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Airy Frith  

Comment ID #14311

Bro Mike. If you want her to stop hating you, give her a genuine apology and have an actual discussion on what happened.


Comment ID #14312

This^^^^^ yes please!


Comment ID #14313

Well he DID attempt to apologize at the end of "Unspoken Rule" but she rejected it. She had every right to, don't get me wrong, but he did try


Comment ID #14314

men will tell you to kill yourself and then be like "why do you hate me"


Comment ID #14315

Yes because thats how emotions work we can just turn them on and off like a light switch gosh grow up mike and learn to take responsibility for your actions then maybe you might get a different outcome than what has been happening recently

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #14316

Remembering how in December Lucy confessed and Mike was like, “well what am I supposed to do about it?” Oh the sweet reversal


Comment ID #14317

I'm sure it was an earlier chapter before December, but you're not wrong.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #14318

Oh how the tables have turned, Lucy saying "What am I supposed to do?"

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #14319

I- I wasn't expecting Lucy's reaction AT ALL


Comment ID #14320

Oh lucy : (


Comment ID #14321

Okay that’s really not what I expected but at least it sounds sincere what he’s saying


Comment ID #14322

Lol Lucy, speaking the truth.

He had every right to be mad at her for how abusive she was but damn, he called her a parasite and unlovable

Edit: also what Frejya said. They have a lot to recup from


Comment ID #14323

And pushed her to suicide and also made it clear that she deserved to be alone, and thought thing would be better if she died. And all because Sandy told him she didn’t like her 🤷🏾‍♀️ I honestly would have punched him for pulling this after all he put her AND her family through


Comment ID #14324

Well, Sandy wasn't wrong. His friends shouldn't be abusing him. Lucy WAS abusive. She yelled at him, called him names, and hit him all the time. It wasn't Mike's job to take care of her. She was toxic. But as her best friend, he really needed to speak up sooner. But sadly, at the end of the day, a lot of this has to do with failing to communicate with each other. Lucy was abusive. He enabled her. Lucy finally tried to change, but it was too late. He couldn't stand her anymore and in the heat of the moment, he said a lot of horrible things.

I only wish Lucy reached out for help to her family. :( Cuz after the jump, I don't know if there's any saving this friendship. Especially here. We know these kids are irrational when they're emotional


Comment ID #14325

Don't get me wrong, Mike was toxic too. Bros before hoes, Mike, come on


Comment ID #14326

“Please stop hating me!” Maybe take some responsibility for your actions???


Comment ID #14327

oh.. no, Mike, no. Not like this. Don't do that to her.


Comment ID #14328

Ew lol get off

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #14329

Her faces in panel 4 and 5 say it all. It doesn’t seem like she wants to be distant from her oldest friend. And she’s shown she isn’t even romantically interested so it’s not like the value she has for him is of that nature. She cherishes him, and grudges aside, I don’t see why she wouldn’t. He hurt her a lot but healing has to start somewhere. No ones behavior is always ideal, and mikes is far from it especially now considering what just happened, but they BOTH seem to want to be okay again. Someday. Not now, but not never.


Comment ID #14330

oh mike. :( oh lucy. :((( oh children


Comment ID #14331

??????????????? This, my friends, is the definition of being toxic af. You can't cope with it anymore because now you NEED her. But what if Sandy calls you again tomorrow, apologizing?


Comment ID #14332

Literally this. If everything was fine with Sandy, he wouldn’t care what was happening with any of his friends. Beyond how he is with Lucy, when does he particularly get invested in how his other friends are? She is still his crutch, despite how awful he was to her. He went crying to her the first time Sandy left as well. Although we do see he’s becoming a bit more aware of his behavior toward others, I doubt it’s really sunk in that he let all his other relationships whither for his gf.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #14333

You should apologize first though

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #14334

Punch him in the throat and keep walking away. He has no right to pull this after everything he put her and her friends through. He even blamed everyone for why he treated her like that. That still makes me sick that he did that. And to top it off the one time he accepted affection from Daisy was when she was defending him (drunk). -.-


Comment ID #14335

Wait, are they actually going to have a conversation? It may be high emotions but it may be good for both of them in the long run.


Comment ID #14336

This guy needs to apologize properly once and for all. then Lucy must still send him to hell because he doesn't deserve anything from her at all.

Dayo Gonzales  

Comment ID #14338


Wow, even after all this he still can't genuinely say "I'm sorry." Just "stop hating me."

Load reply  

Comment ID #14339

I understand mike is like a teen and so is Lucy, but mike legit have to sit this out. Homeboy really got it twisted.


