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Comment ID #17019

*Hands Mike a clown wing, a clown nose, and a pair of squeaky shoes* You're gonna need these, pal :)


Comment ID #17020

*insert the song clown by updog here*

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #17021

That broke my heart. Lucy ??


Comment ID #17022

Good for you Lucy. Time to let go of this fool.

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #17023



Comment ID #17024

Sandy is calling Mike better answer it.

Let Lucy go...


Comment ID #17025

Was it worth it, Mike?

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #17026

That broke my heart. Lucy 😭


Comment ID #17027



Comment ID #17028

Congratulations, you have invented a new type of stupid.

The most infuriating part is Mike really believed he could have his cake and eat it. Be able to have Lucy and Sandy. And i bet he didn’t tell Sandy he kissed Lucy. Just wow shoehorn possible forgiveness and get your girl -.-


Comment ID #17029


You've invented a new kind of stupid

A damage you can never undo

Kind of stupid

An open all the cages in the zoo

Kind of stupid

Clearly, you didn't think this through,

Kind of stupid


Comment ID #17030

What if it's Sandy calling to tell Mike she changed her mind about them trying to stay together after all lmao



Comment ID #17031

Honestly, that'd be pretty hilarious :P


Comment ID #17032

Good job, Lucy. Stand on that hard boundry, don't let that idiot trashcat string you along.

Joslynn Hamblen  

Comment ID #17033

I was always curious about the significance of the "There's nothing more to say" line. Now I know :(


Comment ID #17034

Please let this be the time that this sticks for her that she needs to move on, away from him. He is always so quick to drop her feelings and think so lowly of her and only ever really feels guilt when he doesn't get to have her available to him anymore - she deserves so much better.

It hurts now, but time will heal.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #17035

he /still/ wants to talk about last night with her??? why? it'd just be him turning her down *again*, right?? she already gets the picture man idk what else you need to say 😭


Comment ID #17036

Does she get the picture though? Lot of assumptions being made about Mike's current relationship with Sandy, when all Mike has officially said is they're going to be communicating more. Mike seemed pretty insistent that they still talk about last night regardless of the development. Makes you wonder... 🤔


Comment ID #17037

They really need to actually use words with eachother. Just, not right now. Right now Mike needs to leave Lucy alone.


Comment ID #17038

I know it’s important to talk issues out but when you’ve been disrespected and hurt like that it’s totally understandable to just walk away. She’s saving herself the extra hurt based on his repeated mistakes. Maybe later down the line they can discuss it but oof, this hits close to home.


Comment ID #17039

okay so obv thats sandy but-

funny option: sandy is calling to change her mind YET AGAIN abt their relationship

weird/interesting option: sandy is calling bc mike is lying abt them working it out (for some reason?)

likely option: sandy is calling and mike will either take it and be sad or ignore it and be sad

Justin N.  

Comment ID #17040

I wonder if Lucy will bottle this up or if there will be someone she talks to about it. I hope she is still in therapy 😔 poor baby girl..


"The guy who made me want to kill myself told me he ended up being cheated on by his girlfriend when I ran into him while he was upset. He told me he still thinks about me and never hated me. Then he....kissed me and I thought maybe we could ...I dont know... start over? Maybe? Then the next day he was all smiles and apparently was back with his ex. I feel like such an idiot... why did I get swept away in the moment!? I thought I was over him..."


"🤷‍♀️ Sometimes it be like that."

(Jk I think her therapist would say something actually legit and professional haha)


Comment ID #17041

That is pretty close tbh my therapist has told me something similar lol


Comment ID #17042

@RakZom lol good to know. Hopefully they aren't like this all the time 🤭 I planned on starting therapy for myself too but its so expensive.


Comment ID #17043

The one thing that I am wondering if "Worked things out" if it was "Worked things out so that we realize we cannot be romantic like this but we can still be friends" context. Though with Mike it is hard to see that, especially if he was up all night and into the morning still texting and all. But that would explain things differently, though he has utterly failed to communicate that if that's the case.


Comment ID #17044

THIS THIS THIS. I have a horrid feeling this is the case


Comment ID #17045

This is what I'm actually thinking as well. Lot of assumptions being made that "make this work" is referring to their relationship, and not just their friendship in general. Plus, breaking things off with Mike would give another potential interpretation to, "get rid of distractions," and would actually work much better with the imagery of the cracked phone used in the same panel.

It really could go either way for me, and am curious to see which way that domino falls.


Comment ID #17046

Fingers crossed that Lucy just ignores every attempt at redemption. Mike, you’ve screwed it big time.


Comment ID #17047

Next page is the last page of the chapter right? Look at the mess you made, Mike.

Alexa Windsor  

Comment ID #17048

Omg Lucy, my heart 💔 this feels so close to home


Comment ID #17049

*clutches chest* how dare you… ;_;


Comment ID #17050

Good job, Lucy! This is exactly what users like Mike deserve. He’s not worth your time or your pain!!


Comment ID #17051

Poor lucy, mike you reap what you sow! She’s had enough of your manipulation!


Comment ID #17052

burn his scarf. tear it into small pieces. he doesn't deserve this color.


Comment ID #17053

Deviation, dry heaving, dong give a *Buck* if he is leaving. - sorry first thoughts with that, going into a certain song :p. Now we need a moment of Retsuko helping teach Lucy a little relief.


Comment ID #17054

He needs to leave her alone, regardless of what he wants to talk about, she can't deal with it right now


Comment ID #17055

I really hope this is the end of the Mike x Lucy relationship. It’s just so toxic and Lucy can do so much better.


