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This has to be a dream


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Like I’m calling it none of this is happening


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God I hope so

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

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It seems like, in general they’re both hurt, and there’s still work to be done.. but it definitely seems like Lucy’s at the very least okay with the kiss on this page. Love the serenity of it being a full page Taeshi Well done. Also As a full on MikexLucy from day one, this is a new phone wallpaper.


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One step forward, two steps back........


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One giant leap back. Off he top of a building.


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OH WOW. I knew this was gunna happen eventually but wow. They both need to snap back to reality.

Mimi Miki  

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Yeah, this can't be reality. It's got to be a trauma induced hallucination. I still support it endgame, but they have so much to deal with individually that this wouldn't end well.


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Shes about to push his face away. At least I think so


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I fucken love it either way


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Bro she has her eyes closed what you talking about?


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Some people snap out of kissing someone you never know. But again I love this 😍


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I think she's holding his face and was she leaning in?

I mean take two different positions while looking at her expressions, movements, and actions.

They are both very confused, (Mentally/emotionally/socially fucked up), hormonal teenagers.


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Caroline Rhea  

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No, no, no, no!!! Not the time, not the place! Not the right state of mind!

Hanna Sproul  

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The last several pages have felt SUPER wrong, no way this is real


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this can't be right....

Dayo Gonzales  

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Jonas Matias  

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Didn't Sandy and Mike break up like.... 20 minutes ago??? How?!


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I mean, they are hormonal kids lol.


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Probably a lot less than that! This is SO gonna bite them both in the ass!


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She's.. Shes kissing him back... I'm just in shock!


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Children I am disappoint

Jim Avery  

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The one time I hoped someone would interrupt a kiss... Besides Augustus way back..


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*white guy blinking gif*


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I dont even know what to believe anymore!


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Beautiful artwork! I’m a huge fan!

I’m less of a fan of these kids’ foolish choices right now 😫

Michelle M.  

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No. Nope. Nah-uh.

Courtney Staus  

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It finally happened. And I couldn’t be any more happier.


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If this is real it is a death sentence for this ship


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I was going to yell at mike but .. shes kissing back?? Shes holding his head??? Who initiated it?

Justin N.  

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That's going to be the new driving question for a while.

Phoebe Zeitler  

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Well this certainly feels rushed


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Interesting! I really do hope that they still talk things out though once hormones and emotions aren't at a high. I feel like that since things went a bit too fast that there's going to be some fallout involved. (or this is just a weird dream that one of them is having lol)


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Yeah, Mike shouldn't be kissing the person who beat the shit out of him daily and unknowingly guilt tripped him/emotionally manipulated for years.


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And Lucy shouldn’t be kissing the person who drove her to suicide and called her an unlovable parasite that nobody would be friends with - yet here we are.

Erin-Leigh Van Orden  

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As someone who’s read this comic for so long, I love this, even though it feels wrong

Gosh darn hormonally-charged fools


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As much as I want to root for this, realistically this shouldn't be happening. Its not even a week after Mike's rough break up and already they're sharing their first real kiss. I hope Lucy leaves a proper response after this. Other than that, YAY... to some degree.

Keyblade Dragon  

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Airy Frith  

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Okay, actually I totally approve the fact that it’s way too early but I feel like she seems to love it and that it’s not a bit forced like in Pillow Talk (Chapter 61, page 48, --> https://www.bittersweetcandybowl.com/c61/p48) where he holds his arms. This is, I find, really consensual.


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WHAT WAIT, I've just read the Veronica's comment on the P48C61, "what’s with that arm grab Mike!!!! Not even a hug?!?!?!?!?", that's a pretty cool coincidence


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People in the comments forgetting this comic was about MikexLucy from day 1 lol


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I've thought so but I had my doubts.

Keyblade Dragon  

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fair, but the comic has grown out of what it started as/what it was originally intended for in many other ways And even Mike x Lucy fans should be able to recognize that this probably isn't a super positive moment considering the situation and consequences 👀💧


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Yes, and a refusal to change endgame based on character growth to force a ship is how we ended up with the abysmal ending of How I Met Your Mother.


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Mike x Lucy otp lmao


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Hell yeah. That's what I needed today

Sam Carlucci  

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The Masterpiece  

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Sai Santoso-Miller  

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Oh. Well, this will either be very very good or is going to end in tears and mourning.

Place yer bets!

