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Veronica: I love that Paulo, originally still sore over his screaming match with Mike last night, IMMEDIATELY FORGETS ABOUT IT TO CHECK IF MIKE AND SANDY FIXED IT UP. Ride-or-die amigo, right there.

Anyway… :( lucy

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Comment ID #16628

Ahh shit, here we go again.

Lil Chimpy  

Comment ID #16629

Oh, NOW he feels bad. I get Mike's a kid but seriously, kinda fucked up my dude.


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Comment ID #16631

I can't express the level of dissatisfaction I have so allow me to just scream into the abyss...



Comment ID #16632

Wow Mike is trash 😳

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #16633

Well isn‘t that great for you Maishul =_=


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Comment ID #16635

how is the story ever going to change now its gone back to this

eve h  

Comment ID #16636

God fucking damnit he really can’t get it into his thick skull that he needs to drop Sandy like the week old trash she is. She cheated on you ya dumbass. you really believe she’s gonna drop Francis? *sigh* I totally get it tho, I did the same thing two years ago. Learned the hard way.


Comment ID #16637

She didn't really though. She got too close to someone she's interacting with daily and saw it as cheating, so she started feeling guilty and stopped communicating with Mike out of guilt, which pushed her closer to Francis. Who, mind, she can't really stop interacting with because she works with him on a daily basis. Kinda feels like a twisted mirror of Mike & Lucy's relationship.


Comment ID #16638

I hate this fucking guy


Comment ID #16639

Back to square -5 in the story progression LMAO


Comment ID #16640

oh wow. i actually passed the point of wanting redemption for mike. i crave violence 🤪

Mary Tacoroni  

Comment ID #16641

From someone other than Lucy though she's tried her hardest to distance herself from this toxic dynamic and I can stand to see her get dragged back down into this.


Comment ID #16642

Okay so I realy don't want to say this realy realy bad joke but I have only one thing to say :


Comment ID #16643

Really is an eternal flame. God, Mike. PLEASE YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN HER


Comment ID #16644

Doesn't matter which flame he goes with, he's set up to get burned.


Comment ID #16645

Sheeeeet you right though


Comment ID #16646



Comment ID #16647

.........He broke her heart so fast...Omg.

Rip Euphoric  

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Comment ID #16649

….thanks Mike just thanks


Comment ID #16650


I knew this why am I disappointed 😭


Comment ID #16651

Well, would you look at that. From joy to heartbreak in the span of a Micheal entrance.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #16652

Honestly I have wearily backed Mike even in his lowest moments, but every time I give him the benefit of the doubt he does something even more stupid than the last, and this is just ridiculous now. After 10 years I can no longer defend this grey idiot. He will never learn :(

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #16653

Yeah, I don't think he needs anyone defending him. Honestly I think that might have been part of the problem, he's always had someone TO defend him in his life, someone to hide behind or rely on, be it Lucy or Sandy. He needs to stop defining himself by them and answering for his own actions, and I have actually no clue how that's going to come about, or if that's even planned right now. Hafta wait and see I suppose.


Comment ID #16654

The thing is, I know that Taeshi is a good writer (why else would I be here?) so I know she must have some plan with Mike, but I don’t see how readers are supposed to like him any more, when he never grows or changes from his bullshit

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #16655

I'm going to riot, why did I have hope

Arron Savage  

Comment ID #16656

Regretting your choices already Mike?


Comment ID #16657

me looking at these pages as they come out

Airy Frith  

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Comment ID #16659

Oh Mike, I am so disappointed in you.


Comment ID #16660

I mean, Lucy was right. In the end, it's always about Sandy for him, friend or no. Lucy deserves better.

Powered By Flannel  

Comment ID #16661

We all saw it coming but still:

jordan sanford  

Comment ID #16662

I think I'm done with Mike now....


Comment ID #16663

Mike sucks :)


Comment ID #16664

The only way to save this is if you told me he was lying to keep up an appearance but he would have no reason to do so. So I'm convinced he took her back and to that I say...fuck you Mike there is no more feeling sorry for you the next time she choses to spend her time smooching up another guy instead of calling you back.


Comment ID #16665

Well I'd say it's been fun y'all. Mike, you're dead to me, get cheated on again ya loser

Sam Carlucci  

Comment ID #16666

Nooooo say it isn't so.

