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Veronica: One thing about writing Sandy that I LOVE is that she has a habit of naively, innocently… letting certain information slip. Just a little. To knock you back for a moment. To make you stop and go “.. wait, what?”

anyway RIP

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Comment ID #13936

Oh she did NOT drop that bomb and then hang up! Holy shit thats exceptionally shitty of her!


Comment ID #13937

Yeah but Mike was getting into the angry yelling part that no one wants to deal with. And he seemed like he wasn’t willing to let her go even though she’s done


Comment ID #13938

She didn't even have the decency to actually break up with him though! She just said sorry then dipped! Yelling or not, throw the break up in.


Comment ID #13939

That was the real break-up. That's how they sometimes go. Sandy is gone, and The Sopranos ended with a black screen. Forget about it.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #13940

Man, a hang up YY Mike lost a lot of friends defending her and she can’t even say when she started feeling the way she was


Comment ID #13941

oh this is some bad news bears


Comment ID #13942

Ok Sandy that was harsh. “It doesn’t matter. I’m sorry” then hang up. Wow. Yikes. School is going to be something else 😳

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #13943

What the actual fuck, Sandy

Nevyn Dunphy  

Comment ID #13944

WOW. Utterly dumpstered, I feel terrible for Mike even if I think he's been truly awful to his friends throughout all of this. He's been so in love with a childhood ideal that he couldn't see anything but that.


Comment ID #13945

Let's see where this spirals now shall we


Comment ID #13946

SANDY??? Gurl what are you doing!!! That's a terrible way to end this conversation!

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #13947

Well, at least it's over =/

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #13948

I'm so torn on how I feel right now... I do think Sandy owes Mike more of an explanation bc it's kinda shitty to just hang up on him like that. But also I know if the phone call continued, Mike would probably just keep hammering in that they can "fix it" and refuse to accept what's happening. I hope this isn't their last conversation with each other... screams


Comment ID #13949

And we're only half into the chapter ;_;


Comment ID #13950

Dadadadadada here it is~


Comment ID #13951



Comment ID #13952

Sandy that was kind of a bad move. You made a new love triangle and left emotionally starved Mike to the dust.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #13953

So not even given the courtesy of a clear, final "We're done" statement? Wow. How do you go from there


Comment ID #13954

Damn Sandy, cold as ice. She is weak and rude. If she ever cared about Mike she would at least listen to him and answer his questions instead of literally hanging up on him. I didnt like Sandy from the get-go but now I really think she deserves whatever harsh reality she gets with her modeling career. I hope she gets cheated on and her heart thrown away just like she did to Mike, with no explanation or closure 🧏‍♀️ good riddance


Comment ID #13955

Also, as I stated in the discord, this conversation would never have happened is Mike hadn't called her at 4am for her. She never would have picked up to tell him to stop if she hadn't have just woken up because she's been dodging his calls for ages. If she hadn't been out of country or wherever they would have continued as usual with their disaster of a relationship.


Comment ID #13956

Sandy is pure crap! How the hell do you throw something like that and then "why fix something so broken?" What the hell??? At least give him a proper explanation

Dayo Gonzales  

Comment ID #13957

She did though? She literally explained that she likes someone else now and that they're two different people. And everyone else has seen it for a LONG time. (Paulo and Lucy have been commenting on it for ages now) only Mike has been in denial. Everyone is making it sound like he called her up and she just said "Why fix something so broken?" and instantly hung up.


Comment ID #13958

The bandaid was ripped off hard on this one.

This is the best thing for them both. Maybe not the the way to do it....

She wasn't going to hear him out and he was not in the right frame of mind to hear her out.


Comment ID #13959

Wow... way to go sandy, you were right to call yourself a bad person. Good riddance, never liked her and maybe now Mike can finally get his life back on track instead of being used by her as a toy.

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #13960

Congrats Sandy you've been Promoted from jerk to Bitch. I'll reserve your spot in hell, I hope you rot.

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #13961

sandy fans where is your god now

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #13962



Comment ID #13963

Yeaaaah normally i would say horrible way to end a conversation. But I’ve tried ending relationships over the phone only to get verbally abused and having to deal with the crying like Mike is doing now. So yeah no. Hang up give him space to process. Cut contact because Mike is about to spiral and it ain’t going to be pretty


Comment ID #13964

Certainly harsh, but in the long run it really doesn't matter when it started. Knowing may have helped him untangle the mess a bit, or it might have given him even more room to argue with her and let him dig in even deeper. He'll only heal when he allows himself to fully let go. She is covering her ass, and avoiding being yelled at. Sandy shouldn't have just left him to spin in the wind for so long, he didn't deserve that. That said, I can understand why she did as an indecisive teen who didn't know how to feel, and she may not even full know exactly when her feelings started to change. However once you find yourself avoiding calls and texts from your partner, it is time to move on.

