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Veronica: oh.


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Comment ID #16108

uh oh, uh oh, UH OH


Comment ID #16109

You better not answer that... i swear to god.


Comment ID #16110

but he will....


Comment ID #16111

Aw shoot, here we go again!

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #16112

*fergie london bridge voice* OH SHIT

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #16113

Oh no-


Comment ID #16114

BOI charge ya phone

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #16115


Chris Hyde  

Comment ID #16116



Comment ID #16117

If you answer that mike your dead to me your already in thin ice pal THIN FREAKING ICE so unless it’s to tell her off tell that bitch to take a hike

Christian Anderson  

Comment ID #16118

How is he not drowning


Comment ID #16119

Busted mister.

Hahah NOW she calls


Comment ID #16120

Oh my god, that was fast.

I admit that I’m really hard on Mike. But you know what? You deserve better than this, kid! Do not let Sandy reel you back in, please!!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #16121

Michael. Listen. Buddy. Pal. My man. You are so fucking close. Don't fuck this up now.


Comment ID #16122

Uh oh 8[


Comment ID #16123

LOL OH SO we're doing this I see


Comment ID #16124

You gotta be fucking kidding me


Comment ID #16125



Comment ID #16126

Leave her on read! Leave her on read, my boy!

Jennifer Davidson  

Comment ID #16128

Ignore and block, ignore and block


Comment ID #16129

Don't you do it!!!


Comment ID #16130

Don't answer Mike, give her a taste of her own medicine. (I hope she called what's his face, told him she was single and ready to mingle, and got rejected)


Comment ID #16131

God that would be so funny


Comment ID #16132

I want to know what she wants.. Though it would be oh so sweet if he doesn't pick up, see how she likes it.


Comment ID #16133

calling it now, this is just a teenage version of fork in the road 😭


Comment ID #16134

also I'm sorry if anyone else has already called that and I just missed it lmao


Comment ID #16135

Yup. I've been saying the same thing. Good thing it didn't get further than just kissing. And Lucy told him to sort things out with himself.

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #16136

Okay one thing to say on this page, you do not have to accept this call because there you will really but really disappoint me because it will mean that you will have manipulated Lucy and there I will really not be your buddy!


Comment ID #16137

the drama is calling :D and i cant wait to see whats gonna happen!


Comment ID #16138

I’ve haven’t liked mike since the project chapter, and if he makes Lucy second option again he’s dead to me

Sarah W  

Comment ID #16139

If he answers, and they get back together, I just want to say, I called that shit.

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #16140

Oh my god, Mike. Whatever he does PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not let it be that he answers the phone! I know he's been...questionable lately, but Sandy absolutely does not deserve his time and effort anymore. She flat-out made her choice when she decided to cheat on Mike emotionally and practically ghost him - Lucy was absolutely right in that Sandy's an idiot who destroyed a good thing by how she treated Mike, and the least she could've done was immediately say when the feelings started and ended it herself instead of being such a toxic coward, regardless of whether or not she's actually a bad person at heart. And for Sandy to have the nerve to call back at this point? Even if it's just to apologize and to give him more closure? No. Nuh-uh. Non. Nein. Fuck off, Sandy! It's done, and now Mike should be left alone until HE'S ready to talk to her, especially since he's been so emotional he's barely been at all rational since she dumped him.

Mimi Miki  

Comment ID #16141

oh no

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #16142

It seems mikey cracked his phone when he had that breakdown earlier D: Get screen protector dude!

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #16143

This whole chapter has been nothing but the whole community weightlifting their pitchforks as they put them down and pick them up again.


Comment ID #16144

This comment was featured on the home page. Well done lol


Comment ID #16145



Comment ID #16146

If he DOES answer the phone, I hope at the very least it provides closure and they finally parts ways since she kind of just hung up on him earlier with a few 'grey' questions in the air. But, I hope Mike follows Lucys advice and decides to block Sandy in the end. The both of them have been craving another person in their lives that is more physically present, how can you fix that? lol

Or, you know what? if Mike ends up answering the call and they continue the relationship then fuck it, MORE DRAMA FOR MEEEE


Comment ID #16147

Mike had better stand his ground on this, I swear... ;~; I dont know if my heart can take another round, and I'm sure Lucy especially would feel the same times a million


Comment ID #16148


Mike, no

Don’t answer that phone

…Who am I kidding, we know he’s going to answer it


Comment ID #16149

My jaw literally dropped....


