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Veronica: Aww, Haley cares :(

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Comment ID #14090

Oh God, PLEASE do NOT run to Lucy....


Comment ID #14091

I think I have a contrary opinion to yours. In fact he may have felt in his present situation what he made Lucy feel in chapter 68. So a possible encounter in him and Lucy might be positive for their relationship which is in very bad terms? No?


Comment ID #14092

You might be right. Maybe he’s finally ready for that real apology. I think Lucy is the “eternal flame” the chapter title is referencing so that would make sense!


Comment ID #14093

I really hope he doesn't do anything rash. He's making me worry.


Comment ID #14094

Mike gotta go fast!

Keyblade Dragon  

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Comment ID #14096

Seeing Haley being a supportive sister when it’s clear her brother is in serious distress is really sweet. ;_; She likes to rag on her big bro, but she does love him.

Be careful Mike!!! I’m worried about where he’s off to!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #14097

Totally agree, worried-about-bro Haley is very cute ;o;


Comment ID #14098

At least Haley is trying to be gentle for once


Comment ID #14099

I hope Hailey runs after him and they have a nice brother sister moment tbh.


Comment ID #14100

Mike: It's time to split!

Lil Chimpy  

Comment ID #14101

Mike: It's time to make tracks!


Comment ID #14102

I genuinely have NO IDEA where he could be running off to. I'd say he'd be going back on the bus to try and find Sandy but she's not in the country so I have no idea what that would feasibly accomplish


Comment ID #14103

Lucy or Paulo?

I wonder which one....


Comment ID #14104

Ohhhh boy where does he even have to go???

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #14105

In some ways this seems natural to him, moment of weakness and doesn't want his sister to see it either. But what he really needs is someone to sit down and talk with him, and really best person would be his mother really. Right now he's got enough of his friends angry with him with his behavior, it would be difficult to find someone willing to listen. But with this, I wouldn't be surprised if he would try running to Lucy, and that would probably be the worst option.

Overall though, kids are more likely to run away from their problems than to stand and face them, and in this case, he is embarrassed with that fit, and a moment of weakness... so running away is the option he sees as logical, yet what he really needs is to be sat down and to talk with.


Comment ID #14106

Man what a place to cliffhang. Gotta wait till monday to figure out where in the world he’s going. I’m hoping for Paulo.

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #14107

I'm hoping this can be a bit of a redemption arch for him.. now that he's free of sandy maybe he can see more clearly and that she only ever brought out the worst in him. Bets on who he's running to? I feel like either Paulo or Lucy? Or maybe he's going to the tree

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #14108

The tree has survived! -for now-


Comment ID #14109

I was expecting Haley to show up just mercilessly mocking him for the tantrum and it's actually so nice seeing a sweet side of her. My guess is Mike runs into Lucy accidentally based on the new Patreon header image.

Jordan Thompson  

Comment ID #14110

Haley is a good sister ❤


Comment ID #14111

Mike could be running to many places. I feel that Paulo or Lucy are definitely options, maybe the tree, or he could just be running to try and get away from everyone and everything. Its instinct to run from something you can't fight. One last option would be of course something drastic, like Lucy did, but I wouldn't think he'd do that. Not yet anyway.

Blazing Wolf  

Comment ID #14112

I mean, he did just have the girl he loved dump him after being with someone else for months, so he may be going drastic, but someone will probably stop him if he tries

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #14113

Mike is probably going to end up at the tree he and Sandy would often sit under. Possibly subconsciously. I do wonder who he may run into on the way 🤔 if it's Paulo, that might be best. If it's Lucy....


Comment ID #14114

If Paulo went to Daisy's to copy worksheets, then he may well bump into Mike.

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #14115

I’m really hoping he runs into Paulo


Comment ID #14116

Looks like he just wants to be alone right now. Some aimless wandering or trekking to the favorite tree. Perhaps he will meet someone along the way or Haley will catch up with him. Or not.

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #14117

THE tree...


Comment ID #14118

oh thank you

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #14119

I'm honestly going to be really disappointed if he ends up going to Lucy and they end up making amends in their friendship. If this happens we're literally getting a repeat for whenever Sandy was gone in Mike's life and he'd end up running back to Lucy and I feel like all that development Lucy went through would be for nothing.


Comment ID #14120

Like Lucy was ALWAYS secondary to Sandy in anything. It's been like that for the past 10+ years they've known each other and if Mike were to get a redemption arc I'd expect more than just Sandy dumping him for things to go right again. If I were Lucy I'd be so weary about accepting Mike back into my life and would probably want to spend maybe years apart from the person who called me a parasite before accepting him back into my life again, and if not that then would rather not have him back into my life at all.


Comment ID #14121

I think if he does run back to her, she will listen but will then ask him to leave. No repairs or anything just lends an ear and then tells him to get out


Comment ID #14122

Why do I feel like he's considering going to the airport, haha

Benny Woolley  

Comment ID #14123

This is for sure how I first-blush read it. "Oh this kid's going to go make a bad decision but I don't know how he'd afford it"


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Comment ID #14126

nice to see Haley's soft side! also omfg he really DID do the WoW meltdown 😭


Comment ID #14127

I really hope he is running towards the 'tree', one of his friends, or just somewhere to get peace and not somewhere like the river/lake he almost drowned in years ago


Comment ID #14128

I forgot entirely about the river, jeez. I was thinking if he did anything rash he’d use the scarf as a noose, since it was given to him by Sandy and he doesn’t want to lose the happiness or out of saying “you did this” after what happened. Just my thought since it meant so much to him

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #14129

Lol get rekt mike

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #14130

Cant believe Haley would say those words to mike


Comment ID #14131

Based on the patreons current cover photo I think he's going to run into Lucy at some point in his mad dash to just get away.


Comment ID #14132

Oh god. Will the lucyxmicheal Shippers get their Day?

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #14133

I hope so, then I can die happy.


Comment ID #14134

He's gonna jump off a bridge!


Comment ID #14135

I'll be honest - if he was going to run into anyone, I'd want him to run into Augustus. He's burned every bridge he had with all of his friends over Sandy. If he wants to amend those relationships, it can't start with him throwing another tantrum over his break-up and asking for a pity party. Someone needs to give it to him straight and deliver some brutal truths (preferably someone who also isn't too close to the situation). Plus, I'd like the parallel it'd have with Lucy getting the help she needed from Augustus.


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