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Veronica: aww man Paulo’s instant ramen :( no…

(I never knew people used a microwave for instant ramen, I always liked using the stove like Paulo does. It’s nice and cosy)

also uhhhh paulo better call daisy to copy her homework instead, though he’ll have to deal with a little bit of scolding. Dammit, Mike, this coulda been easy!

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Comment ID #12930

Aaaaaa that’s some good retribution


Comment ID #12931

love it when authors understand buildup and sweet release


Comment ID #12932

Good for Paulo, you tell him

Tj Martin  

Comment ID #12933

"Good, good" - Palpatine.

Robert Uthoff  

Comment ID #12934

Hope Mike finally understands how things look from everyone else's point of view now lol

Blazing Wolf  

Comment ID #12935

Only Abbey is left. And he hasn't seen any of this yet.

Feel good Mike?


Comment ID #12936

uh oh wuh oh

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #12937

Yeah of course, well done Paulo you don't have to put up with this!

Dayo Gonzales  

Comment ID #12938

I'm so glad Paulo told him what's up. I was tired of watching him being treated so badly!

Grand Romantic  

Comment ID #12939

Oooooooo its getting spicy👀


Comment ID #12940

and I oop—


Comment ID #12941

Hell fucking yes, Paulo tell that bitch 💃


Comment ID #12942

I think Abbeys the only close friend left that hasn't told him to his face that he's being horrible to everyone. I hope that this will make him actually think about his relationship with Sandy instead of just making him continue to belive the world is against him.


Comment ID #12943

It's validating after so long of watching everyone endure this, but of course sad as well. (bittersweet! ha, ha...) Mike is alienating all his friends one by one, in favor of a girl who just does not have the time for him and has built a life for herself now without him, who relies on him for nothing that we've seen except occasional nostalgia.

And Mike has no one but himself to blame, treating his friends like they were nuisances and assholes when most often they were trying to look after him and rightly worried about him.

Caramel Ankhy-Tahnk  

Comment ID #12944

Good job Paulo!!

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #12945

Prouda you paulo.. You’re too good for him


Comment ID #12946

Can we get an Oof in the chat for Mike messing up real bad?

William Hoffman  

Comment ID #12947

There aren't enough oofs in the world to cover all those times at this point.

Alec Emmerich  

Comment ID #12948

I really thought Halloween was gonna be Mike's rock bottom but I underestimated this boy's shovel game.


Comment ID #12949

Hell yeah, blow up his spot


Comment ID #12950


Coke M  

Comment ID #12951

Paulo please your Mac.


Comment ID #12952

Paulo laying down the law, hell yes


Comment ID #12953

Glad some one said it to Mike. Maybe he will get it together


Comment ID #12954



Comment ID #12955

Some one finally told him what's up. Hopefully he finally gets it.


Comment ID #12956



Comment ID #12957

I wonder if that was what Mike needed to hear too realize how much of a POS he is, and maybe he will try too fix the problem, but it would be too little too late but he may still try

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #12958

jesus christ finally! someone said it! mike literally needed to hear this, i get what he going through but the fact is that it was his own doing, he literally yelled at each person who mention if he is alright or not. yeah maybe daisy and paul may not done it well in the past but the fact is, sue was the only one who tried to approach it peacefully and guess what! mike push her way in such a angry rant that it literally show that he is such in denial. sue alone just realize it not worth to get to be emotionally drain by mike. paul did his best to approach it best as he can after learning that mistake and what mike said; it wasn't his fucking business to but in.

mike alone have cause this, mike alone did this to himself to cause everyone to ever stop approaching. paul have made the decision alone which was for the best, that it best to leave mike be. cause mike have been in denial on why his friend ever stop approaching or even dare to care about mike until someone! FINALLY SOMEONE! said it! no one but him is at fault for the cause of his misery.

Karma vazquez-alonso  

Comment ID #12959

Hallelujah! Paulo telling it how it his is just so good! Please let this be Mikes turning point. PLEASE.

Bridget Kelly  

Comment ID #12960

Paulo layeth the smackdown on that jabroni, Mike!


Comment ID #12961

This recent page was so much It made me go back and read basically half the comic... god I can't wait to see how this Chapter goes...


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