Eternal Flame — Page 62

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Veronica: Okay, look, someone lured the Pokestop in the classroom, okay????

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Comment ID #16472

He did it. That fool.

Jordan Isaacs  

Comment ID #16473


Chris Hyde  

Comment ID #16474

God damn it mike

Justin N.  

Comment ID #16475

Oh no... Oh no no no no no


Comment ID #16476



Comment ID #16477

This chapter is taking years off my life from the suspense.


Comment ID #16478

I’m pissed


Comment ID #16479

Ah, so Mike is being an absolute idiot again. What a surprise.


Comment ID #16480

This has to be a bait and switch...


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Comment ID #16484

I love this chapter so much, I'm getting a really good workout from jumping to conclusions continuously

Niks Hariman  

Comment ID #16485

Absolute poetry


Comment ID #16486

I mean...the chapter is called eternal flame for a reason...dont mean I'm not mad from how toxic this relationship is. I'm more worried for Lucy. She's literally gotten the bait and switch here.


Comment ID #16487

My therapist will be hearing about this

Sarah W  

Comment ID #16488

If this kid took her back I am going to lose my shit.

Lucy in this page makes me so sad :( Please….don’t do this to her again….

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #16489

Gosh darn it Mike, you hecking ding-dong


Comment ID #16490

renaming this chapter Back and Forth 2: Mike Edition

Airy Frith  

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Confirmed Furniture Owner  

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Comment ID #16493

I hate how we have to wait till Monday to find out what is going on. But I swear to god if Mike took her back last night ...

Arron Savage  

Comment ID #16494

Watch bet we will only get a little dialogue on monday since it seems like class is about to start so we wont actually know what’s going on until Wednesday or friday 😭

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #16495

God FUCKING dammit


Comment ID #16496

I need Monday to come swiftly

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #16497

Oh you know he took her back. He can't do anything without her

Alexa Windsor  

Comment ID #16498

Oh not good, not good at all!


Comment ID #16499

I did and will always defend you against Mike haters but you ARE pretty goddarn teenage cat trash rn Michael 🔪🌝


Comment ID #16500

Yeah, I never got the whole mentality of hating kids for being stupid and making bad decisions. I mean, that's kind of a big part of BEING a kid, and OH BOY is the fact that Mike's still a kid shining like an absolute BEACON this chapter.


Comment ID #16501

this chapter has been a ROLLERCOASTER

I can see why vero said this was an important chapter 😭


Comment ID #16502

*the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces* man, I lived this once myself, that HURTS

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #16503

Chances are Sandy told Mike she would get better at communicating, and the process I'd going to start over again eith her growing distant over time..


Comment ID #16504

Yeah, it really doesn't sound like either party here is really suited to long-distance relationships, but neither really wants to let the other go. (this is, of course, presuming Sandy's the one he's texting)


Comment ID #16505

I am experiencing a profound lack of viable tables to flip. PLEASE let this not be what it seems.


Comment ID #16506

Imagine thinking Mike wouldn’t take the trashiest possible course of action

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #16507

You TAKE Sandy back?! You take her back like the CHEAT she is!? Oh! Jail for Mike! Jail for Mike for one THOUSAND years!

William Hoffman  

Comment ID #16508

Oh my god is the cycle happening AGAIIIIIIIIN I’m screaming


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Comment ID #16510

Ugh so I see Eternal Flame is Mike's devotion to Sandy

No clue what she said that got him to take her back... but cheating is pretty much a dealbreaker for more sensible folks


Comment ID #16511

And just like that I have nothing left

justin ODell  

Comment ID #16512

Pleeeaaase be a bait and switch.... 😭


Comment ID #16513

It'd actually be really cute if it was his sister comforting him and giving him the confidence to talk to Lucy the following day. There's uh... probably not a very high chance of that, but it'd be sweet, and a very clever way to toy with expectations.


Comment ID #16514

I knew it are you kidding me.. look at the hope in Lucy’s eyes….

