.. But it could give us some insight.

Katelyn March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12979

Another dude answered the phone

Emily White March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12980

i know it seems like it might not be her answering, but my bet is that he just woke her up, hence the “hullo” instead of her usual greeting

fiona begley March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12981

Huh, I just realized this chapter is named the same as the "Atomic Kitten" group. Was it on purpose? I didn't even connect the dots, but I WAS inadvertently singing the song in my head when reading each new page xD.

Comment ID #12982

Eternal Flame is just a common symbol/saying. It relates to something that is kept burning to show that it will never end, and has been used in relationships to mean a love between people which will never falter. In other words, Mike is desperately trying to keep the eternal flame between him and Sandy alive. Most, including myself, are expecting it to be extinguished at this point, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what the rest of the chapter has in store~

Alec Emmerich March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12983

I am excited and concerned. One hand, she could be in a diff time zone and woke her up, other haaand...that may not be her...(either way I am here for whatever may happen cause this boy needs a better kick in the pants)

CartoonFanatic March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12984

Could you imagine if she had actually broke up with him a while ago and he refused to accept that?

Buttasnatch March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12985

Okay, here's a theory I haven't heard so far - she actually changed her number, and just didn't tell him. He's woken up some rando that he will now proceed to spill his heartfelt guts to, thinking it's Sandy.

Caramel Ankhy-Tahnk March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12986

So far these are the theories:

-Mike just woken Sandy up

‐Someone else picked up his call (Manager/Boyfriend/Flind)

-Sandy changed her number & Mike's now talking with someone else

All good theories, but my dark mind makes me think that it's something much darker than just Sandy's other boyfriend being the one that picked up (to be fair, I doubt Vero goes there)

HMan0199 March 27, 2021

Comment ID #12987

I was considering she may have changed her number- but then the answering machine would no longer be her voice and name

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