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Comment ID #15008

Man Lucy is really the bigger person here


Comment ID #15009

Agreed, grown up person, but my opinion still is that she should still keep her distance until Mike grows up and stops being such a child. Once he's proven that, maybe he should speak to her again.

Dayo Gonzales  

Comment ID #15010

Lucy's got experience dealing with this sort of trauma. And she hasn't recently been dumped. Of course she's the bigger person here. Why wouldn't she be?

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #15011

I’ve always been Mike x Lucy and I always will be


Comment ID #15012

I am absolutely loving this, I hope some genuine resolution comes from this!

There is no black or white in situations, it’s a whole lotta gray areas. They’re young kids going through big, heavy emotions. The growth here is so nice


Comment ID #15013

Lucy learned to take it out on inanimate objects instead


Comment ID #15014

Big, inanimate objects, covered with snow, that would-- wait, trees aren't inanimate, and that one's alive!

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #15015

K i c k i t , M i k e


Comment ID #15016

K͏̵i̴͢c̡͡k͞ ̀͝i͏̀͜t̷̡,̧̡͡ ̢͠M͏̸i͏̵̧k̡͠e҉̡


Comment ID #15017

K͇͇ͩͪͣͦỉ̼͇̩͉̟̬̾ͯͦ͛̌͠c̤̣̦͉̋ͤͥ͊ͤ́͠k̓̾̊ͯ͏͇͍͔̟͓̫͖͔́ ͉̤̣̫̤̜̋̓̀i̴̴̼̱̮ͬͬt̗ͨ̂̽́͌̌̓̿͜͝,̛̦̈́͆̓̎ͪͅ ̭ͯ͐̾̌ͫ̑ͮ̓Ḿ̔͋͋̇ͦ̌̎͏̼̙̞̹̰͈̀i͍͈̰͇̬̤ͮͬͬ̍̉̆̾̀̉k̢̠͍̠̩͔͎̱͕̂̔͋ͬ̅ͭ̚ē̩̆


Comment ID #15018

LOL, Lucy you're just full of surprises are ya? Makes sense that sitting under that tree was some sort of ritual to commemorate Mike's precious childhood memories but now those memories give Mike a bittersweet taste if not a more bittersweet taste before.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15019

I'm glad they're getting along I just hope he's genuinely sorry and isn't just saying this crap cause Sandy's gone..

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #15020

I just wanna see Mike destroying a bunch of trees now, Steven Universe style


Comment ID #15021

i miss them so much :(

Maevans Omi  

Comment ID #15022

Lucy, my dearest favorite, you're spectacular XD what a response.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #15023

Alright Mike time to play kick the tree

justin wells  

Comment ID #15024

Mike is so lucky to have Lucy around again!

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #15025

I was so worried things were gonna break bad after that last hug, like that Mike would pull smth stupid, but this seems...good???? lmao I was also wondering if Lucy was just putting on an act to get him to leave like she's done with a few of her other friends recently, but she seems...pretty genuine and engaged! like it's hard to say for sure of course, but so far this whole sequence has not gone at all like I thought it would!


Comment ID #15026

Kick it, buddy! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO


Comment ID #15027

It was ... unexpected O_o

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #15028

Heck yeah show your unhealthy coping mechanisms who's really in charge


Comment ID #15029

Yeah that's gonna hurt his foot more than anything.. But maybe that's the point?


Comment ID #15030

I adore the bottom 3 panels :3


Comment ID #15031

Kick it! Kick it really good!


Comment ID #15032

i don’t think this is entirely resolved but it’s such a relief to see them finally have a moment like this together again after a very long time..


Comment ID #15033

Kick it Mike, and we can start over.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #15034

right in its stupid face

Michael Joyce / BeigePaladin  

Comment ID #15035

It looks like Lucy is doing an "XD" face in the second panel. Upon closer inspection I realised it's Mike's whiskers.

Also hmm is this Bittersweet enough or are we gonna get some more drama tonight hmmmmmm HMMMMMMM


Comment ID #15036

The bonsai is next


Comment ID #15037

I rather kiss lucy. I know i'd get hit. but I'd Feel better.

Anthony Shelton  

Comment ID #15038



Comment ID #15039

if you're old enough to be a patron of an 18+ account, you're too old to be talking about kissing Lucy. just saying 😬


Comment ID #15040

Kick it Mike!!!


Comment ID #15041

I keep saying the same thing but Lucy is being so nice to Mike, it’s crazy sweet of her to do. I hope Mike can reflect on this once he’s calmed down and appreciate fully how much she HAS done for him.

Maybe we won’t get a full apology from him this chapter, but maybe once the misery of his breakup with Sandy has calmed he can reflect.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15042

I totally agree. I know some viewers want their apology NOW, but at the very least this chapter has about 20 more pages to go that they can look forward to. But you're right though, I think once Mikes emotions calm down he'll be able to think things through and will realize that a proper apology is in order. He already saw how he affected Paulo even before the break-up, so I know he is capable of thinking Lucy through as well once he processes everything from today. No matter what though, I can't wait to see what unfolds. :)


Comment ID #15043

Tree: I don’t have a stupid face!

Lucy: SHUT UP!!!!

Tree: Okay.


Comment ID #15044

This is a step.


Comment ID #15045

Its good to see some possible progress.


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