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Veronica: Aww, these pals! These friends!

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Comment ID #16223

Awww..Lucy seems pretty happy about what happened...can't wait for Mike to fricken ruin it :|


Comment ID #16224

Oh no :( she's happy, and now shits gonna go downhill.

Lady Indigo  

Comment ID #16225

Awww, this is such an adorable moment. Good to see Lucy all happy and laughing with her friends.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #16286

......he’s going to come to school and be back together with Sandy


Comment ID #16287

The fact it didn’t go to Mike’s call…I’m worried he is all “I took her back, she said she’s sorry” but I hope it’s just the tension between them all to Mike after how he had acted before and Mike saying what she did to him


Comment ID #16288

Why do I feel like that smile isn’t gonna last long :(

Elizabeth Carroll  

Comment ID #16289

So she really wasn't over Mike? That was a hell of a front she was putting up before, then! Obviously the front was necessary but still


Comment ID #16290

Next page, mike walks in looking the most miserable he's ever been

Said VF  

Comment ID #16291

This is the cutest page we’ve had in a minute…means there’s a fire coming huh😫

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #16292

Okay despite me being worried about why she's smiling, cause I don't want her happiness to be ripped away from her of course. But the fact she acknowledged she isn't normally a smiler ND is having banter with her friends makes me so happy


Comment ID #16293


Justin N.  

Comment ID #16294

He better not ruin it. We all know why Lucy is super happy today and he seriously needs to protect that smile.


Comment ID #16295

Hopefully Mike did some protecting of his sanity then, not just will protect her smile. Worried about him too, not just Lucy. Though she is our fragile relateable baby, Mike is two of those things too, at least.

Hey, maybe the two phone-y boneheads worked out maybe a polyamory arrangement! We can hope for the sake of pleasenter, wackier drama... but this IS BITTERsweet candybowl....

I know I had strong feelings when I was in middle school for December, but man I think Mike's suffered enough himself by now.


Comment ID #16296

Wait, I just realized, Lucy's hair/fur on the sides of her head are different. Lol wut?

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #16297

Maybe because the wind aren't ruffling through them? :O Otherwise they look the same in previous chapters


Comment ID #16298

Yeah that makes sense, I guess I just hadn't noticed this whole time.

Keyblade Dragon  

Comment ID #16299

I love lucy so much seeing her smile like that 🥺🥺🥺


Comment ID #16300

oh no they're all so cute... I love this scene, I'm just gonna try to enjoy it for what it is before the rest of the chapter continues 😭


Comment ID #16301

I'm just trying to figure out which flame is the eternal one.


Comment ID #16302

Maybe it's Lucy's flame for Mike!


Comment ID #16303



Comment ID #16304

Mike's Eternal Flame of stupidity

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #16305

This made me laugh during a meeting 🤣


Comment ID #16306

No : (


Comment ID #16307

I'm nauseous from this roller coaster ride

Sam Carlucci  

Comment ID #16308

Make it stop 😭


Comment ID #16309

I'm hoping eternal flame means the love between Lucy and Mike, but the jump between the last page to this may mean Mike answered and sandy apologized enough for him to take her back....


Comment ID #16310

We don't know that. Let's just HOPE that's not the case.


Comment ID #16311

Also if Mike does come back without having answered Sandy's call, how is Paulo going to feel if these two start actually dating or something? Lucy litterally turned him down by saying she likes him but needs to work on herself.


Comment ID #16312

Exactly, that and her 'I shouldn’t be with anyone right now‘ /cries


Comment ID #16313

Oh wow, tomorrow came sooner than I thought it would

…This leaves me concerned with how the rest of this chapter will unfold


Comment ID #16314

He had better not hurt her again, I swear ;~;


Comment ID #16315


The Masterpiece  

Comment ID #16316

I have a bad feeling about this, scoob

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #16317

Since the browser tab icon is Mike's scarf and Lucy's bow I'm gonna assume that this chapter ends well.... really hoping so :)))


Comment ID #16318

I just feel bad bad vibes coming. I hope Lucy ends up coming out alright after all this.


Comment ID #16319

Trying to remain tentatively optimistic, but i am a little nervous seeing lucy feeling so well... it could end badly for her ,,, eep !

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #16320

T-T !!! Noooo. The switch to this scene feels like drama building toward her happiness being short lived once Mike shows up and we find out what happened with him and the phone call. I hope its not true. I hope ... Mike is absent today! Stay home! You're not feeling well.... think it over.


Comment ID #16321

I mean, they didn't run into each other on the way to school which could've been easily orchestrated by either one. Maybe he WILL stay home!


Comment ID #16322

Welp, Lucy brought this on herself. Told him to go home and sort himself out. Shoulda put a ring on it.


Comment ID #16323



Comment ID #16324

Love the Paulo, Daisy and Lucy friendship.

I really hope she is smiling because of closure that transition doesn't boad well with my nerves


Comment ID #16325

wow what nice scene sure am glad nothing bad can happen after this!


Comment ID #16326

to the author: i'm sending you my therapy bill over this cliffhanger


Comment ID #16327

That cliffhanger feels illegal

Red Marine  

Comment ID #16328

I feel you. Anxiety is back in action!


Comment ID #16329

My stomach flipped omg. I think we need a class action lawsuit for this cliffhanger


Comment ID #16330

Oh dear...


Comment ID #16331

Man just as soon as the ship sails again it looks like its gonna sink again too


Comment ID #16332

waiting for shit to hit the fan (,:

Marcella Ash  

Comment ID #16333

oh no baby ; n ;


Comment ID #16334

Lucy: Today is gonna be a great day!

Mike: Hey Lucy, I got great news, me and Sandy are back together again!

Lucy: ……….Today is gonna be a great day! (starts crying)


Comment ID #16335

Everything is going too well, I feel fear.

Sue H.  

Comment ID #16336

Actually even if Mike grew a spine and broke up with Sandy (which ain't likely), they still wouldn't be out of the woods! Not only are Paulo, Daisy and Sue peeved with Mike, they know he's been going back and forth between the girls!


Comment ID #16337

Lucy always 2nd choice to Mike.


Comment ID #16338

I’ve been reading this since elementary school and I’m almost 21 now… this comic is responsibly my anxiety :-,)

Sarah W  

Comment ID #16339

ive always known that mikeXlucy was most likely endgame, but it still feels wrong to me. if this is the way theyre going it HAS to be handled better than "we yelled and then we kissed" cause that was their dynamic BEFORE and we all know that it led to the events in and after "december"

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #16340

The fact that we skipt over the scene showing weather or not he picked but says it all. So help me if he agreed to go back to being wrapped around her finger after all of that I'm going to find a way to reach through the screen and strangle a fictional cat.


Comment ID #16341

This ^

justin wells  

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