As hard as this is, she is right that it is for the best that this relationship is over. It was a toxic situation and bad for them both. Mike especially as he was letting his own life and school years slip away as he clung even harder to her. In reality, they were strangers to each other and lived very separate lives. Mike had been fixating on her to an unhealthy degree.

With time, he has a chance to reconnect with his friends and family. To repair the bridges he burned and learn a lesson about codependency. I hope he gets therapy as well.


Comment ID #13965

Absolutely agreed, on all fronts. It was terrible for them, and everyone around them, the way things were going. It's a relief to see it end. I hope he goes for therapy, too, especially since it will take time to get his relationships on the mend.


Comment ID #13966

I'm really not sure there's anything more Sandy could have said at this point. She answered Mike's questions, even this last one (to a vague extent) in the previous update, and keeping it that vague might have been for the best. The kindest thing she could have done was apologizing and ending the conversation there.

To my understanding, she avoided telling him anything in an attempt at shielding him from the damage it was going to inflict. She really does love him, and it still shows, even through this moment. It makes sense that she'd choose to cut the call short without giving the most damaging bit of information, there's just no need to take it that far. These poor kids...

Here's hoping Mike doesn't bottle this all up, I want to see him make it through this safely!!


Comment ID #13967

With how he has been, Mike is hard to feel sorry for, but have to feel sorry with how this turned out. It's a messy breakup, doesn't give closure, how it ended only opens up more questions. But at least she didn't turn the knife and go from Maishul to Michael in the end.

Almost with that line, makes you think there may be more going on that she let show before, but I think some of it, she's never seen Mike in the angsty angry mode, and her side of it also shattered there. It wasn't a calm discussion, and leaves no real closure. But even if she went and said "We should break up" or "We should take a break." It wouldn't be much cleaner with Mike at the moment. He's stuck in the cling mode and bargaining / anger mode. "We can fix it" not realizing that both have done things that can't be taken back now, and breaks trust in each other. After what she revealed, I think he doesn't realize he would have lost that trust in her he had before, and it wouldn't be the same after this anyway.

And besides, people change, people's needs have changed. Poor Mike was the one that stayed the same for Sandy's image, while Sandy's needs and image had changed (And nothing wrong with that people change). But really that isn't fair to say Mike didn't change, he changed in order to fit what Sandy wanted and liked more and more, like Video Games, hanging out with certain friends, etc. But maybe that's another reason why he's so much "We can fix this" because he's been used to changing to make Sandy happy for so long, now the needs are something he cannot fix anymore.

Now... who all is in this house to hear all that?


Comment ID #13968

Again, I don't wanna sound like a Mike Lover but in this specific situation, Sandy is WRONG no matter how you spin it. To not even answer his questions?? To give him a proper "we're over"? To simply hang up on him?? That's disgusting. What a horrible person. Mike has every right blow up at her like this. Yes, He's taking a lot of his frustrations out on her, but she is the cause of most of those frustrations so??? This is fucked up of her.

Grand Romantic  

Comment ID #13969

Yeah, she should have been much more clear an concise. But no matter what she said or how she phrased it, it was going to hurt him because he still wanted the relationship and she didn't.

Her "I love you"s should have been "I care about you and don't want to hurt you, but I don't have romantic feelings for you and it's become obvious that you need more from me then I can offer. I want to explore other relationships. " I think that's what she made hash of conveying. To be fair it is 4 am and she wasn't prepared to have this conversation. But she avoided this conflict until Mike forced it.

I don't blame him for his reaction or being angry or hurt. He thought he finally had a chance to reconnect with her and fix things and instead got this.

But honestly it's for the best this ended, even if Sandy made a mess of the ending. At least he knows.


Comment ID #13970

Are we surprised she just threw Mike away? Are we? She had no memory of Daisy, someone she spent a good chunk of her childhood with as well. She has a history of tossing people who are no longer useful to her aside. I just don't know what the excuse is supposed to be here for her other than she has no empathy and has never seen any real consequences for how she treats people.