Comment ID #14340

I thought Lucy would definitely get him away from her but I guess she's surprised... and maybe still has a soft spot (platonic not romantic) for the old Mike, the version of him that used to be important to her.

This isn't fair of him to come at her like this when he is so emotional and vulnerable when we know how nurturing and caring Lucy can be.

I wouldn't hate to see them being friends again but Mike would definitely have to give out some sincere apologies and actually take responsibility for his actions from last December. I dont even know how you could take responsibility for calling someone that you knew was unstable/suicidal an "unlovable parasite" but he better figure it out.


Comment ID #14341

Lucy’s response was exactly what I was thinking. What is she supposed to do about that :/

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #14342

Mike is one desperate Reddit search away from becoming a completely hopeless incel.

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #14343

Can we talk about how creepy Mike is being here? He grabbed her by that hand and she literally told him directly NOT to touch her and yet he's holding her and not letting go. Look how UNCOMFORTABLE Lucy is. NO CONSENT. She looks like she wants to bolt but can't.


Comment ID #14344

Also seems like she's reluctant to actually MAKE him stop touching her because she's afraid of being framed as abusive again. But I think in this situation she has every right to at least push him away.


Comment ID #14345

lmao Schrödinger's Lucy, she's supposed to exist in a reality where Mike gets to tell her he hates her and a reality where she doesn't get to hate him back all at the same time

I keep looking at the page and get angrier at Mike. Lucy's expression in those last panels, poor thing looks like Mike's guilt trip is actually getting to her. He's gaslighting the hell out of her by framing this up like it's *her* fault that their friendship ended


Comment ID #14346

I couldn't agree more.. She must feel a sense of powerlessness


Comment ID #14347

Mike nooo, dude use your brain. Be on her shoes. You are not caring what she went through. You didn't learn anything. Jeez fuck Mike.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #14348

mmmmm tasty tasty tension

I hope they can finally talk some things out. Apologies across the board seem like a good start.


Comment ID #14349

None of that was an apology Mike try again


Comment ID #14350

I know so many people here are very angry about this situation (not the comic, but how the characters are acting in it) but I see it as normal, yes it’s unhealthy, but it’s also how children act, especially high schoolers, we’re all angry here because we’re adults (I’m assuming) and we know better that this isn’t a super healthy relationship, but this is a natural relationship. I’m just excited to see where it’s going, and hopefully they can grow and see how stupid they’ve all been when they’ve all matured, like Paulo has.


Comment ID #14351

Sorry bout all the run-on sentences


Comment ID #14352

I agree. Lots of salt in the comments. People can make mistakes, move on, and heal. Personally, I find those stories more impactful and interesting than "And she cut him out of her life. The end."


Comment ID #14353

I think a lot of it comes from a place where this has happened before to people & if you aren't at a point where you can separate yourself from the situation, of course it's more satisfying to see someone in fiction do what you feel like would fix your problems.

I'm definitely on the "these kids all need therapy and healing" train though, Mike especially. He has some serious anger problems he's gotta work through before he can return to being a good friend with everyone


Comment ID #14354

Only speaking for myself, but in high school I was totally capable of realizing I should calmly try to discuss issues and not just scream at people. Never drove anyone to suicide and knew how to do a real apology. Or that if someone was still angry at me for a legit hurt I caused them I shouldn’t go crying to them or ignore them when they ask for space. High schoolers mess up, sure, but man this isn’t normal. They all need therapy and healthier relationship skills stat.


Comment ID #14355

Lucy is such a good patient soul for her old friend, but how will she react if she learns Mike‘s actually only like this because Sandy left him? oh man...


Comment ID #14356

Lucy's character growth is just *chef kisses* so good. Old Lucy would've lashed out instantly but this beautiful girl didn't.


Comment ID #14357

I should know better than to read the comments section.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #14358

Gosh Lucy deserves so much better than this; case in point, look at how well she’s taking these absolute bonkers actions of Mike.


Comment ID #14359

she's just doing what you wanted dude lmao

Marcella Ash  

Comment ID #14360

Mike you entitled piece of shit! You're the one who acted like a parasite that wanted to be loved for only your convenience! Also, like a true simp that you are, you tried to crawl back to her when you should of known that it's already too late. Lucy has every right to never be in your life, Mike! You caused her enough pain as it is...