Comment ID #16150

You are happy Mike, happier that you have been in months being in a relationship with her, and even when you WERE together, she didn't like the activities or the way you acted; she thought you were childish. I think you were enamored with the idea of her but not her really, you don't even know her that well, the current Sandy I mean.


Comment ID #16151



Comment ID #16152

But what if that’s not Sandy? Maybe Paulo?


Comment ID #16153

Or Francis :o


Comment ID #16154


justin ODell  

Comment ID #16155


Sam Carlucci  

Comment ID #16156

Bruh, 100% fuck mike for that content face wtfffffff


Comment ID #16157


William Hoffman  

Comment ID #16158


Matthew Smothers  

Comment ID #16159

*the sound of my ship sinking back into the depths* ..... oh.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #16160

Dont you DARE relapse!


Comment ID #16161

I'm terrible for hoping they get back together just to see all the shit that'll unfold after he sees Lucy at school again, lmao.

Yelmeister Soul  

Comment ID #16162

Mike: You bastards! Why are you torturing me like this? Why!?


Comment ID #16163



Comment ID #16164

Do the right thing Mike, hit the decline button, block her and move on.


Comment ID #16165


Justin N.  

Comment ID #16166

Also sandy is on thin gd ice for me. If this is her calling trying to make it up after SHE said it wont work im gonna be so pissed abt her pulling mike around.

Justin N.  

Comment ID #16167

If she does try I hope Mike brings up the fact she said that it wouldn’t work. I also hope she gets mad at it if he does and he just hangs up on her like she did to him.

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #16168

we all knew this was going to happen lets be honest


Comment ID #16169

As mush as I wanna be happy for Lucy and mike I can’t help but feel it’s all too good to be true and if I were Lucy I would seriously be offended if someone tried hopping on me immediately after being dumped. U can’t just drop and pick up girls like that mike >:/ considering how mean he was to Lucy when things were good with him and sandy, and even after tried making things about him when Lucy tried moving on and keeping her distance.

Sarah W  

Comment ID #16170

slam that decline button or i will attacka you Mike


Comment ID #16171

Mike gets more threats from the comments than he deserves but in this case I wholeheartedly agree. Please don't sink this ship so soon. 'tis barely a sloop


Comment ID #16172



Comment ID #16173

Mike you better don't do anything stup.. Mike....HEY!! PSST! Look at me!!! noo. nooooo noooo.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #16174



Comment ID #16175

Don’t answer!


Comment ID #16176

Just had another thought - if Mike really does answer the phone and get back together with Sandy, then I hope Lucy and Mike never happen. I mean, I honestly doubt it - it's been obvious since this comic started that Mike x Lucy is end game - but I'm willing to give Mike/Lucy shipping a shot again if Mike stands his ground here.

I believe even with Lucy having been physically abusive and manipulative to Mike via Yashy in the past, and with Mike having destroyed Lucy emotionally and being a factor in her suicide attempt that they COULD still reasonably make a romantic relationship work...if, AND ONLY IF, they admit to their wrong-doings, get therapy, take some time to start over as friends, and stop running around to different people because they can't cope with having feelings for each other (i.e. Lucy and Paulo, Mike's back and forth with Sandy and Lucy, etc). I've been saying it for a while now, but they're both pretty mentally ill teenagers, not adults. I'm not saying that Mike and Lucy don't understand right from wrong, but clearly, they aren't as able to handle their feelings as well as emotionally healthier teenagers...and also, as a young adult myself, I can remember making many stupid, hurtful decisions in high school because I didn't always fully understand all of the consequences of my actions simply because my brain wasn't developed enough yet. Love, mental illness, follies made in youth - all of these are things that can be very nuanced that can become a huge gray area, depending on a person's actions, intentions, and circumstances.


Mimi Miki  

Comment ID #16177

Well said.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #16178

Throw that Phone in the Trash like her!

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #16179

That decline button looking scrumptious


Comment ID #16180

Wait, don't tell me Mike's sister texted Sandy about him throwing a tantrum and now she feels bad about it or some shit.


Comment ID #16181

Not going to lie, that'd be pretty interesting! But it looks like the phone is on the ground from where he'd threw it during his tantrum earlier and I don't see why Haley would put it back on the ground like that after texting Sandy. Haley wouldn't have a reason to put it back on the ground and be 'stealthy' like Lucy was during December.


