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Veronica: wait what are you doing

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Comment ID #15208

i swear to god if you confess your love rn michael

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #15209


The Masterpiece  

Comment ID #15210

....I cautiously await the next page. I am nervous where this is going


Comment ID #15211

Mike i SWEAR if you do this NOW

Justin N.  

Comment ID #15212

Are we gonna get into the fact the 90% of his hate towards her was internal guilt because he had feelings for her? Or nah?


Comment ID #15213

I have always felt this, it seems so obvious! Especially when you look back, notice how often his angry outbursts are triggered by him feeling affection or fondness for her!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15214

Oh wow!!! I didn't actually think of that! I always thought it was more because it dawned onto him that she was pretty abusive and everyone let her get away with it but he didn't want to tolerate it anymore. Then when she confessed he was all "That ship has sailed, you think I'm just going to run into your arms now?" but I guess if he STILL kept a torch for her, that would make sense!


Comment ID #15215

Personally, I've always thought it was on the nose. The anger didn't start till after the confession and the only time Mike got mad was when he questioned his relationship. Sure they needed a talk about how she was too rough but that conversation never happened.


Comment ID #15216

Oh my, are we gonna get the origin story of Mike's first blue scarf?

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15217

Mike. MIKE. No. Not now. Don't do it.


Comment ID #15218

Oh don't do it


Comment ID #15219



Comment ID #15220

Oh God, fear


Comment ID #15221



Comment ID #15222

Mike: I sold it on eBay.

Lucy: How much did you get for it?

Mike: A hundred dollars.

Lucy: Sweet!


Comment ID #15223

Made my day

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15224

Nooo! And we have to wait until Monday to see the next page.


Comment ID #15225

Is Friday a livestream?? Of all times! DX


Comment ID #15226

No.... Why can't we be selfish and get both? Lol oh well, I shouldn't be greedy, we're still getting more than one a week.. I just can't get enough of it!! >¬<


Comment ID #15227

End that scarf!

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #15228



Comment ID #15229

Just go home Lucy...


Comment ID #15230

Do not rebound do not rebound do not rebound


Comment ID #15231

MIKE NO!!!!! also my christ why is she still not allowed to leave


Comment ID #15232

Right?????? Let her go!!!


Comment ID #15233

Yeah, why did she come back to tye same school where she physically and mentally abused Mike?


Comment ID #15234

@Friosis you mean the same school where she attempted suicide? It does kinda seem weird but then again she’s (15?), most of her family lives in this town, and it’s the only high school within commuting distance from her family home.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15235

@friosis it's not that easy. sometimes life makes you have to confront trauma. lucys family is here, her friends are here, her life is here. leaving her trauma behind would mean leaving all of that behind too

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15236

As much as I don't want Mike to do what I think he's going to do (confess to Lucy), I...can't call it rebounding either. Looking back on some previous chapters, he really has been thinking about her this whole time and its obvious he never got over her either. I'm not exactly into Lucy/Mike, but the writing seems to be on the wall...and if that's the case, I really hope Mike doesn't say how he feels right now. He needs to be single for a while and Lucy needs time to trust him again if things are to go that way.

Mimi Miki  

Comment ID #15237

By the way, it is very possible to be cruel to someone you have feelings for. Mike and Lucy were very cruel towards one another, but their feelings are undeniable. Again, not really into Lucy/Mike - I prefer Lucy/Augustus and Mike with either Stacy or Paulo - but things like mental illness can easily make romantic feelings very ugly. It's not at all a black and white thing, especially for teenagers who don't quite yet understand the world.

Mimi Miki  

Comment ID #15238

I fucken knew it and i live for this shit MikexLucy 4ever ❤


Comment ID #15239

*nervous laughter* what the f


Comment ID #15240

Mike don't!! BAD!

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #15241

I can't read this page, it keeps breaking. Either my connection was disrupted, or it can't verify my account, or the link just loads to a blank page :( nooo

Jez Vale  

Comment ID #15242

Try again! The server gets flooded with attempts to read the new pages in the first fifteen minutes after an update, so you have to be persistent.

Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #15243

Maybe part of this is because I’m not a MikexLucy lover in any capacity, so I’m biased, buuuuut…yeah please tread carefully here Mike!