Daniel Hooper  

Comment ID #16667

🙃💙💕 poor lucy, i mean i get that change doesnt happen overnight so i totally get why hes back at it but i hope this made Lucy lose interest in him forever, poor girl doesnt deserve to be treated this way at all

Niks Hariman  

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Comment ID #16669



Comment ID #16670

Yup, there's the whammy I was expecting! Mike you dumbass!


Comment ID #16671

Wow I officially hate mike again not comin back from this one

Power Lotuss  

Comment ID #16672

Mike, you dumbass


Comment ID #16673

I hate that I knew this was coming...


Comment ID #16674

Mike, no.


Comment ID #16675

I mean I knew it was happening, but owjsoskwndksks


Comment ID #16676

Yep sounds about right I'll see y'all in a couple of weeks I'm going to take a break from this roller coaster

justin ODell  

Comment ID #16677

God I love this chapter. I get why people are frustrated but I'm so excited to see how the conflict and characters continue to grow from this. Will this finally burn that bridge once and for all? Will Lucy be able to move on? Will Mike try to apologize or save the friendship or is he too caught up in Sandy again already to care?


Comment ID #16678

Me too! Whether the end game is MikexLucy, MikexSandy, MikexNobody, or anything else I am invested in the story leading up to it. People getting mad are so valid, but I am loving the twists and turns of this comic so far lol


Comment ID #16679

Michelle M.

Of course he did. Wow, and it really thought for a second that he’d finally be able to move forward from this terrible relationship. Well….:/ I guess I’m not surprised.

Is there any way mike x lucy can really come back from this? If I were Lucy…I’m not her, of course, but I would find it HARD to be vulnerable around him ever again.

What more can mike possibly to do show her “you will ALWAYS come second”?

Load reply  

Comment ID #16680

The shittiest kind of rebound with absolutely no chance of redemption. She took a chance on him again, after everything, and then he does this?

I don't give a damn what happens to Mike. I just hope Lucy can continue moving forward in a healthy manner after this. :( She's been hurt enough... Frankly I hope her friends find out and dump Mike for good. Enough is enough...


Comment ID #16681

Jesus, I gotta quit reading for a bit too.


Comment ID #16682

Nah. I hate this.


Comment ID #16683

Yep. This just proves my point that Mike legit has no self-esteem whatsoever, and has REALLY bad problems with co-dependency and relying on others for his happiness as a result. I was a lot like him - I kept putting up with a lot of horrible mistreatment from guys because I was convinced without them, I'd be nothing and alone forever. Now, I know my issues stem directly from child abuse, but when it comes to Mike...I'm not really sure. Maybe the thing with Alejandro fucked him up - made him scared of ever losing anybody - and now he's like this? Who knows, but I'm sure Vero will explain it at some point.

That being said, my god, poor Lucy :(. One could argue about how much she actually deserved the rant in December because of her past behavior (I mean, I believe she deserved it, but certainly not to the extent that Mike pushed it)...but this? She did NOTHING to deserve this heartbreak. I was worried this was going to happen and I really don't see how Mike and Lucy could happen now. It seems like there would be too much trust issues. But hey, maybe Mike will surprise us and leave her for good soon? I have to hope so.

Mimi Miki  

Comment ID #16684

Lucy's face is how I've felt this entire chapter

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #16685

I .... Mike. Just stay where you at then.fuck Lucy right? You had her hopes up for no fucking reason...


Comment ID #16686



Comment ID #16687

One change I do hope to see going forward, even if Mike's just back in his unhealthy relationship with Sandy, is that he stops glaring or screaming at Lucy anytime she looks at him.

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #16688

Mmm, I dont think that will continue to be the case, but I'm not entirely sure what we're replacing it with is going to be any more healthy for either of them.


Comment ID #16689

YEah there is no way it isn't going to get WORSE


Comment ID #16690

He was entirely manipulative with Lucy the night before. Idk how anyone thought that he actually had feelings for her. It’s always about him. He’s extremely selfish and hurt Lucy along the way because why not? Honestly, I hope this just means Lucy will completely move on from this loser. And I hope Sandy finds out he made out with Lucy 🙃 they deserve each other tbh. Even Daisy won’t be able to forgive him if Lucy tells them exactly what happened the night before. Toxic Mike is toxic and no one needs that. He’s always been the one so keen on establishing boundaries, but then violated all of his friends boundaries time and time again.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #16691

Or, devil's advocate... he actually does love both of them, but due to being branded a cheater constantly at the start of the comic after everyone learned about Sandy and saw how affectionate he was with Lucy, he just doesn't feel like it's a possibility to show affection to one without feeling like he's cheating on the other, so he chose and devoted himself to Sandy over Lucy. That kiss with Lucy the previous night, however, is gonna threaten to throw Mike's emotional state through the wringer, especially now that he sees how much he's hurting Lucy and how flawed his worldview actually is.


