Eternal Flame — Page 49

Author commentary

Veronica: Oblivious emotional warfare.

luckily Lucy isn’t really the jealous type.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Lucy: Just kick the tree already, jerkface!

Mike: Alright, alright! Quit shovin’!


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✨progress✨ glorious progress


Comment ID #15061

Mike fully realizing the consequences of his actions and apologizing to Lucy for them.... nature is healing ❤️

Now kick the tree!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15062

I have to say, the art on this page is really really nice

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #15063

This is more than seeing what he did wrong in December... this is him realizing all the things he did up to that point.


Comment ID #15064

Finally this seems more genuine..

Elizabeth Carroll  

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Looks like Mike is coming to grips with how his life is built around Sandy and how he kinda dragged Lucy in with him.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15066

Oh I like this!! Okay I am gonna miss this uvu;;


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FINALLY, actual progress! The fog of Sandy is broken and Mike is starting to think clearly <3


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Yes, heal.

Felix Rodriguez  

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Bout time

M. L. Scotland  

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Well now, we are getting somewhere. Perhaps a proper conversation can occur after all.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #15071

Is that progress my eyes are seeing? We gonna get that breakthrough?!


Comment ID #15072

I think he is finally starting to get it

Brittany ann  

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On another note, I am really enjoying the creative paneling for this chapter so far, and especially this page. :D


Comment ID #15074

There it is.


Comment ID #15075

I mean......yeah.....Mike, you already knew how much you used Lucy as a replacement chxhchsg like I'm not sure why he's so surprised by this now when he's been called out for it multiple times and fully acknowledged it


Comment ID #15076

He's gonna tell her the blue scarf was based on the color of her eyes??


Comment ID #15077

I hope so, I wanna see how she would react to something like that.


Comment ID #15078

If he isn't going to kick the tree, can we kick Mike instead?

Sai Santoso-Miller  

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It's a fine start, Mike. Don't stop please

Rockfur Fox  

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