Comment ID #14361

Okay okay but imagine JORDANS REACTION. Her whole family either dislikes or hated Mike for what he did. jordan at least knows it wasn’t Paulo. But i doubt her brothers are going to let Mike even step foot in the house. Her mom might politely suggest they take things slow but be visibly uncomfortable around him


Comment ID #14362

I think her mom is wise to it being Mike. She knows it's not Paulo because Lucy went to the carnival with him after they did homework together, and she seemed awkward talking to Mike's mom when she mentioned Mike had been acting down with Lucy gone.


Comment ID #14363

She’s nicer than me i would’ve just : “Oh i guess he would be depressed after pushing my daughter to jump off a roof. But boys will be boys” 😁


Comment ID #14364

You can’t cope with it anymore or you can’t cope with it because Sandy is gone? You didn’t give a flying flamingo about how she felt for the past year, and NOW you can’t take it?

Erin-Leigh Van Orden  

Comment ID #14365

I’m loving flying flamingo


Comment ID #14366

MIKE ffs don't grab someone and yank them into a hug when they tell you not to touch them >:(


Comment ID #14367

You have to remember that Mike and Lucy were best friends. It's really hard to shake away that affection even it they put you through hell. There are days I **still** long for my toxic best friend despite the torture he put me through just because of the bond we used to have

Emi Koizumi  

Comment ID #14368


Grand Romantic  

Comment ID #14369

Heh, the "What am I supposed to do?" the whole, Lucy did exactly what he wanted, and got out of his life. But now he needs someone, and she *used to be* the one that was was always there before.

Yes they're teens, kids, and don't really know what they want, Mike thought he wanted only that vision of Sandy from the beginning, and that vision never evolved, making it so he stunted that growth of himself, even as it seems Sandy didn't hold herself back in such a way. So he had been pushing everyone away in the pursuit of that horizon that he was chasing, not thinking any of that could ever change. But if you think about it, Sandy was the enhancement to the root of the problem. He had his Dream, and everything that wasn't part of that dream was pushed away. Sandy didn't like someone, he cut her out... but even that wasn't just a "Respect my boundaries" that became "I hate you" push away.

So Stop hating him? You said yourself that you hated her in December. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

But right now, they do need to have a talk, but seriously not a super emotional Mike in that, because how quickly that can spiral, and I think that's the look of trapped Lucy has. If she tells him "I did just what you wanted" or "No" fear of what he may do, or what will happen. She's seen his ugly side before, and this is a situation of bad choices either way for her. Best she could do is, really the third of "Hey, You don't look so good, maybe you need to sit, think, calm down... Then come and talk to me." But hey, most of us are adults and we think of those things. Kids, not so easily think of things that take experience to realize.


Comment ID #14370

Well this is all awfully familiar, even the shrug's there.


Comment ID #14371

Just wait until Lucy finds out Sandy just broke up with him... :/

Emi Koizumi  

Comment ID #14372

Unpopular opinion but people NEED to get off Mike for Lucy attempting. He never said "kill yourself" to her, he was being a stupid ass kid. Stupid ass kids are really mean and can strike where it hurts without really knowing what kind of damage they are doing. He also tried to work it out before her attempt. She needed therapy, possibly anti-depressants, and a new environment. Was he responsible for how he hurt her? YES! ABSOLUTLY! Was he responsible for her attempt? NO.

(edit: I reread all of December up until she attempts to make sure that was never brought up)


Comment ID #14373



Comment ID #14374

The ex love of your life calling you a parasite after gaslighting you for months and saying no one 'really' is friends with you is pretty damn close. I would say it is up to readers to choose their feelings on how much they feel he fucked her up?

Daryan Nolan  

Comment ID #14375

He never explicitly told her to kill herself but the sentiment was clear. He even literally told Sandy that Lucy should die. So he’s still trash. The implication was more than enough.

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #14376

Love that last panel! Such a good Lucy expression and line.


Comment ID #14377

Please hit him


Comment ID #14378

you first, mike


Comment ID #14379

Okay, so, I understand a lot of the hate twords Mike. And he does deserve it. But this sort of gives me the same vibes as the talk Paulo and Abbey had not too long ago. Paulo has been an ass to Abbey for most of the comic, which, along with some of his womanizing habits, made Abbey hateful and distrustful of him. But once they talked it out some and could empathize with each other a bit more, I doubt all the tension between vanished, but they stopped hating each other. If Mike can fess up and admit he's been a prick, he probably won't, and definitely shouldn't, get her forgiveness, but the healing process can start.

Daniel V Mitzel  

Comment ID #14380

This is certainly a chance for them to heal... but right now, Lucy doesn't know that Sandy has left Mike for someone else. She's in the reality where Mike wants to be friends again simply because he misses her, NOT because he lost Sandy. If she finds that out, will she think he's acting like this only because Sandy's out of the picture and he wants a "replacement" again? Keep it together Mike, it's a complicated situation here..!!