Comment ID #16692

Honestly it's embarrassing enough that it happened, she shouldn't want to make a spectacle about how she fell for Mike's bs again. If I was Lucy I pretend it didn't happened and go right back to pretending Mike didn't exist with twice the resentment.


Comment ID #16693

Love isn’t lust. Mike loved having control over Lucy even in previous chapters. When she said she didn’t like him anymore, he still kept up the delusion that everything she does is to get to him. That’s not love. He disliked Lucy getting close to Paulo, made fun of him being her rebound. He disliked Lucy getting close to Augustus. He even said she wanted him when he was drunk. The only time he has any internal conflict is when he comes close to admitting to himself that he needs her to want him. The reason he’s attracted to Sandy is because she doesn’t give a shit about him. He wouldn’t have cared about Sandy not texting him if he could still treat Lucy like a punching bag. They were both shitty to each other, but only Lucy has grown. How is not manipulative to physically stop someone from leaving, to tell them “oh I never stopped thinking of you” despite thinking she’s the worst? Mike doesn’t care, he’s in a toxic codependent relationship.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #16694

Mmm, not sure I entirely agree with how you're reading things. If anything, Mike just doesn't know how to be self-dependent. Almost his entire life he's grown up with either Lucy or Sandy by his side, so he's always had someone he could talk with, lean on, and get feedback from. When Sandy left, the only option he had to keep in contact was through the mail. That left a disconnect that allowed Lucy back into the role of his co-dependent. But after he got Sandy's number, all of a sudden there was less of a disconnect so he could be more dependent on Sandy, though at the time he was also still more dependent on Lucy on a daily basis. Then Sandy started pointing out Lucy's toxic behavior, and to avoid losing Sandy, who he was absolutely dedicated to at that point, he confronted Lucy, effectively driving out the one constant he had outside of Sandy, who started getting more and more distant after that too. So now you have a kid, who has never really been truly lonely or emotionally starved his entire life, basically losing BOTH of the people he depended on throughout his life. I don't think it's as simple as Mike wanting to be in control of Lucy, I think it's possibly more a reflection of his own issues and insecurities. After all, if you're only allowed to love one other person in your life or you're a branded a cheater, and everyone you know loves someone other than you, then none of them will have room in their life for you as well, right?

There is one thing I agree with though. Regardless of the reasons behind his actions, Mike is being EXTREMELY toxic in both relationships. He's made a TON of bad decisions over the course of this chapter that he DESPERATELY needs to be confronted with if he's ever going to develop a healthy relationship with ANYONE.


Comment ID #16695

He confronted Lucy prior to December. And then she confessed to him. And he rebuffed her and then she “rebounded” with Paulo and started hanging out with Augustus, and that’s when Mike got particularly nasty with her. She tried to be nice but detached. The whole thing with him going off on her in December was in response to her being positive about him engaging with Sandy. He had nothing to do with him being dependent on Lucy herself, or even Sandy since he wasn’t engaging with either of them that much. He definitely does have self esteem issues but it’s not about him being used to having one or the other in his life, he’s just a user lol. Lucy was gone for a whole year, Paulo tried to fill the friend void and he was then subjected to verbal and emotional abuse whenever Sandy was a topic of conversation. Mike might not realize he’s in a toxic relationship, but he is effectively taking it out on those around him and Lucy was always the more convenient punching bag because she had feelings for him that he knew he could manipulate. He explicitly said how much of an effect he has on Lucy throughout the chapters, including to Zachary. He called her dependent. He has talked about boundaries, etc. he knows these terms, and just doesn’t think any apply to him. I’m not saying he’s malicious, but he’s definitely a manipulator and needs therapy to deal with his toxic behaviors.

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #16696

TBH, I might've forgiven the rebound attempt if he hadn't physically stopped her from leaving several times!


Comment ID #16697

Jokes aside though, I feel like this has some great potential to it.