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #16515

I wanna just keep my hope for this but I doubt it’s true, maybe they just became friends and are talking? Sandy is a bitch but hey, she has some brains. She might’ve known it was a bad relationship but didn’t want to lose a friend? I doubt that’s the case but I HOPE it is. As someone who is friends with a long distance ex I hope that’s all this is

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #16516

It's possible, but I'm not so sure that'd be better. Remember, even back when Mike was only friends with Sandy, he was still borderline ignoring Lucy. This page doesn't exactly give me confidence that's gonna solve many of his problems if that's the case.


Comment ID #16517

Okay, so Mike, I put a lot of hope in you and I kept faith in you even in the last two pages where I really believed that you were going to resist Sandy but obviously not, nevertheless you can talk to someone other than Sandy on your phone, and that all this is a big trap of Taeshi but honestly I find it harder and harder to believe. So don’t be a big, fat asshole to Lucy who, for her, seems really happy with what happened, see last page. And trust me, she might not be happy if she finds out that you’re back with Sandy, she might, one, not be happy and two fall into a depression because that kind of thing doesn’t have to be taken lightly. That’s not much else.


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Comment ID #16519

it CAN'T be Sandy he's texting with, right? She's soooo busy across the world and they needed her up early


Comment ID #16520

It really can't just be wishful thinking right, unless she was lying to have all morning with Francis that she just cancelled

Said VF  

Comment ID #16521

Im really hoping this is a bait and switch but even if it isnt (which im expecting and dreading): i cannot believe sandy would do this. It is such an unhealthy relationship to an absurd degree that its good to remember mike is being manipulated. As much as im going to bash mike for this im just as, if not more, upset with sandy.

Justin N.  

Comment ID #16522

Tell me this is a double bait and he's just texting someone else

Red Marine  

Comment ID #16523

Maybe it's David xP


Comment ID #16524

praying that he's texting someone else or just very vigorously playing a phone game


Comment ID #16525

Mike, you can't pretend what happened with Lucy didn't happen. It wasn't just talking about the possibility and that he would sleep on it and consider it. There were actions and confessions and interest on both parts.


Comment ID #16526

Oh Mike :(((

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #16527

So close yet so far.


Comment ID #16528

Oof just noticed Paulo is definitely still mad at Mike too 😬

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #16529

*Deep breath* *clap* Excuse me, I'm going to make myself coffee.

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #16530

Well, that was expected.

Lucy really hurts to look at.

I don't think Mike will just pretend Lucy doesn't exist again now. But after he gave her hope for a relationship and dumps her the next day, there is no way to try to be just friends again

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #16531

Yeah, if Mike actually did hook up with Sandy again, and now that he's in direct contact with her more, is going to be completely ignoring his immediate friends to an even greater extent... this might be the last straw for the entire group. This might be the thing that drives Mike completely away from all his friends.


Comment ID #16532

I don't think he will start ignoring and alienating everyone right now. He always did it in a depressed state. Now he has not yet returned to this state.


Paulo and Daisy will surely notice the dramatic change in Lucy's behavior. I think they will get to the bottom of the truth. This may be enough for Mike to start really losing friends.

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #16533

Mike and Sandy have pretty much been emotionally cheating on each other this whole relationship LOL

I hope though that Mike finally hit the nail on the coffin that is their relationship and gave the both of them closure by giving a definitive "we're over" but continuing to still be friends with her. Lucy and Francis can give much more than what Mike and Sandy can for each other. This is such wishful thinking though lmaooo


Comment ID #16534


(...was cute)


Comment ID #16535

No.. No no, no no no no no no noo!!


Comment ID #16536

Okay Mike. I held out for you through this whole deal. If you blew this then I'm checking out, Lucy deserves so much more if you're sitting there fixing things with Sandy.

Sam Carlucci  

Comment ID #16537

My heart :’c

Rei Hall  

Comment ID #16538

If things are going the way I think it is, this is going to be the final nail in the coffin for Mike and Lucy's friendship. There will be no going back. Lucy deserves someone whom isn't going to completely disregard her feelings every single time.