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #14381

Exactly what I was thinking!! I think it’s clear by now he genuinely misses her to us as readers, but the timing to go to Lucy right now .... is not good ..! Oh boy, oh boy.....


Comment ID #14382

so now he lost his imaginary girlfriend - and since its kind of clear mike and sandy haven't actually been in a relationship for a long time even if neither were willing to admit it, it did become an imaginary relationship, as Mike wasn't dating sandy, just a version of her in his head - he just wants lucy to comfort and fix things for him like she did when sandy left the first time, ignoring everything he's done to her?

like you've done so much more to perpetuate lucy's dislike of you than she has, Mike. you've been a complete ass blaming her for things when she hasn't even interacted with you, and your initially justified dislike got overshadowed by hate and conempt you've done nothing but perpetuate since she moved back and dared, Idunno, giving you what you claimed you wanted. but now your sad, she should just... fix things again?

that's cruel. thats cruel and unfair and just feels wrong.

like at this point, I honestly think mike might actually be the most legitimatly immature member of the cast, because hes stuck in that kids mindset of 'all or nothing. I can have one thing and thats all that matters'. it was lucy, then after the trip it was just sandy to the point of him being an ass to all his 'friends' because they werent sandy, and now sandys gone hes just transfering back to lucy and seems geniunely unaware the fact she hates him is, like, entierly of his own doing. I think that for all the childishness paulo can show, mike's the one that really needs to start growing up

but who knows if he will, I guess

Michael Joyce / BeigePaladin  

Comment ID #14383

On the one hand I’m Mad at Mike for his thoughtlessness... but on the other hand I want to see them both grow, and maybe this is what has to happen.

Bridget Kelly  

Comment ID #14384

Mike: Order Domino’s!

Lucy: How’s that going to help?

Mike: It won’t, I’m just hungry!

Lucy: ……….


Comment ID #14385

Omg lol what 😹


Comment ID #14386

Technically, his request has already been fulfilled.

Lucy doesn't hate him. She is rather afraid to trust him again.

And it takes a huge amount of time and hard work to fix anything in this situation. If she’ll let him.

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #14387

“I’m... I’m so sorry!!

I’m sorry nobody helped you! I’m sorry I wasn’t there!

But I’m here now! I’m...I’m here now...”


Comment ID #14388

“What am I supposed to do?” Nice callback. That’s a reference to when Mike rejected her way back when, for those who don’t remember.

Julien the Demon  

Comment ID #14389

Anyone else still remember during that trip mike was like being an ass. Then Lucy tried to change regardless of him not liking her. Mike told her horrible things about his friends? Then he said she or feel she's better off dead or something related to it. Then had the heart to play like SHE was a pest. But when she turned up again, she legit had growth then he started to act scared from her coming back when she didn't pay him no mind? Right? Normal teen shit right? Yea no? Okay so mike have to sit this out. Again like I said before. I looked back he legit was being okay to cool then bad then ugly then just horrible to Lucy. He was not just a two faced asshole. Yeah I hated she hit him and stuff but legit understand to me she only did it from her being around nothing but boys. She only did what she saw to me. She just a tomboy. That's what tomboy do. Now she got her growth to be what she's becoming. Mike gonna have to sit it out and talk about it once he's not emotional. Because this might be too much to handled with them being young. Plus he need his development of it. I hope his sister or mom talk to him after this. Because their probably worried like crazy from his room.


Comment ID #14390

Lucy is Top tier Waifu.

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #14391

UGH!! Mike, she is literally doing what you asked of her. She is leaving you alone, she is trying to move on with her life and find some happiness. How dare you try to make her feel bad and demand she gives you affection when YOU want it? Bullshit. I call bullshit. I hope Lucy either lays into him or Augustus shows up...or one of her brothers. Any of those options would please me.

Haley DeLoach  

Comment ID #14392

damn thats cringe

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #14393

Idk bout this one, Mike. Kind of manipulative and a lil cruel to go to Lucy after what you done to her and she had to work hard to leave you behind. Go to Paulo's house, apologize, n he'll help you through this. You literally made her feel worthless you don't have the gd right to guilt trip her now that you got your heart broke because she's what you know.

Really shitty that as soon as Sandy dropped you, magically, you stopped hating Lucy r__r

Outlaw Wanderer  

Comment ID #14394

oh so nowww you hate seeing her like this Mike, if i remember correctly you were just fine with her disappearing forever before.


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