Phoebe Zeitler  

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The worst decision anyone has made in bcb history right here


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ehhh, destroying the bridge with Mike & Lucy still on it in the vacation and getting Mike drunk when Alejandro showed up are both pretty up there

Leroy Fontaine  

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I've seen some far worse decisions, a few of them involve alcohol. What a coincidence.


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…dammit Lucy.. 😞

Elizabeth Carroll  

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Poggers, been waiting like 10 years for this

Jordan Isaacs  

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Mike has to take care of himself too.

Why does nobody remember what Lucy did to him, or the fact he's at his lowest right now. >:[


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I think that I 100% forgot that since the story has been putting blame on Mike since Lucy left. They both still got growing to do before this can be ok.


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I came back for this. Must say... It was a lot of years worth the wait.


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This brings me great joy and deep deep concern

justin ODell  

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I'm so worried but also I do want this as a poster on my wall 🥺

Aussie Armstrong  

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There is no way they are both going to feel okay with this tomorrow.. what if Sandy calls back and regrets her decision to break up. Yall really think Mike ISNT going to waver and maybe decide to get back with Sandy??? Then what about Lucy? He tells Lucy "that kiss was a mistake, I was emotional. Yada Yada excuses.."

Lucy was so mad at Mike and has been keeping her distance only to let him back in again and she's the one who is the rebound.... not even an hour after Mike just was broken up with... if he hurts her again I just... I guess I'll just watch and be sad in the corner.

I used to be fully supportive of MikexLucy years ago but its just so ... weird to see them like this now.

Still love the comic, love the art, the story keeps me coming back!


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Hate it here 😭 /joke, I love this comic so much but these DARN KIDS PULLIN AT MY HEARTSTRINGS


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:/ oof


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I was hoping Mike would kick the tree. All that snow would come down on his head! :D But the story isn't over yet...

Dave Ostroske  

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I have no words. I just...I just...I .... I can't .Sorry i can't. Woow

Felix Rodriguez  

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Chloe Fowler  

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I don't really like this cliche where the girl will say "No" multiple times, show she is clearly uncomfortable, push the guy away but gets suddenly into it as soon as he leans in for a kiss. This used to be very dominant in the 80's (Think Indiana Jones) and I thought maybe we've started to phase out of that, but nope. It still exists. It encourages the thought of "No secretly means Yes." and that women all really want it. I just... don't know how to feel about this page.


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I think you're reading to much into it, while she's clearly flustered when he starts talking about the scarf she definitely didn't say no.


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Yeah I agree. All of their physical interactions since he found her at the tree have been characterized by her trying to stop him from touching her, and him ignoring her. It irks.


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I'm also super squicked out for the same reasons, but I don't think the takeaway for the audience at the end of the chapter will be that Lucy wanted it all along and that this is an okay/healthy situation! if I know Taeshi's writing, this kiss and Mike's overall behavior towards Lucy in this chapter will have consequences


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Agreed. The last page, Lucy looked miserable when Mike leaned in. This whole chapter has been mike chipping at Lucy saying no, until she breaks down and humors him. I don’t love the writing here. Sure the emotions could be realistic, and Lucy has her faults. This could be a weak moment for her, but what was the point in Lucy’s character development in being able to distance herself and know theres more to life than a boy. Hope to see that side come out more.


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Yeah, why is this "good," when everybody, including Lucy, said it was bad when Augustus did *the exact same thing?*


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She literally screamed "Let go of me!" a few pages ago...


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You guys are crazy! Once Mike tells her he and Sandy are splitzees, she never says not to touch her or anything like that. She's finally got hope! She lets him hug her several times. She's been wanting this for so long! She was hiding and trying to keep it down to meet his wishes so she could at least be around him and try not to be so dependent (his main complaint). She's still a little wary of the hope because she still doesn't want to seem needy, but once he starts confessing and CLEARLY indicating he wants her, she is free to hope and give in to her dream of being with him. She only objects to being touched when she thinks he's still with Sandy.


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Yeah, it's creepy. Lucy seems okay with it atm because that's kinda her, and also MIKE, but like... yikes. Without the context of their past it's very much that trope.

Leroy Fontaine  

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@GoGoRainbow on page 39 she LITERALLY screams "Don't touch me!" Just because Mike and Sandy broke up doesn't mean it's suddenly okay for him to break her boundaries.