Comment ID #16539

I want to be surprised. I really do


Comment ID #16540

Oh god Mike please don't do what I think you're doing...


Comment ID #16541

Puhleeeeze let it be a phone game he’s just super into.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #16542

This mother fucker I swear, months of emotional stress after being ghosted by her and driving himself to nearly destroying God knows how many of his own friendships just to keep her on a pedestal just for her to drop him like yesterday's news and he takes her back after one phone call. Geez how come he can have a back bone when dealing with anyone else in the world but he's a whipped bitch when it comes to her? What is his problem!?


Comment ID #16543

Please, let it be Mike not being used to great Lucy (and the other when she is around) in the morning anymore

Carolina Tavares  

Comment ID #16544

...... *slowly raising pitchfork*


Comment ID #16545

I hate this sooooo much...god, Sandy had the gall to actually CALL HIM BACK? AFTER SAYING SHE LOVES HER HAIRDRESSER DUDE!? Sandy's awful for even calling him after essentially dumping him, and Mike's a fool for falling for whatever Sandy said!

And what even DID SHE SAY?! I think that's what the huge mystery is. Sandy called, but we not only know whether or not Mike actually answered, and if he did, what was even the conversation about? What was said, and what is Mike even saying right now via text?!


Comment ID #16546

Oh cool, so he straight up used Lucy for momentary comfort just like I thought he was doing. I guess he’s learned a few tactics from his abusive “eternal flame”. Poor Lucy, she deserves so much better than Mike.


Comment ID #16547

Lucy be like O.O

So if Mike actually got back with Sandy ALREADY I guess the chapter title is a double switcharoo. Man. I don't like the implications here but let's wait and see this play out first, who knows what's going on.


Comment ID #16548



Comment ID #16549

This is why I'm a LucyxPaulo stan


Comment ID #16550

Taeshi please say sike.... I am begging you....


Comment ID #16551

Here's an odd idea... what if, instead of going back to sandy, is just trying to keep up appearances? Granted that is dangerous after a breakup and all, but still is one of those things. Heck would be an even bigger surprise if he's just doing like some people do and "Here's an email to get this all off my chest," then delete? Or maybe has contact with someone else so he's catching up finally. But knowing how Mike is when the S subject comes up, hopes are not high.


Comment ID #16552

I... actually like the keeping up appearances, not because he should, it’s a horrible idea but think about what Lucy said about how Daisy and Paulo would react. He didn’t like Paulo bullying hom before and had even admitted he didn’t like Daisy’s affection. He hasn’t been around them so he probably hasn’t seen there growth expecting them to be the same.

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #16553

The biggest problem with that too, is that he would just be damaging his relationships further. Like Paulo sees the problem, and that he just got his hit of Sandy for the next couple months, and would just think he's going to be just as insufferable in a little while so why bother reaching back out to him, or listening to him if Mike came back to him. He has alot of work to repair what friendships he has already, and keeping up that appearance won't really help that situation at all. They know Sandy is a problem with him, and know that when he's happy with the world, something happened that worked with sandy. So even if it's just keeping up appearances, it's not going to be good. But I guess we'll find more soon enough, just was an idea of a possibility to what is going on that isn't "He's a kitten with a goldfish memory" as long as he's happy.

Really, worst of all is that that look and behavior is going to hurt Lucy the worst, after that talk, and what he said would make her feel used by him again, that he pushed her buttons, got what he wanted, trying to feel better with the world's fastest rebound ,only to go skipping back to his girlfriend after she suddenly came back. Because seriously, with those concerns and that little time, *Sandy would not have had time to sort out her feelings* so anything she said would have been very disingenuous. After all that suddenly going "Try again" just would seem like a bad direction. If it came to that bad of a conversation, there is something deeply wrong, and with Sandy not even attempting any sort of repair effort on her own. Welp that's not even worth trying. He needs someone that can be there with him, and she needs someone who knows the world she is in more, and able to be with her more. So going back would be "All this character development and growth =>> Window = gone"


Comment ID #16554

Beeerrrrrrgh *head thonk*


Comment ID #16555

Paulo is me during this whole thing 😒


Comment ID #16556

If he’s back with Sandy after using Lucy I will never forgive him.