Comment ID #17056

Lucy... 😭


Comment ID #17057

Man... How long he took to screw it less of 24 hours?? Wow Mike here a cookie with raisins.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #17058

I hate that I have a feeling that we're all wrong and Mike was faking it to Paulo and Daisy and Mike accidently broke Lucy's heart when he did in fact choose her... Like...that would be a giant punch in the gut for all of us. But also..like..that probably isn't the case, because Mike is a dumb teenager


Comment ID #17059

Why lie to Paulo and Daisy about that?


Comment ID #17060

Basically for the reasons that Lucy pointed out the day/night before. They'd go over the top and lose it over the news, Paulo saying things like "I told you so" and such and Daisy suddenly fawning over him and trying to cling to him. Would they actually do that? Probably not, but it's a chance given their personalities and past actions. So, for Mike, trying to seem as if things are normal, or even getting better than normal, is a good way to cover up that things with Sandy fell apart and not give any ideas that he and Lucy are starting to have sparks again, so it give them time to talk and think things over without everyone in the friend group losing their shit lol


Comment ID #17061

If only it wasn’t backfiring so hard if that is his plan

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #17062

Really thought this was gonna be Mike's redemption arc but nope


Comment ID #17063

Im calling this it's a bait and switch! Dude mike either lied to Paulo and daisy or he just meant they were being friends. I'm 1000% sure this is what's happening. Put it on my gravestone alright they are going to get together and this was just a misunderstanding.


Comment ID #17064

Imagine the next text from Sandy reads, "Were you able to talk things out with Lucy?" Would be a clever way to show in a single panel that Mike not only told Sandy about the kiss, but she still wants to be friends and is supportive of his romantic pursuits beyond herself.


Comment ID #17065

I did not think about that possibility. I am doubtful, but now you've got me wondering...

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #17066

I thought about that too but unless Mike is actually lying to save face, it would be very odd in context of pages 63 - 65 when he notices how hurt Lucy looks but continues to keep on talking about Sandy and just lets Lucy suffer, knowing exactly how Lucy is interpreting things.


Comment ID #17067

I don’t think it’s a lie to save face, but to avoid what was said by Lucy about how they’d react, as I doubt he would want to hear Paulo tell hom I told you so or have daisy swooning over him again. I doubt either would do that to him but I doubt he realizes that.

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #17068

This is my take for the future since it won't happen because next update is the last page of this chapter.

Sandy says its over again IF they were back together

Mike FINALLY realised the shit he did AND will tell sandy that he's fucking done

Which i seriously want it to happens

Then show Lucy the message

And break his phone or block Sandy

Or Show lucy with his phone that they really became just friend and not more and it was a complete misunderstanding


Comment ID #17069

Oh boy, lot of hate for Mike choosing Sandy over Lucy after the kiss and confession the previous night. Would be absolutely TERRIBLE if the last page of this chapter showed that Sandy and Mike are just friends now, and Mike actually WANTED to talk about starting a relationship with Lucy. Would be an insane twist and play on everyone's expectations, creating heaps more drama to unfold now that Lucy has made up her mind, HUH? Good thing this comic is always extremely predictable, and none of that is going to happen. :)


Comment ID #17070

This is what I think is happening


Comment ID #17071

Hmmm! Mike breaks up with Sandy (bonus if they talked it out and Sandy is now with Francis and they're both in that super happy "fresh relationship" haze), AND we still get delicious drama now that Lucy never wants to speak with Mike again? That is a such a great gutpunch and BOY that'd be such a cherry on top of an ending to this hell of the chapter. That's such a pretty neat angle, not gonna lie, lol


Comment ID #17072

as a side note, if this is true, it'd be pretty awesome if the last page was like an 'inverse' of the first page of this chapter where in his texts on his phone we see Sandy mention something like "have you talked to your girlfriend Lucy yet this morning? :D" while in older texts we see her gushing about things her and Francis were up to. and instead of a melted snowflake IT'LL BE A TEAR >:D


Comment ID #17073


Yup! We'll see if we actually get that angle in a couple days, but BOY that seems like a much more dramatic wrench in things, considering the alternative is, "Mike is sad that Lucy is ignoring him, but is now perfectly happy with his long distance relationship now that both sides are communicating more. Plus, he was probably going to start ignoring her again anyways now that he can talk to Sandy more often." That's not a satisfying conclusion, now is it?

Plus, it's another step towards the possible Mike x Lucy endgame. I know not many are a fan, especially with how Mike has acted in the past, but I think if he really did come to an understanding with Sandy that their relationship wasn't going to work out, it might be the first big step Mike takes towards maturing.


Comment ID #17074

I don't know what to believe anymore, this chapter really put us through the grinder of emotional turmoil


Comment ID #17075

God he's such a fucking idiot

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #17076

If the next panel has Sandy texting Mike, asking something along the lines of "Did you confess to her yet?" or something similar, I'm going to flip a table. What a Rollercoaster...

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #17077

Im going to lose it. Now imagine Mike showing this message from Sandy to Lucy...


Comment ID #17078

What if Lucy completely misunderstood? If that's the case, im curious about Mike showing messages from Sandy to Lucy saying "Did you confess your love to her?" (Line taken from comment above). I would love to see her reaction.


Comment ID #17079

Mike: Wait one second, Sandy sent me a message.

Mike: (looks at message) Take a photo of Lucy crying.

Mike: Okay. (snaps a picture of her)

Lucy: (runs away crying)



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