Nevyn Dunphy  

Comment ID #13971

OUCH. While I’ve had some sympathy for Sandy in this situation I can’t really defend her not at least saying, “We are over. I want to break up.”

Not that Mike would have really accepted those either way...he’s desperate right now. :(

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #13972

lol damn, not even a solid "we're over" for the sake of closure? haha oh no


Comment ID #13973

"man good on sandy for just hanging up, not giving mike closure" lol what is up with yall

Justin N.  

Comment ID #13974

Never had a longterm relationship is my guess 🙄

Nevyn Dunphy  

Comment ID #13975

Like she doesn't owe him answers to ALL his questions, but she could at least TALK to him? A little? Hello?

Nevyn Dunphy  

Comment ID #13976

Sandy is definitely in the wrong. 100% for not having this talk before and everything she's done. But I can see why she would dip out of the conversation ASAP. Mike's yelling at her, being somewhat bipolar, and it's also 4 am where she's at. It's not right but i can see why she wanted out of the call as soon as she could. I just hope they clear the air sometime... In a healthy way

Emi Koizumi  

Comment ID #13977

Also, let's not forget that this is the first time she's ever seen him that way. He's completely justified in his feelings but this is coming as a shock. He's also not really listening to anything she's saying. He's trying to fix something that isn't even there. You can't have a rational conversation when one person is constantly yelling. Sandy also seems to be emotional too. I know we can't really see her, so it seems to come off as "cold" but the sobbing indicated that she also seems to be a bit of a wreck over it. I do hope that she calls to revisit this convo, once she actually isn't thrust into it and Mike has had some time to process all of these emotions and both can discuss this in a healthy manner.


Comment ID #13978

Or maybe she didn’t want to sit on the phone and get verbally abused because it was definitely heading in that direction. Yes she was in the wrong but she didn’t deserved to be screamed at. And even if she had told him it probably would’ve ended in him yelling more


Comment ID #13979

It wouldn't be fair to listen to mike talk to her after she threw him away. Just like how keeping mike around and not loving francis instead would be unfair to him!


Comment ID #13980

The biggest fucking /sarcasm in the world.


Comment ID #13981

Big ouch and F in chat for Mike.


Comment ID #13982

I can see why mike is so upset though like she finally talks to him after all this time and its to say i dont love you anymore and I haven’t in a long time like ouch i wonder how mike is going to deal with all this emotion now since his friends want nothing to do with him

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #13983

I was waiting years for this to happen. Mmmhhhmmm yummy sweat mike tears (pours a little salt) can I have a pint to go?

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #13984

I'll drink to that


Comment ID #13985

Man, the raw emotion in this page, Mike desperately clinging to his scarf... amazing job. I‘m genuinely feeling bad for the dude, this is utterly painful to watch.


Comment ID #13986

This is... painful, but it was going to be painful no matter how it went down.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #13987

Sooo satisfying that this is finally over. I've been in a long distance relationship before and I didn't even get a reason for the breakup. So at least Mike got that.


Comment ID #13988

I get the uncomfortable feeling that if they were talking in person, Mike may have possibly done something he would come to immediately regret. His fingernails digging into his leg until they bled is a very big nope from me.

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #13989

This is why I don't blame Sandy for hanging up. He's yelling at the top of his lungs here; yes his anger is justified but this isn't a productive conversation at all!


Comment ID #13990

F A T A L I T Y! On a more serious note, this page does a stellar job at conveying just how much pain Mike is in. Time to get a new scarf and new life, Maishul

Lillith With 3 Ls  

Comment ID #13991


As much as painful it may be for Mike I dealt with ending relationships over the phone and it's not pretty. Long distance relationships don't always work. Especially when you're young. Mike needed this wake up call. He's been holding onto a rope that's on its string and Sandy ends up cutting it because she knows it didn't work.

Sandy. Should've ended it months ago. She's not so innocent. She knew that him and her are two completely different people. She Should've said something during Halloween or...when she visited??? But that's my opinion.

Mike burned too many bridges and now he's going to be alone when he goes to school. It's going to be awkward.


Comment ID #13992

I wonder if her visit was meant to reignite her interest in Mike after her hair dresser's confession, or if she intended to end it then but lost her nerve.


Comment ID #13993

You're not wrong there, I forgot about that.


Comment ID #13994

Assuming he makes it to school


Comment ID #13995

Eh, she’s got a point.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #13996

Except she never told mike.


