Eternal Flame — Page 66

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Veronica: Ahh, back to the “I have no friends because they’re all yours” angle, I see.

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That's...a pretty level response from Lucy actually. Damn she's matured!


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Airy Frith  

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mike you give lucy her eyeballs back right now!

Airy Frith  

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Comment ID #16942

I can't keep doing this T.T

Sircreepalot 2  

Comment ID #16943

Lucy deserves so much better. She's matured and made such huge leaps in her development.


Comment ID #16944

Heeeellll yeah! Go sit in your filthy sh*t mike!

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #16945

Grand idea on Lucy's part. Tell someone you WON'T make out with after you feel better.


Comment ID #16946

I hate to see it. Truly. I would have loved to see this go in a positive direction. Mike still has to learn his lessons and commit to the changes. Lucy is going to hurt but she's tough. She has a support system now. She also needs to learn how to commit to the changes she has made.. This isn't going to be easy. But they maybe better people once they are out the other side.

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #16947

Good on Lucy. It’s probably really hard for her to not cry right now. :(

What COULD mike have said to her to make her feel any better about this??? It’s pretty clear what happened and where he stands.

As the chapter blurb in the archive says: there is nothing more to say.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #16948

Gods this is torture...


Comment ID #16949

God what’s his excuse gonna be


Comment ID #16950

She is trying to get out of there before he sees her break down. She yet again trying to do the best thing for herself and gets stopped by Mike.


Comment ID #16951

As much as I want them to talk, they need to let the emotions die down a bit before then. They both seem to have a tendency to act without thinking when there's high levels of feelings happening.


Comment ID #16952

I would absolutely love for them to talk too! But you're so right about them acting without thinking.


Comment ID #16953

Mike: But I don’t have friends!

Lucy: Then tell your imaginary friends instead!

Mike: I don’t have those either!

Lucy: Then tell your family!

Mike: They hate me!

Lucy: ……….I give up!


Comment ID #16954

Okay, Lucy, you’re not glad that it worked out for him, so give him a good big shot that we don’t talk about it anymore:) No seriously, Mike, you seem to have realized that and that’s at least it, although I still hate you:)


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Comment ID #16956

Ugh. This just hurts. Lucy does not deserve this. Not at all.

Joslynn Hamblen  

Comment ID #16957

I really want their friends to walk into this. Please.....


Comment ID #16958

Go eat a D Mike. Jeez, she doesn't want to talk to you.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #16959

So glad she's handing her emotions for now. Just move away and make sure to not let Mike see her at her lowest when both played a part. Mike need to just let her move on from her to just see if him and Sandy is thing of a fling. Instead of hopping on the kiss train should have relax on the chill station. He truly did put them at a standpoint. Now we seeing two different characters how we view them in December. Both truly made differences during that time. We need Mike to just process it more. Lucy hurt now but she's doing her best to change it a bit. So we can just wait it a bit. Mike need to just mature more to me.


Comment ID #16960

"Lucy wait! You didn't let me finish digging my own grave!"

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #16961

Im kinda curious what he was going to say before lucy cut him off like what did he think he could say to make it better unless its that he was lying to everyone in there and him and sandy did break up and are just friends now but I highly doubt that

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #16962

Still holding hope he did it so he wouldnt get a big “I told you so” from Paulo, but that hope is quickly fading

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #16963

I'm begining to Think the Author Hates me...

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #16964

Lucy: gotta go fast


Comment ID #16965

I'm so proud of Lucy, that is a boundary that needed to be set, and she set it without question. <3 emotional maturity

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #16966

Mike just needs to pester someone else. He blew up at those that distance themselves from him because of his own actions. Heck, the dude's blown up on Paulo. Lucy's response to his actions is pretty deserved, he's thrown his sadness at her only to reconcile and expect her to accept it. Mike, you've screwed up this time, and don't expect Lucy to come back to you.


Comment ID #16967

My prediction for the next page is that Mike's gonna say he and Sandy made it work out as friends and that their talk last night was about how Mike feels about Lucy in a romantic sense. Please.....


Comment ID #16968

Wooo hooo, livin' on a prayer!


Comment ID #16969

dude hes chasing after her and trying to tell her something, i am convinced that this is a bait and switch. He was just lying to paulo and daisy. Im calling it 100%


Comment ID #16970

He chose Sandy, he always did. Stick to your guns Mike and leave Lucy the fuck alone. She already tried to kill herself over you once, what more do you possible want from her?


Comment ID #16971

this whole chapter has just been "man, I'm so impressed with Lucy's growth! she's handling everything with so much grace!" and "wow I really wish Lucy wasn't being tested like this" lmao


Comment ID #16972

Mike unless you're offering to pay off her therapy bills I don't think she's interested


Comment ID #16973

“You didn’t let me explain! Sandy and I are looking for a third, would you be interested?”

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #16974

This made me both laugh and have angry feelings


Comment ID #16975

This made me laugh so hard! It's honestly the only "explanation" that could ever make sense!


Comment ID #16976

Ugh... I am proud of Lucy for staying civil even though I wanted her to punch him 👊.