This is not a good time for a love confession, lmao.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15244

I mean, hell, I am a MikexLucy shipper myself but I really don't think this would be the time to confess. It's so full of Y.I.K.E.S right now!


Comment ID #15245

i miss them so much T_T seeing them actually properly interacting with each other now without jumping to conclusions or harsh feelings just.... man. i mean yeah mike is rly pushing it on lucy rn but at least hes ATTEMPTING to be somewhat considerate and less volatile-reactive....

Maevans Omi  

Comment ID #15246

This is complete bullshit


Comment ID #15247

Ah but from good Fertilizer, lovely Flowers can sprout .

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #15248

This is like.... Dude again this is hard to read. The shit mike is doing right now is exactly the bargaining phase of manipulative abusers and like, this is THE SAME DUDE WHO CAUSED HER TO WANT TO SELF HARM? And suddenly we're getting this weird touching moment? No. No way. Please don't glorify emotional abuse like this. This is NOT what healthy relationships or healing, or even conversation, looks like.


Comment ID #15249

Wasn't she also physically abusing him?


Comment ID #15250

And she's now had therapy, and tons of it! And Mike, still, has not. Mike has not made any progress, and instead is now reverting to emotionally manipulating her, in a very cruel way, after he made darn well sure she knew how much he hated her. Remember, he said that - to her! So, yes. She WAS, past tense here, WAS not doing the right thing. She now is, has owned up, and made strives to be better. Mike CURRENTLY is emotionally abusing her - And that's the difference.


Comment ID #15251

What's even more messed up is she's stated clearly several times now she's trying to leave and he. Still. Won't. Let. Her. This isn't some tender moment; This is someone asking for validation and disregarding boundaries at the emotional expense of another person.


Comment ID #15252

Coming to the defense of the one who physically abused him.


Comment ID #15253

Coming to the defense of the one who played upon her insecurities and pushed her to a suicide attempt.

Erin-Leigh Van Orden  

Comment ID #15254

@Friosis - Your comment is a weird take, but I will not be engaging in it after this comment. Are you suggesting it's okay Mike drove her to self harm, despite her now making amends and trying to be better, and it is now okay that Mike is currently, in this very moment, emotionally abusing her? Lucy was, for all intents and purposes, a young child who needed a ton of therapy. Mike, however, in this moment, is a budding young adult. They'll be graduating soon. He doesn't get a free pass here.


Comment ID #15255

Everyone taking this story personally as if it’s happening to them. Smh


Comment ID #15256

Guilty as charged


Comment ID #15257


Noodle Cat  

Comment ID #15258

oh jesus christ


Comment ID #15259



Comment ID #15260

Mike, no. Don't. Stop. Let her walk away, and just go home. Lucy doesn't need to be part of your life and doesn't need any of this.


Comment ID #15261

Yeah and mike doesn't need the person who physically assaulted and abused him, using his feelings to trap him in her life.


Comment ID #15262

Okay, you need to calm down. I see you commenting on other posts trying to start arguments and using inflammatory language meant to provoke people. That's really not okay.


Comment ID #15263

And Lucy doesn’t need the one who abandoned her and was beyond cruel to her. 🤷‍♀️

Erin-Leigh Van Orden  

Comment ID #15264

oh no

oh geez

Garrett King  

Comment ID #15265

No no no no no no no nonononono *beatboxes* NO!


Comment ID #15266

Everyone be like "Mike bad! Mike is manipulative!" But conveniently forgot Lucy physically abusing him and effectively manipulating him to stay close to her.


Comment ID #15267

It’s not that we forgot.

It’s that Mike crossed a different line -trying- to get her to kill herself, and Lucy’s grown out of her abusive ways. She was already working on them when Mike finally blew up and went way beyond reasonable, and she’s made it clear she’d be willing to try making amends if she could trust Mike to not abuse her right back in his chaos/for revenge.

