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Veronica: See, Lucy gets it!

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Oh shit i knew something bad was going to happen


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Comment ID #15569

Queen! She’s saying what we’re all thinking!


Comment ID #15570

lol she's not wrong though


Comment ID #15571

Oh thank god


Comment ID #15572


if he was trying to force her to stop her from pulling away im getting a fucking gun

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #15573

Good catch! I didn't even think of that possibility the first time i looked at it


Comment ID #15574

Well, now can we actually like, have some sort of convo? Because that was clearly a "Sandy is gone and therefore you're back in" sitch, Mike may say otherwise but dude didn't have anything to say until she left

Lady Indigo  

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The Masterpiece  

Comment ID #15576

Perfect, this is what I was expected. You tell him, Lucy!

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15577

I absolutely love this, this is hilarious. Exactly what we’re thinking too Lucy!

Mike’s face in the last panel is absolute gold.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15578

Indeed Lucy, Indeed


Comment ID #15579

Lucy can’t escape her tsundere nature!


Comment ID #15580

Pretty much.


Comment ID #15581

Thank God!!!

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #15582

Way to go Lucy!!!

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #15583

I hate hate hate that he wants her whenever sandy is gone it’s so f*caked up… my ex was exactly the same with me and it destroyed me

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #15584

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you've been able to recover from that or at least to some degree.

Keyblade Dragon  

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Oh boy, definitely didn't see that coming 😑


Comment ID #15587

mike is the worst kisser confirmed


Comment ID #15588

Their faces lakjdsflaksdj

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #15589

Yeah, she needed to stop it and tell Mike that its not okay. I said before its not only a week and Mike is smoochin' Lucy. Bruh, hol' up there boi.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15590

Lolol the literal reference on them swapping spit tho

Ariel Castillo  

Comment ID #15591

Well. Moment ruined


Comment ID #15592

Boundaries setting! Let’s see what happens next!!


Comment ID #15593

Absolutely right


Comment ID #15594

Ahh yes the conflict of "I like this but this is not the right time therefore it's stupid af"


Comment ID #15595 give it a night to sleep on it then talk it out.

Sam Carlucci  

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LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #15597

Let’s not forget that she criticized Mike for being angry at her for caring more about another boy. This still reeks of manipulation. His feelings might be raw, but he has always fallen back on “she just can’t get over me, everything she does is related to me” and it looks like he just wanted to reassert that control he has over her and her feelings. I hope Lucy hits back and let’s him know he can’t control her emotions anymore.

Gabrielle R  

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Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #15599

Or... and hear me out... he's just being hypocritical, and it might be something he's not fully aware of considering his current state of mind? It's still scummy, and should absolutely be called out, but it's still quite early to consider this malicious intent. He didn't exactly run to Lucy's house, after all; this entire scene has been extremely spur of the moment. Hopefully we'll get more of his thoughts on the matter laid bare in the coming pages, because right now it's kinda early to call it either way.


Comment ID #15600

You don’t need to have malicious intent to do shitty things. That’s why the saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Think about how he struggled to accept she didn’t like him anymore. And maybe he’s just doing it to feel better and rebound, but it’s still very much rooted in him needing to have an effect over her. She tried to pull away physically from him multiple times, she still showed kindness and care to him in his vulnerable moments, and he saw his in. Like, he just got dumped and immediately goes in for a move, after disrespecting her personal boundaries multiple times that night.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #15601

Well, that and at the same time, I get kind of the feeling that Mike has a bit of his own identity crisis. Who is mike if not "Sandy's Boyfriend" even if Sandy wasn't around? He seems to lean heavy into valuing himself based on relationships and how he relates to certain others. We've known those who just "Have to be in a relationship" of some sort, even if it's not working out, because it's an identifier for them, and some crave to have that identifier, even to the point of forgetting that "Single" is also a valuable one as well. In some ways I think he liked having the "Girlfriend Sandy" excuse because it had it's benefits. Keeps him from actually needing to worry about other girls trying to get with him because he could hold up the red flag... but at the same time, that devotion can be admirable to some, even if it's not healthy in how he took it. Granted we don't have enough of their mental states to get the full picture yet, so plenty of options.


