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Veronica: excuse you

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Airy Frith  

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Comment ID #13018

It begins :o


Comment ID #13019

babys first steps

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #13020


Justin N.  

Comment ID #13021

It's happening

Allie Manydeeds  

Comment ID #13022

Mike Goldberg: HERE WE GO!!


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Spaghetti Sandwich  

Comment ID #13024


M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #13124

„Pardon?“ oH BOY HERE WE GO


Comment ID #13125

Ooooh snap! Ohhh snippity snap!!! Please tell!!!


Comment ID #13126

"Pardon?" is certainly... A response lmao

stream montero by lil nas x  

Comment ID #13127

he said it!!


Comment ID #13128

Oh ouoh. And sandy not even reflecting on the fact that she keep him in the dark ? Like girl ?


Comment ID #13129

that 'i can be forgetful' got me because.... he's not just talking about now? he's talking about all the time :/


Comment ID #13130

Oh dang. Mad as I have been at Mike I do still hope the convo goes well. Buuuut considering Sandys behavior when she came to visit him, my hopes... aren't super high. Still got em though.

Lavvy Jack  

Comment ID #13131

Pardon..... wow. My body is ready


Comment ID #13132

Why do i feel like if mike tried to express how he feels she is going to snap on him?

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #13133

ahh yikes. I mean, Mike needs to do this for so many reasons, but I feel like this is already gonna be him venting and her treating him like a child and just hanging up on him...

Caramel Ankhy-Tahnk  

Comment ID #13134

I mean, it sucks for Sandy who has to get up for work in 2 hours with jetlag on top of that and didnt expect to have a conversation with anyone in the middle of the night but--Mike! Stand your ground! I am rooting for you!


Comment ID #13135

yes yes yes yes yes


Comment ID #13136


William Hoffman  

Comment ID #13137

SHEESH 😬 this is gonna be harsh but I hope mike keeps standing his ground and doesn’t retreat on him being upset with her!!


Comment ID #13138

Oh man I’m buzzing just seeing Mike finally say No


Comment ID #13139

Watch Mile finally try to cut it off and Sandy pull a how it is his fault for being so clingy


Comment ID #13140

Both Sandy and Mike are gonna snap. I'm buckled in. Go off Mike/Sandy


Comment ID #13141

Be careful Mike.

Say how you're feeling and how you've pushed all your friends away and that you don't understand why a few seconds every day to type a little text is too much to ask for.

You're telling me she doesn't go to the bathroom and let it all go for a few minutes?

She doesn't just sit there and give herself a break?

Or miss her boyfriend at all?


Comment ID #13142

I look at it this way. Mike is completely responsible for the relationship he is in. He never brought up his insecurity with Sandy and this has allowed her to think that everything is fine. For all we know, she could be thinking "With my busy life, I am glad I have a low maintenance boyfriend like Maishul~". Her life is hectic, she might think Mike's life is just as 'full'. I bet, if she was really aware of his needs, she would not be willing to continue whatever relationship they have.

Mike's insecurities go even deeper, he pushed Lucy out of his life because the feelings he had for her were a 'threat' to his relationship with Sandy if you really get down to it. He used Sandy's reaction to his offhand comment about Lucy "decking him in the shin" as justification for cutting her out of his life. He is never willing to address his feelings and just used Sandy's disapproval as an excuse.

Its sad, because you know if Sandy knew what Lucy did to herself as a result of what Mike said, I think her view of him might be different.

Justin Seifert  

Comment ID #13143

This! He has never told her his needs and made himself smaller and smaller. Even after the incident with Paulo when she tried to mention it he hand waved it away and said his friend was just irrational. For all she knows he also is busy with school and friends and has no problem with her calling when she is able. They have almost never talked about serious stuff, even when they chatted every day it was mostly heart emojis back and forth.


Comment ID #13144

This relationship dynamic is about as healthy as bacon cigarettes and Mike is only just starting to notice

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