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Author commentary

Veronica: Man, somalis are a powerful drug huh

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #20105

everyone breathe, we made it through

Sircreepalot 2  

Comment ID #20106

Good for daisy im glad she got some closure and i sure mike likes having someone to confide in

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #20107

oh? is she saying that kiss confirmed she doesn't have feelings for him anymore?


Comment ID #20108

I'm glad it looks like she got these Feelings™ out with


Comment ID #20109

Also maybe some long-held feelings about Sandy, and perhaps even herself...... and Paulo?? B]

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #20110

What is going on

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #20111

This is interesting!!!!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #20112

I hope this is good but that shot of Daisy being like ‘this confirmed everything’ seems ominous 🤨


Comment ID #20113

Paulo better watch out lol

Audrey Wilson  

Comment ID #20114

Mickles is cute when he smiles


Comment ID #20115

This confirmed for her that she never really liked Mike and really only wanted him because she wanted something that Sandy had.


Comment ID #20116

But she kissed him already during the carnival... I guess she was just doing something to prove to herself that guys like her or something right? 🤔


Comment ID #20117

She kissed him at the carnival yes, but remember she was instantly rejected. Kissing someone and having them return that kiss is a much different feeling than kissing them and then flat out being pushed away.


Comment ID #20118

She can both feel the way you described and have genuine feelings for Mike

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #20119


Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20120

On to Paulo and Lucy?


Comment ID #20121

this was such a cute interaction. and im glad my paulo x daisy heart was not broken


Comment ID #20122

Girlboss daisy moments


Comment ID #20123

(DJ Khalid voice) Another one!

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #20124

klasfjd really hope this is actually okay


Comment ID #20125

"This was fun" lolol


Comment ID #20126

Daisy's Mind: Oh thank god I don't have to worry about you anymore!


Comment ID #20127

Anyway Paulo and Daisy should get married


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