Comment ID #15602

Both of you are stupid.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #15603

MIKE NOOO... I feel so bad for Lucy..

Chloe Fowler  

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Sircreepalot 2  

Comment ID #15605

I like the use of thier scarves. It looks like Lucy tries to take control of the situation in the forth frame. But then in the fifth, the extreme angle she was in was a total dominance move on Mike. I'm probably reading into it to much lol


Comment ID #15606

Both of them are running on the extreme emotions happening here. I doubt Mike is purposefully being scummy, because hes still super upset, but the rebound kiss is hitting that scummy threshold. Lucy being caught up in everything and accepting the kiss also makes sense seeing as this is the first actual conversation they've had and on some level she still have feeling for mike, whether good or bad ones, and in the moment just went with it. They are both teenagers that are hormonal and emotional, and there is plenty of emotion happening this day for them that they need to figure out how to work through.


Comment ID #15607

Lucy probably wanted this back in the day But now doesn't want it.


Comment ID #15608

Oh thank god 😫

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #15609

I'm glad Lucy stopped it, but lets not pretend she wasn't into it, you guys. If she really didn't want to be kissed by Mike, I'm sure she would've pushed him away before he got the chance. Lucy's shown time and again that she can stand up for herself just fine. Was it inappropriate of Mike to do? Absolutely. Is it against Lucy's will? Not at all. And yeah I can see why people are calling Mike manipulative, but idk. Idk how clearly he's really thinking right now - seems to be all emotion, no thought.

Mimi Miki  

Comment ID #15610

Yeah... Like, I agree some of the methods are there, but the real thing to consider is whether or not Mike is intentionally being manipulative, and that's... not an easy thing to really glean. It might be something that comes up soon, and if it's truly unintentional, he'll be in a pretty good position to start working on it himself, or potentially with the help of his friends. I could especially see Paulo being pretty supportive seeing how much he's matured as of late.


Comment ID #15611

hehehe!! ahh this is actually really cute omg.. well that went as well as you could have expected XD

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #15612

There we go


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Comment ID #15614

Loooool the spit on both their mouths tho LOL Excellent attention to detail

Rip Euphoric  

Comment ID #15615

haha oh god, they really got into it, huh? (GEEZ EW)


Comment ID #15616

I guess this means their back to 1:1?

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #15617

This teenage angst is weighing on my heart


Comment ID #15618

You know sometimes it takes a stronger person to say no. Even if she likes it, deep down she knows this is wrong for her. If anything, what’s best for her is to get away as far from Mike as possible. I know that I really don’t like Mike and its just a comic, but I always feel like he’s always dragging Lucy with him into his drama. At this rate, he may make more romantic advances to dominate Lucy and she’ll be too weak to stop him. So, tell me, how’s that called love?


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Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #15620

She didn't say it as coarsely as you did.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #15621

A win is a win

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #15622

Well it's hardly compassionate towards her. She may be more tolerable than Mike lately, but she still has feelings she's working out.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #15623

Lucy: Why are we kissing during a snowstorm, it’s more romantic kissing during a severe thunderstorm!

Mike: My god, you’re right!


Comment ID #15624

Yeah exactly what I expected, there’s no way they could just get back together like that, Lucy’s doing the right thing.


Comment ID #15625

The Mike X Lucy Ship: Help, Smithers. I'm sinking. I'm sinking. Life... flashing... before-- eyes.


Comment ID #15626

Ahh, sweet relief from the (admittedly completely irrational) fear of it all ending on that last page

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15627

Way to catch yourself there Lucy

Now to let the fresh wave of teen angst settle in


Comment ID #15628

*meme voice* good for her


Comment ID #15629

Despite the circumstances, I'd make a bet that this kiss will start a dialog that they DESPERATELY need to have.

Luggage Pickup  

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