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kick em in the balls!

Airy Frith  

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I knew it! I freaking knew he was gonna do this....


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Oh dear...


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I hope not. This is really not a good situation and is not the time, nor place, to have reasonable and emotional conversation. Mike is breaking boundaries *hard* here.


Comment ID #14402

Did I say reasonable conversation? No. It's going to be a fucking mess.


Comment ID #14403

UGH I KNEW HE WAS GONNA DO THAT 😫 jesus mike!!!! what the hell!!!


Comment ID #14404

Whatareyoudoing? Whatareyoudoing?? MIKE ARE YOU NUTS?!

Well okay, he's very probably nuts at this point...


Comment ID #14405

Mike, what the heck are you doin'? I know you wanted to talk to her but don't go snatchin' her hand.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #14406

Queue the waterworks from Mike

Edit: Also note that the perspective shift seems to show Lucy looking down, so seems like Mike probably already crumbling/fallen to his knees and crying.


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Nothing like asking for sympathy from the person you DROVE TO COMMIT SUICIDE.

Faith Gushing  

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I think he’s either going to hug her or fall to his knees and/or yell something about how Sandy left him and start crying and she’s going to break down that wall she’s got up but that’s just because she looks like she’s getting cut off in the last panel so I’m just thinking what is it that Mike could be about to do/say that could silence her right now? Even in the midst of yelling “don’t touch me”, which is clearly her getting triggered from past assault.. not having the control over her own body. She haaates that shit. Always has. So I think the only thing Mike could do to cut her off while she’s yelling is to either hug her which I think might do something but might make it worse, or yell even louder about how Sandy left him.


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Well, that's to be expected. Moron.

Rockfur Fox  

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I feel like a large one-panel page is coming up next.

Jim Avery  

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He better not try and kiss her

Vee Momo  

Comment ID #14412

How Not To Petition Rebuilding A Burned Bridge: a 3000-page essay by Mike....

Ryuko DragonHalf  

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I know people have been rooting for them to resolve their differences, but even WHEN SHE SETS LOUDLY BOUNDARIES, he cannot respect them. He does not respect Lucy, and has shown again and again he cannot be trusted to act in a non-selfish way. Even in this very scene, he acts selfishly. If someone has to tell you not to touch them to get you away from them, *you* are the problem.


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dude you don't get to ask her of anything

Marcella Ash  

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Mike you're a piece of shet


Comment ID #14417

No no no no no no no Mike never ever do that! Leave Lucy alone!! Mike shouldn't get that last piece of dignity!


Comment ID #14418

Well Mike is off to a great start in arguing why she should even give him the time of day 🙄


Comment ID #14419

mike NO i was rooting for u!!! we were all rooting for YOU!!!


Comment ID #14420

Keep walking away Lucy!


Comment ID #14421

Yikes :o


Comment ID #14422

Paulo shows up and decks Mike


Comment ID #14423

please dont kiss her. I don't like how she was cut off in the last panel uuugghh


Comment ID #14424

I want them to make up but this is what he's being doing to her this whole time. He only wants her around when sandy f*cks off.. he has no right to even ask her to be there for him right now.. he needs to get help from his family.

Elizabeth Carroll  

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Yup, he always needed her when Sandy wasn't around. He just forgets that whenever she has needs herself.


Comment ID #14426

Mike: Hey Lucy I know I threw away your friendship, told people I wished you were dead, tried to isolate you not just from myself but also your other friends, and you know just tortured you in general despite being fully aware of the high regard you held me in until you were so torn down that you too started believing all the hateful vitriol I spat at you and convinced you that we all really would be better off with you dead that I'm sad, your support and comfort, is for me?? 👉👈


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I think that if mike tries to get her to stay just because sandy basically broke up with him its only going to piss lucy off. She had said over and over that mike only care about other people when sandy isnt giving him what he wants and mike denied it and treated her like crap for even calling it like she saw it if he really expects sympathy or comfort from her then he is crazy im sure she will probably just tell him he needs to get a life outside of sandy and go to his family for comfort because i just dont see her putting up with it she tried to help him with his relationship on halloween and he completely snapped at her for no reason that was his chance to try and be normal with her again and he blew it

Brittany ann  

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All I can think about is how Mike used to rip on Lucy for "rebounding" with Paulo. Here he is essentially doing the same thing to Lucy. I hope this makes him realize how cruel it was to guilt her for needing comfort, now that he's the one who needs comforting... 😑


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Ok well all sympathy I may have had for mike is evaporating again. Like you know what no wonder Lucy is prickly and a bit of an ass. We’ve seen recently that Lucy has a lot of trauma surrounding not just Mike but violations of her boundaries, especially physical ones. On top of this Mike is terrible with communication and boundaries as we’ve seen. Being mean and loud is probably the only way Lucy’s learned that her boundaries are going to be listened to. And once again he has violated those boundaries simply because he feels bad. He just wants to restart the cycle that she’s trying very hard to rip herself from. I really really hope she can get away from him in the next page, she’s been doing so well without this selfish asshole. And if she hits him again I frankly think it’s a little justified here. She’s telling him no and once again he’s not listening.


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Aw Sh** here we go again


Comment ID #14432

let me guess, he's is gonna hug her and say something like he's sorry... only for her to slapped the apology from his mouth.


Comment ID #14433

Boo you stink


Comment ID #14434

Ugh he cuts her off in the last panel while she yelling.. Either he'll simply be crying or he's going to force a hug


Comment ID #14435

Mike you had better let go of her hand RIGHT now. She is well within rights to shove you away, or worse. Don't. TOUCH. Her.

Lady Indigo  

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mike your next words better be "i'm sorry"


Comment ID #14437

Really hoping Mike doesn't mention Sandy and only speaks to Lucy to truly apologize to her. He had the guilt after finding out what really happened to her and it only increased when she returned. I just want them to be friends again :(

Noodle Cat  

Comment ID #14438

Yeah Lucy! Beat him up!

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #14439

I just...I know Mike has his own problems and breaking points like any other person; I just don't know if I will ever forgive him. Not just for the 'stuff' with Lucy but also with how he has treated anyone who has ever cared about him. For a while now anyone who tries to help or comfort Mike has just been abused by him, I am hoping this will finally put the nail in the coffin. Mike hasn't fully acknowledged how much of ALL of this was his fault, a situation of his own making. I want that concrete moment of 'Oh, I may have cucked up.' from Mike. I want Lucy to finally tell him in excruciating detail the pain and depression he put her through and how she had to fight tooth and nail to come back from it.

Haley DeLoach  

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You forgot an ear in the second panel.


Comment ID #14441

It's the angle


Comment ID #14442

If that was the case the other ear would be under the head and not poking out slightly.


Comment ID #14443

He's also holding the wrong hand in the bottom panels. In the second panel he grabs her right hand, but in the bottom ones it's her left hand sticking out.


Comment ID #14444


Mike: :)

Lucy: >:(


Comment ID #14445

Stop touching her Mike, that is not okay, respect her boundaries!


Comment ID #14446

oh fuck off mike. after everything you've done, you think this is allright now? because your the one who's sad?

you want lucy gone forever, you blame her for everything, except when shes convinent and now you want her to make you feel better?

wow I didn't think I could like you less

Michael Joyce / BeigePaladin  

Comment ID #14447

Let her go. she owes you absolutely nothing!


Comment ID #14448

Y’all are missing the big question here

Where’s her huge hammer gonna come out from, her pocket? The inside of her jacket? Or from thin air?


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