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Veronica: This little confirmation was originally supposed to happen around the end of the comic, you know!

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Comment ID #15866

Very Cute


Comment ID #15867

I'm sure that everyone thought the scarf was about Sandy the whole time.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #15868

Oh these kiddos, so sweet. Too sweet.

William Hoffman  

Comment ID #15869

It's really nice they're sorting out their issues, but I don't think this is the healthiest way to do it.


Comment ID #15870

IT WAS!! She wanted to match!! Mike is lying -.-


Comment ID #15871

The second scarf was but originally it was about Lucy eyes


Comment ID #15872

I really don’t think he’s lying. In ‘Wonderland” and before Lucy confessed, she dreamed about Mike and outright stated that he never wanted to tell her why he was so picky with the color of scarf he chose. I have a feeling that if it was because of Sandy that he’d outright say it and not be secretive/shy about it. (c49/p2)

The second blue scarf he received as a gift from Sandy because she noticed that in their old photos together his original blue scarf and her blue hair ribbon matched and she thought it’d be cute if they did it again. (c71/p22)

(but I could be wrong lol)


Comment ID #15873

If yall don’t go home! Where are y’all’s parents 😫

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #15874

maybe sandy was matching HER ribbon to your eyes lucy... ever think about that?

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #15875

I really did think it was because of Sandy's ribbon! 🤔 And I think Sandy did too since she got him another one so they could 'match' again..

It's been a while, how did he lose the first one again? Or did he just throw it out...I totally forget..


Comment ID #15876

I think his old one got worn out/tore and that's when tess gave him a replacement scarf.

Nico Martinez  

Comment ID #15877

The chapter "wardrobe malfunction" (c24/p1) will explain it! Mike kept getting harassed/beat up/egged because people thought he was cheating and it essentially destroyed his original scarf. I don't think it was stated explicitly anywhere that he actually threw it out though? i could be wrong!


Comment ID #15878

It was in his locker! But idk if anythingnhappened to it after


Comment ID #15879

This is a nice way for them to part. :) nothing more really needs to be said right now.

I hope that they can move forward in a positive way from this, once the pain of the breakup is less sharp and Mike can think more clearly. I have a feeling they’re going to be pretty embarrassed about their…decisions, tonight, once they calm down.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15880

y'know! I'm definitely not a Mike/Lucy person and the first half of their interaction had me Super nervous, but Lucy seems pretty happy! of course they just had a very Dumb Kids moment, but I'm more concerned with how they feel about it. I just hope this remains a positive for both of them, Lucy especially 😭


Comment ID #15881

I feel similarly, I’m not a mike/lucy fan really but the way this interaction is ending gives me hope that it could maybe work out for them, with some more time and effort? I think this is a really sweet moment and I’m glad that lucy looks happy. :) I’m sure this gives her some closure, even if it’s complicated…

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #15882

Okay hmmm still concern but good ending to this feud after 2 years


Comment ID #15883

Lucy’s so pretty in that 5th panel <3

…But save it for tomorrow you two, GO HOME!!!


Comment ID #15884

Very good. Very good content. Please talk more about what happened though, kids. Mike needs to fully acknowledge that he was wrong.


Comment ID #15885

Mike knows he was wrong. He said so, many times. But don't worry, he will suffer more and you will be happy.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #15886

Uh, yikes. He’s a high school kid. I don’t want the guy to suffer. Just acknowledge and right his wrongs


Comment ID #15887

He doesn't need to white knight for Sandy anymore, which was the main reason a lot of these discussions have yet to come up, so yeah, I'm expecting quite a bit more conversations about the wrongs Mike has committed and how he can go about making them right, or at the very least better himself and start working on some of his negative personality traits.


Comment ID #15888

pls god don't let them just sweep it all under the rug

Mary Tacoroni  

Comment ID #15889

After how the call at the beginning of this chapter ended with Paulo? I'd be absolutely stunned if things didn't finally start getting brought up with how Mike has been treating everyone, especially Lucy.


Comment ID #15890

we all did! And I've never been so happy for being wrong

Carolina Tavares  

Comment ID #15891

*skittering around in a manic fashion, like a bug* ourghhh... i both love how it's like "that was silly of us" and also like ".... //// *having feelings*" ahhh i just love this chapter..

I usually have predictions by now but i'm not sure what the aftermath could be like for either of them! i guess mike will likely have to go back to his house and see his phone and then feel a way about being reminded more immediately about his situation with sandy... but whether or not that makes him feel dread, or he feels freed from caring about his relationship, I wonder....?

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #15892



Comment ID #15893

The fact that neither of them seem super upset about this is nice, and this page is adorable. But I also just realized this means Mike has indirectly kissed Paulo now and I can't stop snickering.


Comment ID #15894

So thats why this chapter is named eternal flame huh? Welp i did not see that coming

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #15895

That’s cute, now you two need to get home it’s too cold


Comment ID #15896

Oh, talk about melting my cold heart.... my old Lucy/Mike ship is rising from the sunken depths!

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #15897

This chapter is taking years off my life, I feel like something bad is still gonna happen I just don't knOOWOWOWWWWW


Comment ID #15898

Even if these two end tonight on a high note, Paulo is PROBABLY going to have something to say about all of this tomorrow LOL (..or even Augustus, or Jordan, or-)


Comment ID #15899


Ngl, I feel like Paulo will beat his ass when he finds out, causing more issues and pushing Mike away from the group more. Would it hurt Lucy? Most definitely since she seems happy to make up with Mike. Would Paulo do that? Probably, since he was the angriest with Mike (with good reasons) but maybe he grew out of it. Hard to say though, and I’m excited to see where this goes.

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #15900

Honestly, old Paulo? I could 100% see him getting super bent out of shape and aggressive over that. But now? I don't know, he seems to have mellowed out a TON. (just look at their interactions in Witch Hunt) I suspect he'll extremely stern and direct with Mike, and probably advise against him pursuing a relationship with Lucy so soon after Sandy, but I don't really foresee him getting angry or upset over this. Jealous maybe, but not angry.


Comment ID #15901

Fair point, I went back and re read that chapter, it’s been a while so I might do a full re read to refresh myself, lol.

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #15902

Nah, still gross and a terrible ship.


Comment ID #15903

Feeling terrible but this is a cute page / Lucy nonetheless <3


Comment ID #15904

Mike: It was.

Lucy: ……….Oh.


Comment ID #15905



Comment ID #15906

you know what i realized

the pages on the top go from blue, yellow/orange, back to blue almost like mike's scarf 😳


Comment ID #15907

So this entire time Mike was emotionally cheating on sandy anyway.

Justin Seifert  

Comment ID #15908

Oh the irony!

I find it interesting that the both of them processed the guilt of the emotional cheating so differently. Mike did it by being super defensive and pushing everyone else away while Sandy ghosted her boyfriend.


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