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@rainbow, yo maybe don't call folks crazy for having a different reaction to a drama webcomic ? readers can disagree without being disrespectful to each other


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Hey buds, hugs are NOT consent for kisses and she said before to let her go and assuming that is tied to his relationship status is kinda bogus imo. Her face is clearly distraught and this is dubious at the best, even at their age.

Daryan Nolan  

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I wrote a huge response to this. It deleted itself. So I'm just going to paraphrase.

Lucy abused mike too, they both got their mental, social, and emotional growth screwed early in life, and Mike's not the "huge big bad abuser who manipulated lucy." Nor is Lucy the "Uwu soft innocent girl who did nothing wrong."

This could end well still, but it would be very inadvisable for two victims of abuse from each other (and others) to come back together this way.


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I'm pretty sure her uncertainty isn't the kind of uncomfortableness you're imagining. Her expressions are certainly a lot more complex than "no I hate you" or "No this is wrong". Closer to "Holy shit you're in a bad state" imo. Also complex and unresolved feelings from both of them.


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please say sike


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I- Inm gonna plug my eyes out


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Steven Pope  

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I don't understand.... why lucy No?

Laura Guzmán  

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Oh dear... I knew it wasn't just going to be forgive and forget


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YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!! I have been silently logging my predictions for this chapter, and it has been so SO rewarding to watch their emotional conversation, the twists and turns, it actually has gone better than i expected, and ! i was hoping they would not be able to just walk away from each other casually in the end - and! i am SOOO excited by this page, it's GREAT! i love it!! I've been a little sad seeing so many people saying this is creepy or weird, because, it perfectly encapsulates the pure concentrated HS drama of BCB to me! I love it so much, it makes me nostalgic almost. Whatever happens now, I am all for it :D

Bird Bell  

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But is is creepy and weird :/ their story is fucked up and this screams “when a girl says no it’s actually yes” and Mike being 10000% selfish, again


Comment ID #15730

i think their relationship has definitely been tumultuous, but i guess i think it is a bit excessive and reactive to say it's all really creepy, haha?

i don't think the story is trying to say that no means yes, as lucy has established her boundaries well before this with how much she has not been giving mike her time, and we the readers understand mike has been the more emotionally charged one in a rut right now. he's been damaging his friendships, crying from loneliness, waiting on text messages, struggling with wanting to talk to lucy again but having frustration with his own self righteousnes... we understand he is not "in the right" here,

He is certainly being intense by how much he is grabbing lucy and not wanting the interaction to end, but I think it makes sense (from his POV) that he is so desperate, since he just lost this relationship with a girl he invested a lot in. The reason Mike even pushed Lucy away in the first place was because Sandy had built him up to feel like this was important for him to put his foot down and stop allowing (perceived) unacceptable behavior happen to him. it is painful to then, later, hear that this person that encouraged you to cut off this tie, and also subsequently have defended and argued with other friends over, is now leaving you behind. right now, i think he sees as this moment with lucy as something he cannot let slip away.

Also, Lucy changed her tenor once she realized that he was out here because of sandy. Lucy understands that sandy is a big deal to mike, as she is a person he has admired and looked to for years, someone lucy has felt jealous over even -- so seeing that it ended poorly for him, of course she feels a lot of sympathy. Empathetic pain for what he is going through. A reasonable amount of empathy, i would say, since lucy isn't letting mike just walk all over her...? She even balks when mike implies that she would enjoy rubbing this in his face, it is bothersome for her to be seen as that petty! Overall, she's just hearing someone out amidst their crisis, and it's like being the bigger person to do so instead of chew him out and leave him crying like he did her, back in December..

And then, being told a very sentimental detail about how he has been thinking about her all this time.. it is overwhelming to hear, for someone who has already mentally "given up" on this "being" anything. She's being built back up.. it's complicated!

i'm rambling but, i say all to convey how I don't think the emotions are so cut and dry; i think they are two teenagers struggling with their individual feelings for both one another & the circumstances around them. It's not so simple as "mike is being entirely selfish and bad" and "lucy is just letting this happen to her with no resistance". that's how i see it, at least ^^ (i hit enter too soon, sorry to edit this into a very long comment..)