The older someone gets, the harder it is to excuse being abusive as not understanding the consequences of your actions. Lucy behaved like a small child for a very long time, refusing to grow up, until she had to or die. Mike had seemed to be the mature one through most of that, but he’s still behaving like a child incapable of comprehending the consequences of their actions, and he hasn’t taken a whit to address that, a full year after he saw the consequences when he became aware Lucy had attempted suicide. And still, he treats her as much like his emotional toilet as she treated him. Regardless of how Lucy used to treat Mike, this section of this chapter has played out like a textbook of how to emotionally manipulate your ex who is trying very, very hard to be over you.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15268

Oops I accidentally hit delete lmao


Comment ID #15269

This is a good comment with many good points! However I feel like I am missing something here. When did Mike actually try to make Lucy kill herself? He did tell her that he hated her and never felt like her friend and shouted all her flaws like a POS, but i don't recall him actually trying to make her kill herself? :O


Comment ID #15270

Yeah, I caught that too, esinololly. Going off of memory, since it's been a while since I read those chapters, but I recall Mike saying he hated Lucy, and always hated her. Basically said a ton of awful things prompted by Sandy. (which Sandy very clearly did not intend, she just didn't like how often Lucy was hurting Mike) But I don't recall Mike ever going to far as to tell Lucy to commit suicide. At that point, it seemed more like he was doing what he thought Sandy wanted, and as soon as Sandy scolded him for what he said to Lucy, he immediately started trying to make amends. (which, clearly, was too little too late)

That said, I think I vaguely remember him making a comment to Sandy that it might be better if Lucy was gone for good or something along those lines, which Sandy instantly scolded him for. So yeah, entirely possible he was still in that mindset for a bit, even if he never outright said it to Lucy.

Basically, it's been a shitty situation on all ends, and Mike is the only one that hasn't really learned or grown due to his over-dependance on Sandy.

Personally, I really hope Lucy starts bringing the things Mike said back up. Because intentionally or not, his words WERE the driving force for her suicide attempt, and as has become apparent the last couple times Mike's tried to breach the subject, it seems like he really hasn't come to terms with that fact. If he's able to finally admit fault and apologize sincerely, it'll be a step in the right direction, which I'd be all for.

But this? This page we just got? This is a bad call on Mike's part.


Comment ID #15271

@esinololly That’s my bad, I had the timeline around “December” mixed up a bit. I *thought* that Mike’s “you have no friends” rant was longer, and *after* he suggested to Sandy that things would be easier if Lucy died. With that misremembering, it looked like Mike’s statements were at least partially calculated to remove Lucy’s trust in her entire support network, and that if words were weapons he could be charged with attempting 2nd degree murder (“crime of passion”).

HOWEVER that’s not the case and rereading, he’s just a stupid little shit who’s as manipulative as he accuses Lucy of being. He still crosses a massive line telling her that all their friends are really only HIS friends and that she’s an unlovable parasite. As well, with the events in the following chapters, especially where he immediately cottons on to what happened after harassing Jordan in Breaking Up, it’s clear that at least some part of him knew/suspected what the end result of the rant could be. My theory however that December was partially, even if subconsciously, calculated to drive her to suicide is completely unfounded now. There’s still the scene in Dial Tone where he can’t honestly tell himself that he didn’t want her dead, but there’s still no evidence of intending to cross the line in his rant.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15272

Well, his apology during the play as well. Mike never hated Lucy.

Mike hated how he felt about Lucy and the fact that he felt stronger about Lucy than he did Sandy, who he was a "good boy" for.


Comment ID #15273

@Leroy Fontaine

No worries! I was just sitting here thinking I might have forgotten something or if there was a part of the comic i hadn't even read yet somehow. Great comment, A+!

You're absolutely right though no matter how you cut it: Mike crossed a lot of lines he shouldn't have. We all know Lucy treated him poorly and his rant in December lead up to him unleashing his bottled up emotions, but those were without a doubt the driving force to her attempt as you said. Him unleashing all of that steam into unfiltered words and his actions afterwards points in the direction that he wanted her to be permanently removed from his social life at the very least. But straight up death didn't seem to be where his mindset was to me? I have a feeling that if he wanted her dead that he would have straight up said it to her face since he was already in the heat of the moment and being brutally honest. That angry dude was on a roll and boy did he have a lot of butter to spread. But that is just my perspective on it!