Comment ID #13997



Comment ID #13998

Though this is a pretty immature way for Sandy to act; can you also really blame her here? She got woken up at 4 in the morning, while jetlagged in a foreign country, to her (now ex? I guess?) BF yelling his head off. We're also forgetting that this is the first time she's ever seen this side of Mike before. It's perfectly justified for him to feel this way but I can also see why this is startling for her.

Everyone is giving Sandy a hard time but she's right. She and everyone else could plainly see that this relationship is not working and hasn't for a very long time. Only Mike has been oblivious to it and holding on to something that isn't there.


Comment ID #13999



Comment ID #14000

Sandy is a coward here. To not even give him a clean break is awful smh. Yes, Mike is yelling, but he's not being abusive, just angry and that anger is justified. He's not a good person right now, but he deserved better.


Comment ID #14001

He's angry, true, but remember that he's always been a "Yes man" to Sandy. He's never stood up to him before and she's never seen this side of him either. Coupled with it being 4 in the morning and her getting awoken while jet-lagged and needing to get up for work, I don't think either are mentally ready for this conversation. I DO hope that Sandy does call him back, while he has some time to process this information and she's more awake, and at least answers his questions properly.


Comment ID #14002

Agreeing with a majority of what others are saying. I mean Mike deserved truth and honesty. Sandy could have done better, especially if she cared for him as much as she claims to. HOWEVER. That karma for his behavior is so satisfying. Isn't it ironic. Don't you think?


Comment ID #14003

You could even say it's... Bittersweet. :)

Alec Emmerich  

Comment ID #14004

I'm voting for you for President.


Comment ID #14005

In retrospect Sandy sure had a lot to say about the people Mike spends time with, in comparison to how little she was even willing to share about her own personal life and struggles


Comment ID #14006

Yeah, she spent most of the time talking about herself. But it shows how far they had truly drifted.


Comment ID #14007

She barely did? When she met them in person she didn't even really know any of their names besides Lucy, and only because Mike was mentioning things like her giving him a bloody nose and such. This was also back in like... the end of middle school/ beginning of high school too. There is a big maturity gap between 14 and 17.


Comment ID #14008

And that's how the Mike X Sandy ship sank. Not with a bang, but with a click.


Comment ID #14009

This is really giving me flash backs to the chapter “after you”

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #14010



Comment ID #14011

For starters, I agree with all of the points "for" Sandy that have been stated (aka the 4am thing, it was broken a long time ago, etc), but the second she said "you're so unhappy right now," anything good I felt about her is gone. She is blatantly justifying her cheating by saying "well you're mad, so I guess I was right to cheat on you."

Now I really wish Mike called her out on her bs a long time ago. I hope this isn't the last time we see Sandy...I don't want her to just get away with this scot-free.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #14012

I really didn't expect any better from Sandy. After leaving Mike so attention starved for so long and investing her energy into someone else behind his back I'm not all that surprised that she'd end things with a click and no clean break. Mike is no saint and he isolated himself from his friends instead of trusting them and talking to them, but he deserved better than that. This will damage him for a long time. I don't know if he'll be able to fix the rift in any way with any of his friends but I hope he will at least learn from this and come out a better person that he was during the relationship. I hope Sandy will come to understand the horrible impact she left and will be willing to apologise for it so that they can both move on. I doubt it but I can always hope.


Comment ID #14013

Lol get rekt mike

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #14014

sandy fans and mike fans I'm holding you all up in prayer rn 😔🙏


Comment ID #14015

Guess she WAS a fake girlfriend after all!!!! Lol


Comment ID #14016

Like any relationship, before all the 'drifting apart', it all boils down to a breakdown in communication. Mike thought he could keep a relationship going simply in 'praise mode' and Sandy spent more time talking about herself than anything. Before Sandy started ghosting him, if they would have had healthy bi-directional conversations, they would have explored and discovered incompatibilities a lot sooner.

Justin Seifert  

Comment ID #14017

And now he has no one


Comment ID #14018

SO glad it's over.

Faith Gushing  

Comment ID #14019

So. The one they loved hurt them viciously. They felt like they lost all their friends. Then the ordeal ends unceremoniously as if their love never cared.


Comment ID #14020

We got half a chapter. The entire situation mirrors the past. The scarf he wore has now turned into bitter memories. I think Mike might not show up next chapter.


Comment ID #14021

The paramedic picking Mike off the ground: What's with this rooftop and kids jumping off it?


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