I am really hoping that now that he knows that both he and Sandy were emotionally cheating on each other pretty much the whole time can potentially lead to an important discussion between the two. One that can finally show some growth on Mikes part. Sandy confessed that she liked someone else this whole time, but notice how Mike didn’t confess to Sandy that he was pretty much in love (begrudgingly) with his ex-best friend? I feel like it’s a line of dialogue that could be important eventually. Mike seeing the hurt clear as day on Lucys face after a night of confessions might be an important catalyst of him finally growing up a little and have some self-reflection.

At the VERY least, Mike is aware now that he has the bad habit of driving people away. Since both he and Sandy got huge weights off their backs I feel that if Mike continues his relationship with Sandy that their communication will be hundredth fold and can finally pave the path of a “healthier” relationship together. And a healthier relationship between the two would undoubtedly cause a positive ripple effect to Mike and he’ll be much more chipper and less defensive since he’ll feel much more secure and communicative in his relationship (FINALLY). All the dude wanted was to be talked to by his girlfriend!

Maybe now he can finally mend some of his friendships. Or at least clear his mind enough to make him eventually realize some fundamental issues in his relationship with Sandy and will eventually break things off. Whether it be the whole “mutual cheating” part, or he’ll realize that him and Sandy live in two different worlds and don’t have enough similarities to really keep the steam going for long. Remember the whole debacle in Model Girlfriend? They’re so...dissimilar. Other than Mike cheering her on in her blooming career, what do they HAVE exactly? The more they talk and get to know each other, the more he'll realize they're not meant to be.

And then there’s Lucy. There’s a good chance she’ll become reclusive again and will back off from the friend group once more to put a lot of distance between her and Mike. This is IF the friend group doesn’t find out about the whole ‘make-up and make-out” between Mike and Lucy anyway.


Comment ID #16698

thoughtful comment

Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #16699

Ahh, I'm glad to see this optimistic take on what could happen between Mike and Sandy.. I immediately felt a lot of empathy for what Lucy must be going through in the situation, so for the the past few updates I have been struggling to contemplate what the positive uptick could be from here. I do hope that Michael has learned about /communication/ finally... It is truly one of his greatest blind spots! The significance of just being forward and telling people what he is thinking.

I do want to be hopeful that he could extend that improvement in communication to Lucy, and make an effort in closing the gap of investment (where Lucy humbled herself a lot in their conversation last night before they impulsively kissed...) I do think she will instinctively isolate, but I hope it is not going to be her entirely shouldering the embarrassment of all that occurred. I hadn't considered the friend group finding out about this either..! I wonder what the potential ripple effect this could all have...

*looking at all these set pieces with great anticipation*

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #16700

I f*cking knew it he literally only wants Lucy when he’s fighting with it doesn’t have sandy

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #16701



Comment ID #16702

Alright, time to properly cut off this relationship for good and not give him the time of day. And maybe send Sandy a heads up that Mike literally cheated on her with Lucy that very night they fought, because that just isn’t fair to anyone.


Comment ID #16703

Not expecting it to actually happen, but that would be one way to force some introspection on Mike. He desperately needs it at this point.


Comment ID #16704

I'm so disappointed in mike DX

Outlaw Wanderer  

Comment ID #16705

I have usually been on mikes side, but I can’t stand next to him right now..


Comment ID #16706

Mmm, yeah, such is the danger of picking sides.


Comment ID #16707

Damn.. Poor Lucy.. I hope she tells the others what happened last night..


Comment ID #16708

I hope she blurts out “did you tell her you kissed me under “your tree” last night?

Erin-Leigh Van Orden  

Comment ID #16709


The Masterpiece  

Comment ID #16710

I just…… I can’t believe this. The whip lash is just so much. In the ten years I have been reading this, this hurts to most.

Ginger Shark  

Comment ID #16711

I hate mike so much now… i have been a MikexLucy shipper since I started reading this comic back in 2011 but that ship is officially sunk and not coming back

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #16712



Comment ID #16713

Fucking called it... Poor Lucy.

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #16714

As someone who has been in Lucy's shoes in a situation like this. I hope she crushes her love for him for good with this, he didn't even hesitate a day to get back with Sandy and that shows more than him simply getting back with her over even a short period of time

Daryan Nolan  

Comment ID #16715

Not surprised...Mike is in character.

Mike and Sandy forever. They want each other...ok. Leave Mike to his phone.


Comment ID #16716

Mmm, honestly, that would be ideal for Mike, but it leaves a lot of his mistakes unanswered for, and those still need to be brought up. He's hurt quite a few of his friends at this point, and even if he doesn't care about them anymore, it doesn't make the things he's said and done just go away.


