Eternal Flame — Page 14

Author commentary

Veronica: Sandy has learned what the kids these days call “cool slang”

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Comment ID #12777

sandy calling to dump his ass

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #12906

Pffft i want to feel sorry for you Mike....but I don’t. Enjoy the growing pains of heartache and consequences for past actions 😘


Comment ID #12907

Okay who is calling ? Paulo ?


Comment ID #12908

I thought so too til I re-read it and noticed how shocked his eyes looked, probably a different voice

Sarah Archambault  

Comment ID #12909

I mean sandy wouldn't say "yo, mike" anyways lmao

But would Paulo call him Mike ?


Comment ID #12910

Maybe it’s Lucy? As weird as that sounds she could be saying “yo” to signal how far away she drifted, and would explain the shock, since he’d never expect her to call. That would beg the question though, why would she call?

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #12911

I think it could be Paulo, yeah.

No one else would say that to Mike except maybe Sue.

He could be surprised because Sue is talking to him?

My theory about Alejandro being tied up in this could be a possibility, but he wouldn't greet Mike like that.



Comment ID #12912

Yashy would have said Flea i think ?


Comment ID #12913

Yes, I thought so as well.

But remember when we last saw Yashy?

She called him Mike.

In the chapter that he raced to the hospital to see Lucy and Lily stopped him at the entrance.


Comment ID #12914

Interesting that Mike responded as if it were Sandy calling, but isn't she already a contact in his phone? Mike's hurting bad if he's jumping at any random call... hope whoever's on the other line might talk some sense into him.


Comment ID #12915

It's Damnd from Final Fight, he's calling to tell Mike that him and his fellow Mad Gear buddies kidnapped Sandy.


Comment ID #12916

It looked like he looked at his phone screen before answering, so maybe it's a call from Sandy's phone but it's someone else talking??? Like Sandy's new bf????? If they went that route then that'd be SPICY


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