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Veronica: “WHY ARE YOU EMBARRASSING ME” she says as she shrieks in the public hallway.

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Comment ID #19372

Might be a poor choice of words there Lucy. <<;;

Keiran Gold  

Comment ID #19373

It's hard to let yourself be happy after feeling so low that you'd think about ending it all.

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #19374

Now BOTH the cats are having breakdowns. Gettin' real spicy.

Robert Davis  

Comment ID #19375

Not until you're at least, AT LEAST, out of highschool Lucy. No they're not =w=


Comment ID #19376

Lucy not wanting to inconvenience her friends/family vs her family not wanting to push her until things are boiling over


Comment ID #19377

Crying and throwing up rn


Comment ID #19378

I’m here for all the drama


Comment ID #19379

:( I understand her frustration but…yeah, I’m sorry Lucy, things can’t just go back to “normal” again.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #19380

Oh Lucy 😢🥺 I know it’s hard to understand but they’re doing this cause they care. Jordan feels like he failed you and you almost dying scared him.


Comment ID #19381

I like never expect where this comic goes


Comment ID #19382

Exactly what I mentioned a couple pages ago, Lucy doesnt want to be given special treatment and not many do in these cases.

Red Miso  

Comment ID #19383

Time for big bro Jord to step it up


Comment ID #19384

I can understand where Lucy's coming from. It's really upsetting when people make you feel like you have a problem. Even if it's true.


Comment ID #19385

oh my god I haaaaate when people only talk to me when they see I'm having a rough mental health moment, and they treat it like a chore >:( I also hate it when people give me no breathing room and force me to talk about something I'm going through on their terms lol. I could be projecting A Lot here but I just feel awful for Lucy either way


Comment ID #19386

:( there‘s just no easy solution for anyone in this. it‘s tough.


Comment ID #19387

Lol Lucy... no you will never live that down. Everyone who cares will always know just how capable you are of making the decision to harm yourself if you are pushed far enough and just want to support you so it never happens again. At least until they are sure you have healed and moved forward properly first, then they can worry a little less.

On the flip side I do understand that she doesnt necessarily want to tell Jordan about the kiss with Mike cause he will probably want to kill him ...


Comment ID #19388

Jordan is being a good brother here, even if he might be jumping the gun a bit. He noticed that something must have happened to Lucy recently and can skip a mall day to check on her - and he doesn't act like he's making some huge sacrifice to do it (I feel like Madison's "I'm sorry" doesn't help his case though).

I also relate to Lucy not wanting people to miss out for her sake, and the urge to bring things back to normal. Being reminded of your lowest points can be mortifying. I didn't really like Augustus's way of bringing it up, but Jordan's heart is in the right place.

There really isn't a wand-waving fix to make things back to normal, but things won't get better if no one listens or reaches out, which I feel would be much worse in the long run than getting embarrassed for a moment.


Comment ID #19389

Jordan is talking about the time when Lucy almost smash their NBA Jam Tournament Edition arcade machine they have in their basement from a fit of rage, because he beat her several times using Bill Clinton & Al Gore.


Comment ID #19390

I 100% read that as A.I. Gore, like Artificial Intelligence Gore, and now I refuse to unsee a cybernetic former VP destroying small kids at video games. In the background, Clinton cheers him on relentlessly.

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #19391

Has Lucy ever lashed out like this towards people genuinely and actively concerned, all be it forward, about her???

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #19392

Mostly just at Mike when they were still on good terms, but Paulo has definitely experienced this, and I think Daisy has too.

Still a somewhat new situation since Jordan doesn’t have any other potential reasons for helping.

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #19393

Honestly I don't blame her I'D be upset and embarrassed too if my problems were just brought up front and center in the middle of a crowded school hallway with plenty of onlookers. It's hella embarrassing. Even if the whole school knows she tried to off herself they don't need to hear the rest of her personal problems this is being brought up and pressed in the wrong space and they're ignoring how she feels which is funny because they're trying to act on how she feels right now. Lash out as much as u want girl.

Keat On  

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