Comment ID #16717

@Alec mistakes he Won't listen to anyone But Sandy about. But if he would listen I do quite agree with you. Lucy just needs to cut her ties and move on.


Comment ID #16718

Oh, goddamit Mike! Not surprised, but still disappointed. Just wait until the rest of the BCB community sees this.

Megan Wood  

Comment ID #16719

Faith in humanity lost

Red Marine  

Comment ID #16720

Fortunately, they’re cats


Comment ID #16721

Goddamnit assface

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #16722



Comment ID #16723

Lucy: Dude you kissed me.....

Felix Rodriguez  

Comment ID #16724

I hope Lucy reveals the events of last night to everyone so they can all see just how shitty he is at this point in his life.


Comment ID #16725

Teenagers doing stupid things, teenagers doing irredeemable things...Sigh...and I tried to defend Mike...I did. But I can't defend THIS.


Comment ID #16726

you can accurately predict events in the comic by always knowing mike will make the worst decision possible


Comment ID #16727

once a doormat, always a doormat


Comment ID #16728

I'm hopping aboard the Hate Train for Mike and I'm not getting off.

Faith Gushing  

Comment ID #16729

The Hate Train's too crowded. If he doesn't get right fast, I'll do worse.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #16730

My heart just falls reading this page. Time to cut this self absorbed idiot out of your life.


Comment ID #16731

And so here we are. Again. And you know, I hate that I was still surprised Mike fucked up again.


Comment ID #16732

michael........................................ OTL you have failed her.....

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #16733

.....whelp gg


Comment ID #16734

I don't think there is anything "sweet" about it. This is Bitterrotten


Comment ID #16735

Once a simp, always a simp. -_-


Comment ID #16736

Well, that look shows he realizes his own guilt here. You had your breakup, rebound, and back together so fast that whiplash happens slower in races. And really, he cheated more than sandy admitted, but certainly didn't admit that moment to Sandy. Dumb kid, bad decisions, but someone who cannot be outside of a relationship it seems, even for 5 minutes it seems.

But with this, we will see what will happen, I'm betting certain others are still upset with him. You can only deal with being shouted at, slammed, snapped and yelled at so much before you just stay guarded and distant, and really many of Mike's friends are well beyond that point. I mean Sue is well beyond there it seems, he just had that blowup with Paulo.... But given reactions and abilities to have a poker face, I'm sure someone will still pick up something is up.


Comment ID #16737

Choices. He’s made them.

Steven Pope  

Comment ID #16738

They can't just be happy for 12 hours?


Comment ID #16739

I feel sick

Mr. Beard  

Comment ID #16740

i agree this is nauseating

Sircreepalot 2  

Comment ID #16741

Honestly just …. Poor Lucy.

Bridget Kelly  

Comment ID #16742

Oh come ON. You can do so much better than him, Lucy

Alexa Windsor  

Comment ID #16743

There are no words.


Comment ID #16744

I was willing to forgive him but after this it’s gonna take a lot for me to ever like him again :(

Rei Hall  

Comment ID #16745



Comment ID #16746


Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #16747

Been there, done that. Time to move on, Lucy!


Comment ID #16748

Mike you piece of garbage.

Red Fox  

Comment ID #16749



Comment ID #16750

Mike: Oh Mike! You've done it again!


Comment ID #16751

I enjoyed what was going on in the previous pages, why does Mike have to be such a playboy and use Lucy as a rebound only to fall back on Sandy like that?


Comment ID #16752

Oh mike, after all that you screw it up the next morning!


Comment ID #16753

😭😭 luuucyyyyyyy. ¡¡¡Lo siento!!!


Comment ID #16754

Will Paulo notice Mike's reaction? Will he turn around and notice Lucy's reaction?


Comment ID #16755

Mike, you coward. Happiness was staring you in the face and you chose the ghost in the phone. Codependence is a helluva drug. Ridiculous choice notwithstanding, I do wonder what Sandy said; methinks Mike might be manipulated himself.


Comment ID #16756

He's a simp. Plain and simple.


Comment ID #16757

The die is cast I suppose

Said VF  

Comment ID #16758

“Mike is finally going to see how toxic his relationship with Sandy is and finally move on from her! On a totally unrelated note, would you just *look* at how many chickens I’m going to have when they eventually hatch!”

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #16759



Comment ID #16760

disappointed but not surprised

Carolina Tavares  

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