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Veronica: :(

Oliver: :(

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Comment ID #16836

Atta girl Lucy! He isn't worth your tears!

Hanna Sproul  

Comment ID #16837

Yikes, bro

Garrett King  

Comment ID #16838

loool you know you fucked up Mike


Comment ID #16839

She’s never gonna forgive you for this


Comment ID #16840

You were begging for her forgiveness and now you’re never getting it


Comment ID #16841

Oh yeah, forgot about her


Comment ID #16842

Mike sewing: haha this rules

Mike reaping: what the hell, what the hell


Comment ID #16843



Comment ID #16844

jeez, poor Lucy. she's so used to this by now :') it just breaks my heart that she'll always be just Sandy's replacement, at least until Mike gets some Serious therapy and makes some Big changes


Comment ID #16845

WRECKED. Lucy you deserve better, baby. Men ain’t shit.


Comment ID #16846

Oh Lucy, you deserve so much better. I want us to get back to that smile we saw a few pages ago, Mike can go kick rocks.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #16847

Lucy's face in the first frame :( you can really feel the hurt.


Comment ID #16848

Well I guess it’s finally time for me to join the fuck mike crew because damn


Comment ID #16849

Watching it burrrrn


Comment ID #16850

Mike should be a racoon, cuz he is trash. To the dumpster with you garbagecat!

Joslynn Hamblen  

Comment ID #16851

Mike: I’m an asshole!

Lucy: He's an asshole, what an asshole!

Mike: I’m an asshole!

Lucy: He's the world's biggest asshole!


Comment ID #16852



Comment ID #16853

Mike: Everybody!

All the BCB characters: A-S-S-H-O-L-E!

Mike: I'm an asshole, and I'm proud of it.


Comment ID #16854

Mike you’re shit and you should feel like shit

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #16855

god you’re such a FUCKING asshole


Comment ID #16856

how can Mike so consistently get strung along, this ain't the first time she said she'd make more time for you and it definitely won't be the last, just cut the relationship and keep her as at most a texting buddy already you fool


Comment ID #16857

hate this dude , brainless, no empathy whatsoever


Comment ID #16858

Pain, pain, pain, pain..... PAIN


Comment ID #16859

Okay, Mike, you’re still awful, but you seem to realize it, but you’re just awful!


Comment ID #16860

Mike just go ahead. Lucy keep your emotions in check. No lie I felt it was coming. I can't suspect what already happened. Lol


Comment ID #16861

The real, actual trepidation I felt waiting for this page to load so I could see Lucy's reaction


Comment ID #16862

Welp Mike how deep is that hole so far since you deserved it. Lucy deserves so much better


Comment ID #16863

Her face was like a door shutting


Comment ID #16864

I didnt realize just how many left over feelings Lucy was still holding onto for Mike, even after all the bullshit...🤦‍♀️... I didnt really understand why she wouldn't give Paulo a chance but I think I get it now. She doesn't want to do what Daisy did, dating someone half heartedly. Plus she didn't want a relationship.

I swear if Mike goes to her now like "Hey... sorry-" I hope she punches him square in the face before he can even finish that sentence. 😤 I want this because he has fully earned it this time around. No drama just pain.


Comment ID #16865

She can do better than slipping back into violence.


Comment ID #16866

@Friosis I typically advocate to not use violence as well but sometimes, when provoked, violence can be expected. Like I said, if Mike tried to approach her and apologize for kissing her, like it was a mistake, I'd gladly love to see her deck him. That would just seem like he was lying about everything that night.

But I get it, she has worked hard to get where she is now. I dont think she would really revert back to how physical she used to be though even if she lashed out once 🤔 she isn't perfect afterall.


Comment ID #16867

No no. This guy at the very least deserves a slap. Really drive home his shitty behavior

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #16868

What a roller coaster for Lucy, seriously..


Comment ID #16869

can't have your cake and eat it too bud!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment ID #16870

Sometimes, I always have a feeling that Lucy should just never interact with Mike again. And she's right to feel this way, he's playing her like a fool. It's time for her to to cut the rope and walk away from him.


Comment ID #16871

sidenote I forgot daisy's tail has the white at the end... adorable


Comment ID #16872

isn't it!? <3


Comment ID #16873

Oooh she just got MIKED! Ha! Got em!

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #16874

Yo Lucy I'm totes availab- SYKE!


Comment ID #16875

Ngl I also kind of hate that even Paulo and Daisy shot over to Mike to hear about Sandy drama. Like GOD Lucy got sidelined by Mike AND them in favor of Sandy. Bless this poor girl

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #16876

Mike fully deserves that glare, poor Lucy. Bet he's not liking those eyes as much right now


Comment ID #16877

Oh Mike... your choice had better be worth it this time.

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #16878

Im willing to bet it wont

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #16879

We've done this song and dance before.


