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Veronica: I wonder if Paulo has noticed the feeling of deja vu.

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Red Miso

Mmm delicious delicious hard facts going back and forth

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Girl can’t even walk home and have a casual conversation. Paulo trying to drag Lucy back to the situation that almost killed her months ago. Why is everyone defending Paulo?! How DARE he make this about him. Lucy TRIED TO KILL HERSELF A FEW MONTHS AGO. She has every god damn right to distance herself from people. To try and avoid people that cause her stress. If she decides that group (which is full of drama!!!) is too much for her SHE HAS THE RIGHT. SHE IS ALLOWED TO DO DO THIS. Sorry Paulo, I know you care about her but stop trying to drag her to a group that she doesn’t want to be a part of anymore. She wants to grow up and move on and leave the past in the past. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MOVE ON, you are allowed to change your friends, you are allowed to move away from people who hurt you.


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People are defending because we have been on either or both sides of this type of thing before. Just because you might not be the one going through it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt you to see someone you care about suffering in silence.

It's a horrible feeling having to sit there and watch your loved ones in such a dark place not knowing if its right for you to respect their privacy or try to pull them out. Every single action you take you have to second guess if this is right and unlike other hard decisions if you mess this up the one you care about could die!

The amount of adults who cant handle this is high enough already let alone hormonal teenagers. Could you really sit there and be ok with your friend doing this? If they left to find new friends like you said they absolutely have the right to do so, if you can watch them walk away so easily can you really even say you cared or they were really a friend?

Red Miso  

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This chapter echoes some of the other chapters:


The one where Mike tells everyone what he did... Daisy conforts him and Paulo attacks Mike

The one where Lucy and Paulo went to the carnival

Are some of the ones that come to mind.

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There are better ways to show you care then bringing up the past. From experience having the past be brought up constantly even though one has moved on is very painful.


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I resonate with this. Thank you for sharing.

Mobius Gopherhole  

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Paulo is the main character of this comic


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Paulo: WHY!!!!


Paulo: Oh yeah, we did, didn’t we.


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stop it lucy! paulo has the high ground!


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He's not wrong though


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Hot take: hormonal teenagers are still people with valid feelings and problems, no matter what their neurochemistry is at any given time, and that doesn't make their mental or interpersonal situation more trivial than anyone else's

Mobius Gopherhole  

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Ok , now we need Mike passing near and the dish Is ready

Filias Nox  

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