Bird Bell  

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when i saw your avatar i knew you’d be a good one, bird bell

Veronica and Oliver  

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-!! I'm so flattered... thank you! and thanks for your hard work <3

Bird Bell  

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I mean, you're right. It's way more complex. But at the end of the day this chapter still reads (so far) as ignorant that "no means no". I'm just looking forward to the emotional fallout of all this, as without Lucy's past of beating Mike up this is probably not far off from how Alejandro kept Melanie involved off-screen. Seriously. I've heard a lot of stories that play out like this chapter has from severe abuse victims who still think their partner at the time loved them, despite ending up almost as badly as Abbey's mom. In Lucy and Mike's case it might not go that far since Lucy's way more cognizant of physical abuse these days, but this was textbook emotional manipulation (which the manipulator doesn't have to realise that they're doing to still be guilty of doing.)

Yes, Mike's in a bad space right now. He was in a bad space when he slammed Paulo's head into the table, too. Being in a bad space, while an explanation, isn't an excuse.

Lucy's her own character, free to do as she wills. But unless Mike gets built back up, this is 99.9% likely to end badly, and we, the audience, are free to express our concern for the characters, fictional as they may be. I reserve judgement on the chapter until the end of the comic, but so far the layout is romanticizing the whole interaction which is suuper sus. The color palette is really cold though which so far has mostly meant "BAD" so I'm optimistic that this will just be another part of this master-crafted rollercoaster.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15734

Hm, your reply is bringing up this other issue i have with a lot of replies...

where i feel as though the word "abuse" is being flung around quite frequently, and extreme comparisons are being made... about something that just doesn't feel all too different from an expected degree of 'drama' between former friends in HS? i think this is where i'll be widely disagreed with, and i'm fine with that, but i'd like to say my piece about it.

i think 'abusive' is an unnecessary term to describe mike and lucy, in either direction. i do think that mike has behaved inappropriately, and has lashed out unnecessarily, and it would even be fair for lucy to not forgive him and keep her distance. but i don't think they were ever in a relationship wherein mike held power over her and used it to harm her repeatedly.

the comparison to alejandro feels very extreme... erm, if i am being frank, it feels very excessive to compare someone who would physically assault those around him, and threaten°rade them... to childhood best friends who had a falling out...? actually, i do not even understand how Lucy's past issues are what make the comparison not applicable, i'm just overall confused by this. Mike and Lucy feel sentimentality and preciousness over one another, at various points in the comic. i don't think you could remotely ascribe that much between alejandro and melanie, from the glimpse we see into them.

anyways, i simply disagree that this is all "textbook" manipulation. right now, yes, he is trying to illict a very specific emotional response from her, but I still wouldn't even deem that as abusive, inherently...? because this is happening during a very specific moment of extreme distress. this isn't indicative of a greater pattern of mike forcing lucy to stay with him and physically comfort him? nor has mike been repeatedly deflected from things like this. actually, recently, he's really been ineffective in getting responses out of lucy, and his attempts at simply guilting her or accusing her of things has not been working.

even if manipulation can be unconscious, i think something can be emotional hurtful between people without it being manipulation. it can even be extremely hurtful! and end poorly! and take a toll on your mental health! but not be abuse. abuse is very specific...?

I agree that understanding the behavior is not excusing it, i don't excuse mike for what he did in that scene, nor do i think he is acting with a right mind here. but in that case, it doesn't have to be excusable to be enjoyable to watch unfold~

i'm not here to speak over the experiences of others, but i want to draw from my own when talking about this. i actually went through something very similar to this in HS, and those memories are on my mind as i read these pages. and while i also think the words "romanticize" and "sus" are strange to apply here, i think even if it *was* the case, i really don't mind! because... it's more fun than reality, to me, where events have to end poorly. the power of art is that it can be transformative, and make an experience that would be unpleasant to live through, be tantalizing! like listening to a really powerful song about a bad relationship, or reading a novella!

to me, i can see the many ways this story ends in situations much more positively than an abuser and their victim. i look forward to seeing the next updates, thusly. i agree, you're all free to voice your opinions on what the comic is doing, and express your concern... as much as i'm free to be excited by it and enjoy it! :3 and i love what it is doing. :D

Bird Bell  

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What's really concerning is that someone can see Lucy beat up Mike for years, Mike calls Lucy an unlovable parasite, follow her home multiple times just to instigate screaming at her, and then totally ignore her boundaries when she days not to touch her and somehow it isn't seen as abuse. They have both abused each other. What *would* you call abuse if not intentionally physically and verbally tearing someone else down?