Comment ID #16880

Oh mike, you were so close and you screwed it all up


Comment ID #16881

Guess we aren't getting that conversation for a bit


Comment ID #16882

Mike’s made it so he can’t have a relationship with both girls. I hope Lucy’s learned her lesson about trusting Mike.


Comment ID #16883

This eternal flame turned into a house fire really quick

Red Marine  

Comment ID #16884

Eternal house fire


Comment ID #16885

Eternal tire fire.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #16886

Can't believe I'm paying so I can get upset earlier than everyone!

Carolina Tavares  

Comment ID #16887



Comment ID #16888



Comment ID #16889

Ive had ENOUGH of this dude


Comment ID #16890

Mike proceeds to grin and gives Lucy a thumbs up. "Look at me I got my shit together!". Then they dance and are BFFs forever and ever.


Comment ID #16891

Yeah I'm officially on the fuck Mike train what the fuck dude


Comment ID #16892

Lucy now knows she will forever be used by Mike if she allows him in her life again. Sandy Always comes first.


Comment ID #16893

Oh god the finality of it all

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #16894

well done, mike, well done... She was so happy. You turned her the ice-queen again


Comment ID #16895

Good Lucy. Let the hate flow through you.

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #16896

so do we all agree that Mike doesn't deserve any sympathy or


Comment ID #16897

Man im starting to hate mike


Comment ID #16898

Silver lining: Maybe Mike will now feel so guilty about what he did to Lucy that he won't keep picking fights with her like a little twerp. >:(

...dark side again: Lucy will never trust ever again. <:( he BLEW IT!!!!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #16899

I really hope that he'll knock it off with the stalking too. Give her space if you're going to be like that, dude.


Comment ID #16900

Those last three panels, I felt that. When you feel your heart ice over.


Comment ID #16901

If looks could kill!

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #16902

Maybe its a bait and switch like Mikes lying to Paulo and Daisy, I mean what he says earlier about spending more time with sandy seems too good to be true. I mean sandy kinda cheated on him so i imagine it immediately died out. And lucy just doesn't realize it yet, just a theory though i could be totally wrong.


Comment ID #16903

If that were the case he wouldn't be looking so sheepish.


Comment ID #16904

LOL, mikes got it aaaall planned out. He wants to date Lucy, but on the down low, so he's pretending things are going well with Sandy as a cover for how happy he is and all the time he'll be spending dating Lucy. But, OOPS, forgot to tell Lucy the plan first, so her reaction would be real, just to cover their tracks *Big Wink* ha HA!


Comment ID #16905

i hope so!


Comment ID #16906

Buh-Bye Mike. Have a nice life. You and Lucy are DONE.

Alexa Windsor  

Comment ID #16907

It's just so painful


Comment ID #16908

You know what. With all the jerking around with our emotions this chapter. I won't be shocked if the twist is that he's lying to cover it up.


Comment ID #16909

I‘m feeling so, so bad for Lucy. But good reaction. This delivers both her hurt and anger and doneness at once.


Comment ID #16910

Inb4 last page hits. I can see the chapter's name changing to (Eternal Pain)


Comment ID #16911

Boy, if looks could kill...

I’m really hoping that this is the end of Lucy giving Mike second chances. He’s just demonstrated what she’s always feared— that she will only ever be a replacement Sandy for him. Move on!

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #16912

I'm not rooting for Mike at all at this point but damn, it's so sad to compare Mike's dismal expression walking back from the tree in Model Girlfriend on page 94 (before Sandy grabbed his hand) and his dopey dreamy smile walking back from the tree after the Lucy encounter. Like child. Seriously. When has Sandy ever made you make that stupid love struck expression, WHY ARE YOU SO INSISTENT ON BEING ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE AND TAKING LUCY DOWN WITH YOU


Comment ID #16913

So Basically this Whole Chapter was a Bait and switch for us Mikexlucy shippers... GOD DAMNIT!

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #16914

I've been whining for weeks about this chapter to anyone who'll listen (no one else in my life reads this comic T-T ) After another day of periodic RAWRing and UGHing, my husband is like, "Why are you reading it if it upsets you so much!?" OBVIOUSLY, its cuz I love drama. duh.


Comment ID #16915

That look of betrayal turning into pure hatred/disgust heartbreaking... Poor Lucy...

I hope, for Lucy's sake, this is a lie to Daisy and Paulo...but I...Judging by his reaction when he looked at Lucy, it's likely not... I'd LOVE to be proven wrong. Not because I'm rooting for Mike, but because Lucy does NOT deserve this shit nor does her mental health... This is going to be a hard talk/cry with therapist (or Augustus)...


Comment ID #16916

oooh, I haven't thought about Augustus reaction. I wonder if she told him about the kiss.


Comment ID #16917

Actually time for Final Fantasy cat to beat Mike


Comment ID #16918

I'd LOVE for Augustus to fuckin deck Mike in the face


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