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Veronica: get rid of distractions, you say..

aww man, paulo is so happy for mike ;__;

Oliver: Everyone’s happy for Mike!

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omg the head ruffle is so cute lol


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this interaction is so wholesome but I AM RAGING TOO MUCH TO ENJOY IT

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #16777

Mmmmm yeah drama cats. Damnit, I really wanted to see Mike x Lucy but I feel like this is a permanent end to that ever happening. I hope it works out well for Mike with Sandy but I also hope he get a punch in the gut.


Comment ID #16778

“So much happier”


Comment ID #16779

Mike's gets cheated on and is ok with this. Mike the cuck.


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I don't know. IF Sandy was truthful during her conversation it sounds like she did catch feelings for someone else, But she also did turn down his advances but still did lean into this person emotionally because of the sheer amount of time they spend professionally and the stylist's shared knowledge of the industry they both share. Yeah, it was shitty of her but what we've seen and known of Sandy is that she is pretty much isolated due to her mom and can't easily make friends. Crushes happen. It's not something we can control but what we CAN control is our actions. She probably figured that this would go away but it didn't. I still think they should break up because it was so shitty of her to ghost Mike for so long but at least it seems that she is amending for her mistakes, implying that she fired her stylist, and is actively trying to repair it the relationship.

Meanwhile Mike legit just told Lucy that the scarf he wears as a gift from his girlfriend is really all about the color of her eyes and made out with her during the 30 minutes span he and Sandy "broke up".



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No, he said the first blue scarf that he picked out was to match Lucy's eyes.

The one he has now was given to him by Sandy to match her blue ribbon.

Kash Bran  

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taeshi somewhat confirmed that she did cheat on mike somewhere idr where but its been hinted that sandy did more than just catch feelings

fiona begley  

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This is the last straw with mike… it seemed like he was really willing to make up with Lucy but I knew the moment he kissed her that he wasn’t truly sincere because he was moving too quickly and now he’s gone and broke her heart again. I’m completely done with mike I don’t even care if he gets hurt anymore tbh

Elizabeth Carroll  

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Yeah it’s literally such a mind fuck. He just toyed with her feelings in his moment of need, as he has in the past tbh. And I don’t know how she would be able to just smile for him. I’m sure she wants him to be happy, she did the night before, but not if it means he’s just going to mess with her feelings, use her and cast her aside. It’s such an emotional roller coaster, but he seems to be fine with it despite what he puts his friends through.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #16786

That ain't gonna last long..


Comment ID #16787

🤦🤦🤦 Mike you moron. You used Lucy again as your security blanket when things weren't okay with Sandy, I doubt you'll get forgiveness this time.


Comment ID #16788

Someone besides Mike PLEASE look at Lucy... Dear gods


Comment ID #16789

I warned you about the Mikes Lucy. I told you Bro.

Felix Rodriguez  

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man.....I get how easy it is to get pulled back into a toxic relationship with grand promises of better behavior, but he's really twisting the knife for Lucy by gushing like this right in front of her ☹️ doesn't seem like it's on purpose, but still


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"...The worst"


Comment ID #16792

Lucy baby,, noo


Comment ID #16793

Part of me is glad Sandy is finally trying, the other part just feels bad for Lucy.


Comment ID #16794

Lucy just smile it off and try to forget what mike did. I know what he did sucks but..... It was the moment taking itself. I'm just conflicted but hoping things in the future progress better... Eh win some and lose some. Bet he won't tell Sandy he kissed Lucy tho. At least not for a while.


Comment ID #16795

Lucy speak up. PLEASE speak up.


Comment ID #16796

Also by "got rid of", does that mean she fired her stylist intern all because SHE caught feelings??


Comment ID #16797

I'm HOPING this means she just breaks it off with Francis

Would uber suck she fired him because they liked each other 😔


Comment ID #16798

It wouldn't be just because she caught feelings. She said he confessed to her some time ago and she rejected him initially but they spend a lot of time together since they work together and that's when she started reciprocating feelings.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #16799

Thrown a relationship myself over a kiss so I can't even be mad but life isn't fair, go to boiler room of heck mike. Dreading when they cut back to Lucy's reaction

Said VF  

Comment ID #16800

this is just sad lmao


Comment ID #16801

Well, maybe they both deserve each other. If she turned around that quickly to get back together, they apparently cannot do without the other (even though Sandy showed clearly she could). But hate to see if the girl wants something at the restaurant, changing her mind like that, you'd need to order a one of everything.