Comment ID #15736

Yeah I worded things poorly and went overboard. Got my own things going on and somewhat triggered myself. I wildly overreacted and I apologise for that.

That said, I still stand by the sentiment of my comment. I referred to Alej since he’s the comic’s resident domestic abuser, but it’s more in reference to IRL domestic abuse. I know people who were beaten to death’s door because when their partner wasn’t exhibiting their “temper”, they’d have “sweet” (read: manipulative) moments like this that would start by freaking out, convincing the victim to comfort them (which would lower their guard), then springing affection on them. I’ve taken care to not say Mike *is* an abuser, but the patterns he’s displaying are of someone sliding into that role; and those who fill that role *are* still human even after all they do, often not even 100% aware of what they’re doing.

What I meant was that there is a LOT of history behind these two that most relationships with this event don’t. It’s much harder to cut-and-dry place warning flags on Mike’s behaviour because of that.

Manipulative =/= abusive necessarily. It’s in the larger context that I see warning signs for the potential of abuse, which is why I brought up the Paulo head slam. While it has all been related to Sandy and *could* just evaporate with her out of the picture, it’s a recent pattern of violence at the drop of a hat, which doesn’t usually just go away. Especially since he’s shown that this lashing out is how he reacts to stress.

In regards to a pattern, this is absolutely part of one. He’s spent the entire time since Lucy returned fixated on her, attempting to get a reaction from guilting or accusing her as you put it. The way he’s been seeking out conflict with her, particularly prior to Halloween, is borderline stalking. This is the first time he’s managed to get a reaction, and there’s nothing to suggest he has the emotional maturity to not treat this kind of event as the best way to get her attention.

In the end though I see we agree: let’s see how this all plays out. My worries were about this chapter if it’s taken out of context, because I can see it normalising or even romanticising the behaviour that Mike’s exhibiting, which, again, removed from the characters’ pasts, is in extreme red flag territory (which *is* just a red flag, not a guarantee of danger.)

If it was basically anyone other than the person they’ve been best friends with since kindergarten, I would hope for their sake that anyone experiencing an event like this one - even if they do have a mutual crush going on - would see it as a huge red flag, because IRL this doesn’t usually end well, and quite often ends at a hospital or cemetery.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #15737

[? i don't see my last comment, IDK if i accidentally deleted it or it was deleted, but i think you are replying to it...?]

anyways, i am sorry to hear that you were feeling triggered... and i apperciate the apology, but if things are getting that out of hand, i think it would be best if the discussion stopped here. ^^

especially since, if you were trying to bring up Alejandro to link to the topic of IRL domestic abuse... I don't um, wish to discuss, IRL domestic abuse as a broad topic!! I think it is difficult to address IRL anecdotes that relate to domestic abuse, hospitalization, and death... amidst character discussion.

by all means, stand by your comments, it's fine by me, i am not here to change anyone else's opinions.. merely discuss my own o3o;;;;

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #15738

Lucy is free to do what she wants. Except physically abuse people, refuse to take no for an answer, randomly show up to people's houses, try to stalk people, cling to others, emotionally dependent themselves on others and make them feel bad for not reciprocating.

Wow it's.. Almost like Lucy abuses Mike just as much as Mike abuses her? It's like something happened early in Lucy's life that made her so abusive and extreme" tsundere" that physically assaulted people constantly, and something in Mike's life that soured his view of certain things about lucy...

Every time I am reminded that "Men can't be abused" is a very widespread and very real mentality. Nobody stuck up for Mike calling out Lucy literally kicking him so hard in the shin he bled, or giving him punches that made his nose bleed, or her emotionally dependent behavior. But now that Lucy is calling him out on telling her this in this awkward moment, everyone rallies and says she's the victim in everything.

They're both emotionally and mentally fucked up and are both victims and abusers to each other.


Comment ID #15739


“follow her home multiple times just to instigate screaming at her”

I’m curious: When did Mike actually follow her home just to instigate screaming at her? He certainly stalked her multiple times but I don’t recall him actually instigating screaming like that? At least not post “Love Again” when Lucy comes back?

Here are the times I can remember him prolifically stalking her:

Unspoken Rule: (c96/p24) He stalks her home, and he apologizes and wanted to talk things out in which Lucy lays down the law and didn’t want to have said discussion because wow Mike that is not how things work. He doesn’t start yelling until Sandy is mentioned pages later, which is his well known sore spot. I really don’t think he had the intention of screaming at Lucy when the conversation was initiated, so no instigation.