Comment ID #16557


Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #16558

Mike x Lucy is one big sike

Ema Nekaf  

Comment ID #16559

Usually all my BCB plush sit together but every time something like this happens I literally move Mike to the corner where he will now live until next update.


Comment ID #16560



Comment ID #16561

Mike....what are you doing....

Red Fox  

Comment ID #16562

Paulo knows what's good.

I'm still holding out hope that this doesn't go the way we're all thinking it's about to, but Mike's obsessive tunnel vision and the eye bags that imply he's been up all night talking to someone is not a good sign. Unpopular opinion, but I'm going to be so disappointed in this chapter if the three major plot advances it brought--Mike and Sandy breaking up, Mike and Lucy reconciling, Mike and Lucy kissing--all end up getting squandered by the end and just reinforce exactly where everyone was at the start of it.


Comment ID #16563

Well, this will more likely be an escalation of the conflict, and not just a return to the status quo

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #16564

The Mike X Lucy Ship: [while playing Battleship] Ah, ha. B-3.

The Mike X Sandy Ship: Miss. G-6.

The Mike X Lucy Ship: Aw, you sunk it! [The Mike X Sandy Ship chuckles]

The Mike X Lucy Ship: Are you peeking?

The Mike X Sandy Ship: Hey, quit your whining and pay up. [The Mike X Lucy Ship pulls off one of his ears]

The Mike X Sandy Ship: No, no, not the ear. Gimme the nose.

The Mike X Lucy Ship: [pulls off his nose] How 'bout 3 out of 5?


Comment ID #16565

Don't you dare Mike, Tell me you dumped her as soon as you got the call and now you are just browsing amazon looking for an apology gift for her. Or a new videogame console. Anything but what i think you are doing. PLEASE!!!

Javier Martínez  

Comment ID #16566

Mike, you better be getting some closure and not "trying again" with Sandy.

Or in which we find out Mike has become addicted to mobile games to keep his fingers busy now that he's not blowing up Sandy's phone with texts.

Amanda U.  

Comment ID #16567


Molly Brown  

Comment ID #16568

Lucy's face in the first panel lmao xD


Comment ID #16569

Dude what

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #16570

No no no no dude I swear you really better be trying to find a nice way of telling sandy to fuck off


Comment ID #16571

Any redemption he could have had, just got screwed completely if this situation is as easily read as we're all figuring. And deservingly. I'll hold out hope that this is a misunderstanding, but by experience...


Comment ID #16572

perhaps in a bait and switch? I hope


Comment ID #16573

If Mike is doing what I think he's doing any and all empathy I've ever had for him is DEAD.

Faith Gushing  

Comment ID #16574

I get why people are scrambling to think of things he might be doing on his phone other than texting Sandy, but either way the message is clear to me. When he left that tree, Lucy was on his mind, and now he clearly wasn't thinking about how he was going to see her again after 'sleeping on it' and had to take a moment to even acknowledge she was there and speaking to him. He forgot all about her. Again.

On a character level it's frustrating to see, but on a narrative level I'm almost relieved, because this feels totally real and fits with with Mike's behavior so far perfectly. I'd have found it hard to swallow if things with him and Lucy really did work out this easily and all it took was Mike getting dumped. Those that read Fork in the Road know that Mike could have it in him to do this on an even bigger more serious level even as a grownup. Guy's got issues!


Comment ID #16575

Lol 'sleep on it,' doesn't look like he got much sleep last night


Comment ID #16576

.....if he went back to sandy have to be honest think I'm done.


Comment ID #16577

it's a drama comic about teenagers doing dumb teenager things. would you actually take it personally if Mike did something in-character


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