HOWEVER, some "evidence" that Mike wanted Lucy to die during his rant in December: in "Just Beautiful" which is a few chapters after December, he did say that "Maybe it'll be fixed if she just died"(page 19) when Sandy advised him to talk to Lucy again (though that can be seen as stupidly defensive and immature behavior of him being angry that Lucy texted Sandy using his phone). However! During "Dial Tone" (page 12) when Dream Lucy told Mike that he wanted her to die, he didn't exactly deny that? he just looked around guiltily. I think that's the solid piece of evidence for that but we can't know for absolutely sure that those feelings were connected directly to when he yelled at her, or afterwards. But it makes you think!

edit: oof, I am so sorry my mind bled together Alec's and your comments together and I just made a mess of a comment because of it. I hope theres some cohesion in here LMAO


Comment ID #15274


Oooh, I completely forgot about his apology during the play. haha! For what it's worth he also approached Lucy after the play and said that "he didn't need to yell at her like that" and that they "weren't the right things to say". (Curtain Call, pg 36)


Comment ID #15275


Nice, I am glad I wasn't the only one to catch that. I would also love it if Lucy gave Mike a grocery list of his flaws and the things he did wrong for transparency sometime in the future. I am glad that she knows the error of her ways and was upfront and honest about telling Mike how terrible she treated him a few pages ago, but now I'd love it if he was held accountable for his words and actions too. I'd love her to especially point out how hypocritical, manipulative, and overly dependent he was being himself!

That being said, this page completely caught me off guard. Of all the things i thought would happen after them finally departing in the last page, the potential "blue scarf backstory" is NOT what I expected. Mike..please. please let her go so her family doesnt worry about her absence. Please.


Comment ID #15276

I hope Mike doesn't ditch the scarf. He looks dumb without it.

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #15277

Or should I say, dumber without it

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #15278

Lucy, this is why comforting him wasn’t your responsibility…! Good on her for being the better person for a while there but she made herself vulnerable with a known emotional carousel of pain and by the looks of it, got sucked in. Dang it.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15279

we really gotta watch a tender moment with someone who drove the other to attempt suicide less than a year ago, huh

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15280

im not tryna put all the blame on mike, lucy defs drove him to that point, which is another reason why this is so uncomfortable. i would love to see them be friends again, but they need to take it slow. it also doesnt help that mike got dumped literally <20 minutes ago and is emotional af

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15281

.....I really dont want to read any further if this gets worse.


Comment ID #15282

Really curious whether Lucy was being supportive to Mike just to be done with it, or because she wants to be friends, or if she actually (maybe reluctantly) kinda still loves him. Guess we'll find out sooner than expected! Or something vague and dramatic happens! Woo, cats and drama!

Oh I just noticed Lucy's hand in the last panel... Maybe I'm over-analyzing but that's not a relaxed pose. D:


Comment ID #15283

That is most definitely not a relaxed pose :(

It’s part of the subtle signalling that no matter what she says or does to try to cheer him up, she didn’t want any part of this and is going along with it to try and make her exit. Multiple physically prevented attempts to leave, her uncomfortable/unengaged looks during the hugs, and just as she’s finally on her way he comes back for her. It’s clear she’s been on edge this whole scene and trying not to show it

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15284

Oh Mike, this is really inappropriate right now. But ok, you've already started and I want to see how it ends. I hope at least in the current state you will be completely honest with her and yourself. A little bit of sensitivity would also be helpful. And god, don't demand an immediate response from her.

Lucy's expression in the third frame hurts me. It seems like this chapter is focused on Mike, but despite my compassion for him, I'm more worried about Lucy right now.

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #15285

"I don't want you to be [my friend.] I've never been your friend. I hate you."

-December, page 23-25

So... yeah, Mike, foot, mouth, now. I'm personally hoping you can eventually make amends with Lucy and get back around to being friends, but you're kinda skipping a bunch of steps here.


Comment ID #15286



Comment ID #15287



Comment ID #15288

Kinda hope Augustus just strolls in worried about how long Lucy's been out. Think that would make things really awkward lol, but in all honesty, dont think he knows where she went.

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #15289

CALLED IT! Back on page 49, haha!


Comment ID #15290

Yes you did :)

It was always Sandy or Lucy for Mike

(Doesn't mean I ship either of them with him)


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