Comment ID #16802

Oof I am just bracing myself for the pain


Comment ID #16803

Lucy u can go burn that tree to the ground. it's ok. I'll be your alibi


Comment ID #16804

Team Mike x Therapy


Comment ID #16805

I like the panel of 'distractions' being focused on the crack on his screen. It speaks to me as symbolism that no matter how hard they might work at this relationship, that (and maybe this entire chapter) is always going to be a permanent mark on their relationship, whether it continues or they eventually end it.

I just feel super bad for Lucy that it ended up going this way. I hope they talk in some capacity? Like Lucy said, Mike needs to sort himself out. His relationship with Sandy isn't the only relationship he needs to have a conversation about.


Comment ID #16806

I'm so fucken depressed over fictional cats I want to crawl into a hole and just die


Comment ID #16807

Same! I’ve been reading for 10 years and I get so mad at Mike. 🤣


Comment ID #16808

mike little peace sign is SO cute but i cant even enjoy it this is so painful

Cat ✩  

Comment ID #16809

okay, you disappoint me so much, Mike!!! I put a lot of hope on the fact that you are evolving but in the end, no….. Very curious about what you saw and why you stop talking. Nothing else to say


Comment ID #16810

What's even the likelihood that Sandy truly wants to make things work with Mike and isn't just having a knee-jerk reaction because she feels guilty? Because I'm thinking......slim to none. What I'm less sure about is whether the next page is going to have Lucy back to pulling a stoic front or if she'll actually show how hurt she feels. Our poor girl :(


Comment ID #16811

I want Lucy to get mad and tell him to go f*** himself once and for all. I hope he no longer feels compelled to seek her as a friend since he treats her like 2nd place and as a backup to Sandy. It's gross. I think he just said he never used Lucy as a replacement for Ssndy but he truly did. His actions prove this point. He doesn't deserve her friendship or affection. No respect for Lucy at all 😥


Comment ID #16812

Ive been religiously reading this 10 years now. Everyday- no bs. Never have i ever been this disappointed in something. Not even December! Its offical, no take back, no turn back. Mike is even more and more of a loser bumhole. And I feel so passionate about this, I dont know why.

But Vero- suit... I love it.


Comment ID #16813

\o/ as a fellow long time reader I totally feel the same. I can’t wait for the omnibus to get sent out so I can reread everything from the beginning. I started like 2008 xD


Comment ID #16814

Man this sucks on every level. Obviously I feel for Lucy like everyone else does, and no person should ever be treated like a backup. But also Mike was extremely vulnerable as well, and since it sounds like he was treating this as another "bump" in his relationship with Sandy, he might view his and Lucy's kiss as "cheating." Which he already has quite a bit of a complex around. So there's that guilt on top of his guilt for everything he's acknowledged he's done to Lucy. And Sandy? I can't even get inside her head right now. Can she really set aside feelings for a person who's so physically close to her that easily? Seems like wishful thinking on her part 😥

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #16815

BUT HE WAS THE ONE WHO KISSED HER! he makes me so mad


Comment ID #16816

Oh for sure- if he does consider that cheating, he only has himself to blame :-) Lucy didn't initiate and she was the one to pull away! Just an incredibly stupid move on his part, and I suspect he's gonna recognize that reaaaaaal soon

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #16817

Can we just throw Mike into the dumpster? Please. I feel so bad for Lucy, she just got played with like a toy.


Comment ID #16818

To be honest, I wonder if mike even believes what he’s saying here. Does he believe it will truly be better? For some reason I get the vibes he isn’t convinced. 🤔

Not seeing Lucy in this page makes me feel a little ill to my stomach. Poor baby girl….

At least mike isn’t forgetting or ignoring what he did to her. You absolutely deserve to feel bad for this, man. I know he didn’t mean to, but he used her the exact same way he always has. :(

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #16819

I'm not mad... just severely and painfully disappointed.

Ryuko DragonHalf  

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