It’s All In The Mind: (c103/p11) Mike stalked Lucy home after TaeKwonDo class and was hiding in the bushes, and when he was found hiding in the bushes he was going to leave without a fuss until Daisy piped up out of nowhere. He actually doesn’t talk otherwise so no screaming here.

Witch Hunt: (c105/p24) I don’t think this technically counts? But..Mike was actively avoiding Lucy and co. until Paulo literally dragged him over to the group and anchored him there. Mike doesn’t start screaming at Lucy until she speaks up and talks about Sandy. Which really sucks because she had legit advice for him and his relationship and didn’t deserve the backlash. None the less, him screaming at Lucy wouldn’t have happened if Paulo hadn’t forced the two within ear shot of each other. (Mike is still wrong for doing it, though)

The one time I can think that Mike tried to instigate maybe would be during dodgeball? Kind of? During Unspoken Rule: (c96/p18) Mike yells at Lucy because he believes she’s playing a manipulative mind game. He certainly let his emotions and assumptions about her fly there and Lucy didn’t deserve the brunt end of that internal rage.

In any case though, no matter how you cut it Mike should have respected her well established boundaries and never stalked her around no matter how badly he wanted to patch things up. He might have meant well but his execution definitely deserves the criticism. In any case, if I am missing anything please let me know. I might have forgotten a time he stalked Lucy home especially before Lucy came back in “Love Again” because my memory is fuzzy of that era in the comic. I really don’t want to come off as ‘cherry picking’ my citations just to try and prove my perspective, I want to make sure my canon facts are straight. I am also not trying to detour this important topic of abuse from this discussion, I just thought this was a particularly interesting piece of the discussion to focus on.


Comment ID #15740

I used to be Mike ×Lucy. I did. But this isn't it. This isn't the time, this isn't the place. And it just makes my heart hurt because it isn't right.

Lady Indigo  

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i don’t know whether i should be saying “mike, no!” or “lucy, no!” or “veronica, no!”


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Well i was way wrong about her slapping him across the face i have always been a MikexLucy fan but this feels so wrong

Brittany ann  

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Yes! This was it. The moment we waited years for.


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Outlaw Wanderer  

Comment ID #15746

Robert Freeman “Then they lived happily ever after.”


Comment ID #15747

Edit: after having thoughtful and respectful conversation with other fans, I am calmed and ready to see where this goes!! If this is going the way I think it's going, I may have to take a break from reading for my mental health

I've been reading BCB for a decade now, and it's been one of my favorite webcomics of all times. It's a really well written story with genuine characters. When they do something fucked up, I remind myself that they are just kids finding their way, and I love them

But this?? I can't feel comfortable with it. Mike pushed Lucy to try to commit suicide. That's HORRENDOUS. And now only a year after that, they're kissing?? She forgave him for that?? And if she forgave him for that, it's possible he could take advantage of her again, and again

I've been in this situation. I have fallen for people who abused me, and was brought back easily with a simple monologue. There's still 12 pages left, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this'll turn into a dream, or instant regret, or anything other than them getting together

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15748

And before someone says "he never told her to kill herself" you don't have to explicitly say that to cause it. Lucy was a very difficult person, but she didn't deserve to be told that she was hated and would be abandoned by all her friends

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15749

This is probs really over dramatic lmao I've had a bad week

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15750

No, I agree. This entire situation is disgusting.


Comment ID #15751

Ok phew glad I'm not the only one who's upset with this

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15752

Yeah, buuuuut, the last thing he did before she attempted suicide was to come to her and say he shouldn't have yelled at her and said all those things and they could try to talk and start over. It was the fact she was being forced to transfer schools right after getting what she wanted that drove her to it, it seems, if you read that rooftop chapter again. Mike isn't a thoughtless chronic abuser, this happened due to a lot of complicated emotions dealing with an emotionally dysfunctional girl and he regretted it very much in the end. *shrug* I'm a big fan of Taeshi's writing and think she puts a lot of thought into little things that reveal a lot. Its hard to see it all when its so spread out (like you said reading over a decade, and like barely 3 years have passed). Maybe try rereading the whole thing and see how it feels before you quit =*