Comment ID #16182

Ya true, good observation. Haley using his phone seems unlikely and I doubt Haley would have Sandy's number. Curious if we'll get to see more of her thoughts about this tho, she seemed pretty concerned.


Comment ID #16183

I hope so too! Haley isn't very fleshed out yet and I was super happy to see that she had concern for her brother after he had his tantrum and ran out of the house. It was a unique side of her we didn't see yet and I'd love to see more


Comment ID #16184


Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #16185

You can really see how happy Mike is from the previous page and the 2 first panels in this page. Its like a very heavy burden he finally got rid of. Sandy needs to leave Mike alone. At this point she's just here to ruin him even more.


Comment ID #16186

i cant wait for him to answer the phone <333

fiona begley  

Comment ID #16187

I can see her being all “I regret what I said, let’s stay together” or “I left him for you, I’m sorry :3”. Please mike don’t do this to yourself, she doesn’t deserve you after that


Comment ID #16188

Just saying, people with anxiety or depression can do a lot of stuff that they'll regret later. Like Lucy backstage waaaay back when Paulo went to see her. Lucy out of the blue said "Let's make out". I don't know if they actually did it or not. Paulo said he just touched her boobs but who know, might have been a lie. But im pretty sure she regrets that now. Mike's mind is seriously all scrambled right now so let's just HOPE he won't answer OR answer and let her know that its really over.


Comment ID #16189

dang, well here we are!! though mike seems to be feeling kind of awkward more than absolute gut wrenching dread... curious... i agree with a previous comment that it really could be sandy saying she regrets what she said as much as it could be her calling things off officially between them. I am sure either way Sandy will be concerned for him after their last conversation and him disappearing... I'm leaning to guessing that Mike will be not as miserable as he was before, and more capable of accepting the state of things. i think lucy had a lot of solid words of reassurance and it will reinforce him to not crumble under the face of this all

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #16190

Honestly this chapter's wearing me out a bit. He better not.


Comment ID #16191

Mikey nooo you're so close to freedom

Outlaw Wanderer  

Comment ID #16192

Awww he looked so happy but at the same time i cant wait for this

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #16193

Oh heck no! She’s gonna say it was all a mistake and come crawling back to Mike, isn’t she? And Mike is probably gonna forgive her too. But I am hoping things will go in the other direction.

Megan Wood  

Comment ID #16194

Ignore the call like she did your texts!! she made her choice! The trust between the two have you has been destroyed by her purposely withholding information from you!!


Comment ID #16195

i'm about to lose my fucking marbles. this chapter is giving me whiplash so hard i'm gonna need physical and emotional therapy for years to come


Comment ID #16196

I feel you so hard on this.


Comment ID #16197

This is, without saying, Mike's ultimate test of character


Comment ID #16198

Mike's expression in the first few panels of this page is absolutely heartwarming-- especially after seeing him so miserable for so long!


Comment ID #16199

I believe in you Mike! I hope you are seeing things clearer now and stay strong. I hope he gets his turn to let go of Sandy and it becomes a mutual break-up. Eye on the prize, Mike <3


Comment ID #16200

If mike pick up the phone... He best tell her. Sandy I understand but I am glad we broke up or something. Boy please let her go. Let her feel what you felt or just confront her and tell her have a good life. No excuse to come back I guess. Lucy lips said it all. She kissed back and just now thinking what is going to happen further down the line! Get your last year in school correctly with everyone man! Let her go! Embrace not just Lucy but the gang. Just know the gang would be so happy that your healing from Sandy. I know I will. Sandy was nice few chapters before she seen you, now she working she forgetting that you and her is a thing. Now she either told the guy she likes her and didn't want her because she was young or the guy was something else. Idk. But let that girl know where you stand Mike! Because i need this conclusion lol.


Comment ID #16201

Unless Sandy is suggesting some kind of Poly thing with an extra GF for Mike then Mike should tell her to fold it 5 ways until it's all corners and shove it.

And yeah, that's old-fashioned and Mike is unlikely to have heard that, but I still want him to say that.

John Clary  

Comment ID #16202

Dude I’m getting serious secondhand anxiety from this page lol


Comment ID #16203

How funny would it be if it was Francis calling him on Sandys phone to yell at him for making her cry😂😂


Comment ID #16204

The most frightening thing on that last panel is his service provider.


Comment ID #16205

we all know he's gonna pick that phone up 😭


Comment ID #16206

almost 3 hours left. Mike... please. Lucy has been here for you for years. You better pick the right choice.


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