I see comments talking about a 'bait and switch' but I don't think Mike would have to lie about being with Sandy still in order to keep Lucy and Mike's kiss/relationship under wraps. He could just say he broke up with Sandy and leave it at that. No one needs to know their business.

So I feel confident he really patched things up with Sandy (for now).


Comment ID #16977

This is pre shippuden Sakura Haruno levels bad, Lucy said what needed to be said if Mike wants to go back to committing himself to a relationship where he now has to constantly worry if his so called Significant other is sucking face with someone else whenever they're not talking to him because they've proven to be flippant when it comes to how faithful they to their relationship. Then that's his very questionable decision

But the least he could do (like he should do in the future because this will happen again because it always happens) is to do Lucy a favor and leave her the fuck out of it instead of dragging her in the middle of it so he can use her as a temporal place holder when he knows that same dramatic BS is what nearly drove her to end herself.

Also makes me wonder why people want Lucy to go public with this. After trying so hard to put this behind her, I would want to go back to doubling down on pretending he didn't exist if I was her instead of making this into a Spectacle. I know it's the reactionary teenager thing to do but as a sign of growth I wouldn't want that attention.


Comment ID #16978

I also feel like not talking about this EVER to anyone (for now) would be very natural for Lucy, this situation must be stressful enough as it is and even (or especially?) teenagers do have their pride


Comment ID #16979

I don't think it's necessarily about making it a spectacle but reaching out for help from her friends. They share the same friend group and here we have Daisy and Paulo rooting and cheering Mike on and totally glazing over Lucy simply because they DON'T KNOW.

Sort of how Paulo tried to hide the fact that Abbey assaulted him in the bathroom. It just caused misunderstandings and heartache between him and Daisy because she didn't understand why he was avoiding her boyfriend. Same here. Lucy has TRIED to move past Mike, but he won't let her. He has not grown AT ALL in the past year. He keeps chasing after her. I'm sure if Paulo knew he would prevent Mike from running after his friend, but no, poor Lucy is trying to act mature and not have a breakdown in the hallway but Mike WON'T. LET. HER. GO.


Comment ID #16980

Just leave her alone already Mike. You don't deserve to be around her.

He probably just wants to do damage control now, and make sure that Lucy doesn't tell anyone about what happened.

Fuck you Mike. Fuck you.

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #16981

Man I wish I could see this page I keep getting a token error like with the last page 😭


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Comment ID #16983

I got token errors for several days as well some time back, try to delete your patreon cache and try again!


Comment ID #16984

I tried that and it still didn't work :( thanks for the advice tho


Comment ID #16985

What the hell have you got to explain, Mike holy shit


Comment ID #16986

I'd be pleasantly surprised if it turned out that Mike and Sandy did agree to just be friends but his phrasing with "she's going to try harder to make this work" and "get rid of distractions [named Francis]" pretty much kills that hope for me.


Comment ID #16987

Mmm maybe it’s different than everyone including us the readers are assuming


Comment ID #16988

You know what? If you told me that upon reading page 1 of this chapter that Mike would yell at Paulo, finally realize that HE's actually the one pushing everyone away, grew a spine and TALKED to Sandy about how uncommunative their relationship is, find out Sandy has a crush on someone else she works with this whole time, broke up with Sandy, have a good, deep talk with Lucy of all people, make out with Lucy, and then get BACK together again with Sandy.....I wouldn't have believed you!

I wouldn't doubt if there's one more trick up the sleeve of this chapter, but there's only a couple more pages...but we shall see!!


Comment ID #16989

This makes me so sad for Lucy, she was so HAPPY for such a short time and now it's back to her walls (which I don't blame her) I just want to hug her and tell her everything is gonna be okay 😭


Comment ID #16990

If there's more to this, Mike didn't explain it well enough to not upset Lucy.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #16991

I'm highly incredulous that that there was more to it, but in case there was, there... HAD to be a better way to explain it then the way he did.


Comment ID #16992

Lucy’s being a lot nicer to him than I would be


Comment ID #16993

Well she’s put down a really healthy boundary, there, and he knows he’s goofed… But I still wanna smack him upside the head.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #16994

Didn't what? "Let Me Finish? Let Me Explain?"

I doubt very much he could say anything that would alter the way this feels.


Comment ID #16995

...and they were never heard from again


Comment ID #16996

"Lucy wait! You didn't let me .... say APRIL FOOL'S!!"🤗 based on a true story. 😎 (my husband broke up with his long-time gf [it was surprisingly mutual] to be with me on April 1st but told me that he wasn't able to do it and we couldn't be together. He thinks this story is hilarious and likes to say how devastated I was 🙄)


Comment ID #16997

Lol wow what a backstory. Yea , I’m curious what he was about to say ?

Ema Nekaf  

Comment ID #16998

The ship died faster then it revived.

Andrew Narug  

Comment ID #16999

heartbreak speedrun


Comment ID #17000

Please have lied please have lied please have lied


Comment ID #17001

You screwed up mike, over and over again, why should lucy trust you when you’ve backstabbed her so many times?


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