Comment ID #15753

"What does it matter? What's even the point? I'm a parasite. That's what I am. Nothing. Nobody cares about me. Nobody likes me. Everything will be better without me"

I paraphrased some ((mostly cause I didn't wanna type that much lol)) but those were ideas put into her head because of his actions. I do wanna say that I forgot to mention in my original comment is that Mike is NOT a blindly abusive person. Lucy defs pushed him into a corner many times. But what he's doing still isn't okay

Another big thing is that this has been his solution to sandy problems since he had known her. He wanted sandy, but when she wasn't available, he jumped to Lucy. It's selfish. Like I said, they are just kids trying to figure it out, and I still love them. But the way this interaction is going is making me WILDLY uncomfortable

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15754

Real quick I'm really happy that we fans are mature enough to have conversations about opposing matters and opinions in mature and respectful ways!!

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15755

Esinololly is a hero.


Comment ID #15756

Can I just chime in and say that you guys are some of the best people I have ever seen when it comes to discussion and disagreement on the internet. Never once disrespecting each others’ points of view or getting personal. It’s just so refreshing to witness a mature discussion like this :)

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #15757

oh no did I accidently delete my own comment? RIP


Comment ID #15758

I figured I’d go ahead and rewrite my comment because I seemed to have deleted it. I am sorry if i missed anything from my original post:

First and foremost you have every right to feel that way with how this interaction went! In fact, from what I see in the comments only a minority of people didn’t feel some sort of negativity towards it, even people who ship these two themselves! You are absolutely valid in your feelings and experiences.

On a similar note, I wanted to take the time to talk about the fact that Lucy was showing signs of being suicidal even before Mike yelled at her in December. In c68/p10 she asks Augustus on how he coped with rejection since she felt that she was “about ready to give up on everything”. August then gave her a stern talking to and challenged her on how she “wanted to die just because some stupid kid wouldn’t return her feelings”. At this point in the story Mike was actively trying to cut her out of his life and pushing her away as if she was a burden for like months now, so that is definitely a part of the driving force that made her want to commit suicide. This is all before he snapped and yelled at her, and called her a worthless parasite. (c63/p2 is a VERY good example of him pulling that fuckshit)

But now I can’t help but wonder: Would Lucy have actually attempted suicide if Mike didn't want to start things over, or if she didnt have to move away? Before the play happened she was on board with moving away and even wanted to leave the day after Sues play. She even went to the lengths of doing something sexual with Paulo because she wanted to “tide him over”. (c97/p20) She was ready to go!! However, when Mike wanted to talk about things and perhaps even start over after the play (the day before she moves), that is when shit seems to hit the fan for Lucy. In c95/p33 her thoughts leading up to the attempt itself started with the fact that Mike finally wanted to talk about things with her right before she had to permanently leave. Perhaps this is because she really did want to start things over but now there is no chance to have her best friend back? After a pause and sobbing, her turmoil leads her thought process into her (unjustly) telling herself that she really was a worthless parasite and that no one would like her in her new place. She didn’t see the point in anything anymore because she is worthless and would just push everyone away anyway. Her thoughts boiled down into the things that Mike yelled at her during December.

However, even if Lucy didn’t have to move, I feel that “starting over” with Mike would have been extremely rocky and her life would have continued to be hell. At the time Mike wouldn’t have had the maturity nor self-awareness yet to stop pushing her away...Probably. Unless Sandy intervened and told him to stop being a dick to his friend AGAIN. Sandy was right in that Mike deserved to be treated better and to stand up for himself, but good god did he misinterpret that and amp it up to 100 for no reason. Dumbass, LOL.

That being said!!!! I also can’t help but wonder how differently things would have been if Mike hadn’t disintegrated their friendship like he did after not returning Lucys love confession. If he continued to be sweet and supportive of her and not shove her away at every chance he got. It had the potential of being a win/win as Mike could continue his relationship with someone whom he thought he was in love with, and Lucy got to have her best friend (whom she trusted waaay too much tbf) Lucy was undoubtedly envious of Sandy, but she actually encouraged their relationship as long as she still had Mike in her life. (one of many examples: c91/p22) it would only be a win/win though if Lucy genuinely treated Mike better though, of course.

That all being said, I really hope I’m not coming off as “Lucys suicide wasn’t Mikes fault!” or that I am on Mikes side or anything. I just feel that Mike being the driving force behind Lucys suicide attempt was more than just him yelling at her in December. Her situation is just much more complex than that and i felt it deserved to be talked about more in depth! They were in an overly codependent relationship that was just so doomed and unhealthy. Lucy should have never been told she was a parasite and that no one loved her.

