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I love Paulo being a jerk to Augustus here, YOUR SINS AREN’T FORGOTTEN BUB. SOMEONE REMEMBERS.

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Comment ID #19508

Ur kidding me


Comment ID #19509

Lucy bout 2 kill herself again


Comment ID #19510

Paulo respects women

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #19511

ill stop shipping my sunk lucy ships WHEN IM DEAD

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #19512

Get decimated PauloXLucy ship

Red Miso  

Comment ID #19513

Ya they still friends


Comment ID #19514

Situation diffused, I guess. Is Paulo based and respectingwomen-pilled?

Robert Davis  

Comment ID #19515

I think I’d he knew what Lucy has just gone through he would be a little gentler with his wording lmao, but tact has never been his strong suit.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #19516

Nawww dude, she manipulated him several times in the past and he's just over it now.

Robert Davis  

Comment ID #19517

I agree that he’s pretty sick of getting his heart played with haha, and I’m glad he’s sticking to his guns! I moreso think that if he knew about the Mike Drama that just went down he’d pity her. He still cares about her in a friendly way based on his actions in previous chapters…just doesn’t want to be roped into more romantic drama.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #19518

I mean, re-read After You and High Expectations and tell me Lucy didn't make her own bed here. She can't tell Paulo a million cruel things and expect him to be googly-eyed over blatant manipulation.


Comment ID #19519

I think Lucy's fine but she still has a lot to learn. She shouldn't be shielded from that, and Paulo isn't throwing a December here. It'll make her better in the end. Promise, y'all.


Comment ID #19520

I get where you're coming from but MIKE has treated him just as worse :/ Like Lucy obviously treated him horribly and Paulo moving on is for the best (Despite me being a PauloXLucy shipper sobb)

Emi Koizumi  

Comment ID #19521

Oh sweeet, Gus and Jordan are going to the Mall. I really hope they get talking and shit about Mike stumbles out haha


Comment ID #19522

"You gotta learn to appreciate every kind of fish in the sea."

YES Paulo. Embrace the rainbow.


Comment ID #19523

Jord, your fish has been with you all along.


Comment ID #19524

I truly appreciate all the dynamics here


Comment ID #19525

I like how he isn't trying to actively tug her hand away- there's like this weird familiarity still there that makes me smile


Comment ID #19526

Paulo giving Chad energy as usual

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #19527

"Paulo how do you get over girls??" "become bisexual. ez"


Comment ID #19528

I’m so blown away with how good the art has gotten in this comic.


Comment ID #19529

I'm sorry, I know Daisy likes Paulo, but I still ship the lucy/Paulo boat at full speed- however... if Lucy were to start dating Augustus, I think I would be ok with Paulo/daisy ship. Js.. ❤🌼

Sky TheTiny'mhytee  

Comment ID #19530

Augustus doesn't like Lucy like that, either.

Robert Davis  

Comment ID #19531

Bargaining /is/ the third stage if grief.

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #19532

Oof. I don't disagree that it's a good thing for Paolo to be getting over Lucy and not falling in as a replacement again but the fact that he's falling back into the old 'the only thing I ever liked about her is that she's hot' thing is a big oof. Being objectified constantly is the reason for soooo many of her self worth issues and he's been hurting her with that as far back as 'confrontation'.


Comment ID #19533

Lucy's hardly blameless in hurting Paolo back but I think the biggest reason they never worked out is because he kept leaning on his playboy persona and casually implying his attraction to her as purely physical so much, she kinda just believed it. He stubbornly insisted that she wasn't special to him, so when she was at her lowest she often thought 'He doesn't really love me either. What's the harm in us using each other?'. Honestly I just love the tragedy of all these intertwined misunderstandings so much.


Comment ID #19534

Paulo: Jeepers creepers, how'd ya get those peepers? (laughs)

Augustus: >:(

Paulo: :)


Comment ID #19535

Was High Expectations the last major Lucy/Paulo interaction we saw? Have they even made up from that?


Comment ID #19536

They actually did, in the very last pages of Witch Hunt! In ch. 107 Paulo‘s also happily celebrating Lucy‘s birthday together with her and the others (he‘s also seen playing football with her there), and also he defends Lucy in Eternal Flame when Mike shittalks her


Comment ID #19537

"She's still the hottest girl in the world, but that's it." Jesus fucking Christ Paulo

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #19538

Tact has never been Paulo's strong suit. I'm sure once they're in private, and if she mentions something, he'll feel bad for how he worded it. Though I still support him getting over her. She really does need more interpersonal relationships that don't revolve around attraction. Paulo's that guy that you're like " He talks like an asshole, but he has a heart of gold and will do anything in his power to help a friend"


Comment ID #19539

Lucy hasn't really shown Paulo who she is besides being a pretty face. The only ones that have seen who she is on the insode is her family, August and Mike. I could be wrong here


Comment ID #19540

i don't rlly see this as Paulo just saying he only sees Lucy as hot and nothing else, it reads more as "she's really attractive but i don't feel that way about her anymore" lmao

Lily Hoyda  

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