SO! if there are any fallacies in my line of thinking, lemme know! I might also be missing chunks from my accidentally deleted comment too and i am sorry about that. My memory isnt the best. OTL


Comment ID #15759

You made some really good points that I hadn't thought about!! I'm glad that we had this dialogue and it was respectful!!

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15760

Thank you for letting me discuss such a sensitive topic! I feel that everyone definitely has a good reason to feel the way they feel/opinionate about this drama comic and so respect and empathy go a long way!


Comment ID #15761

Didn't Lucy also physically abuse him to the point he bled multiple times and also refuse to let him be about his girlfriend and clung to him like a emotionally dependent partner. He wasn't trying to drive her to suicide, obviously, given his huge moment of regret and grief. But right now I think it's important to think about how they are BOTH abusers, and both the victim of abuse.

Saying he "Took advantage" when he resented her constantly clinging to him for months before he told her off seems like a real misconstrue of the story here.

Which makes this all even worse. They're both mentally fucked and have been strained due to issues with their social skills for YEARS.


Comment ID #15762

(Insert Michael Scott "no" meme here)


Comment ID #15763



Comment ID #15764

Lol this is so dramatic. Love it!

Noodle Cat  

Comment ID #15765

Who's Sandy again?

Red Marine  

Comment ID #15766

Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES!


Comment ID #15767

The Mike X Lucy Ship: I live...again!


Comment ID #15768

AHHHHHHH!!! Can't wait for the drama at schooooool hahahahaha. Back when Lucy confessed and every one was mad Mike rejected her because of Sandy... they were all right, the two of them just prolonged the drama until they inevitably got back together hahaha. I mean, we'll see, this could change around quickly but I'm enjoying this mucho mucho.


Comment ID #15769

A certified bruh moment right here

Said VF  

Comment ID #15770

On the one hand! It's nice to see them finally normalizing things. On the other, I halfway expected a whammy or gotcha, and still expect it!


Comment ID #15771

Ah, nothing like being a dumb rebound, eh, Lucy?

Raiko Seifuu  

Comment ID #15772

The Joker and Harley Quinn of the BCB universe.


Comment ID #15773


Ema Nekaf  

Comment ID #15774

Oof idk about that jokers abusive mikes just dumb lol

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #15775

Alejandro x Melanie is a more appropriate comparison for that lol


Comment ID #15776

I’ll admit this is cute, they are finally rebounding after so long, but I’m afraid of the drama that’ll inevitably follow, hopefully it won’t go the same route as before


Comment ID #15777

i am thriving and i'm here for this lmfaooo i dare someone to get mad at me for enjoying this


Comment ID #15778



Comment ID #15779

The moment is sweet but the fallout...


Comment ID #15780

Having discovered BCB three years ago, 2018 me would be so happy :') I know this because 2021 me is happy too!!


Comment ID #15781

Hey Lucy, I've been total garbage to you cause I didn't know how to deal with me high maintenance long distance girlfriend and deal with my feelings for you at the same time. But here, she cheated on me and dumped me so now let me put the moves on you. There couldn't possibly be any consequences to this poor decision 😑

Red Fox  

Comment ID #15782

Insanity. This gotta be a dream

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #15783

This is gonna end so fecking badly.


Comment ID #15784

I've been keeping up with bcb for 11 years now, and others may have put it a bit more eloquently, but may I just say - holy fuck!

nyat ?  

Comment ID #15785

Seeing how much you guys and the comic have grown and how far everything has come is amazing. Mad props to you guys for everything you do behind the scenes and the passion and time you put into this comic! Can't wait to see how the story comes together in years(?) to come, and anything else you guys may eventually end up moving onto.

nyat ?  

Comment ID #15786

Oh man... I'm getting Fork In The Road vibes...

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #15787

I'd laugh my ass off if Mike goes back to his room, sees Sandy was texting him on his phone while he was gone, talks about how she talked to Francis and that she realizes that she wants to be with Mike and wants their relationship to work, ands then Mike is like "lol hell yeah" and forgets tonight ever happened. Because man, that'd be pretty messed up but so funny.


Comment ID #15788

I can see that happening too.

Cherushi Metsumari  

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