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Oliver: And again!

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Comment ID #20281

Omg ur kidding me pls load


Comment ID #20282



Comment ID #20283

I love the old anime style facial expression Paulo has in the big panel. Sooo good


Comment ID #20284

Oh, this kills me


Comment ID #20285

What, you thought it would be that easy? This is high school. NOTHING is easy


Comment ID #20286

and there it is. she snapped. now paulo is going to snap back


Comment ID #20287

And there it is. She doubled down.


Comment ID #20288

I’m not surprised by this reaction at all honestly.


Comment ID #20289

I was kinda hoping for this though. Give us ALL the drama


Comment ID #20290

Ah, the complete opposite situation as Mike and Daisy.


Comment ID #20291



Comment ID #20292

I mean isn’t she doing it all for Paulo’s sake


Comment ID #20293

I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. She clearly doesn't want to be the cause of the group splitting up... But damn Paulo tries so hard.


Comment ID #20294

Yeah like literally on the Ferris wheel she was talking about how shitty of a person she is. I feel like she’s so scared of being co dependent she’s being self destructive


Comment ID #20295



Comment ID #20296

Damn. Now Lucy is being difficult. I didn't wanna hate on her but now both Mike AND her are making this so hard.

Ella Cromeens  

Comment ID #20297

Lucy nooooo


Comment ID #20298

Classic Lucy, arguing instead of opening up. Again, we saw this earlier with her and her brother.


Comment ID #20299

It's those creeping old feelings coming to lay over you like a cozy blanket. You can't escape it, but sometimes you aren't even trying.

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #20300

NOOOO Lucy why?? This is totally in character for you but still, whyyyy?

Katie W  

Comment ID #20301

Augustus was right, all that progress she had made is gone.


Comment ID #20302

Well that's disappointing...I feel like Mike really got rid of all of her growth and now we're back to square 1


Comment ID #20303

To be honest, I do not think it is that simple. Yes Mike did have a profound part, but, she felt this with him, without him, and while he was away from her and she avoided him she probably held such feelings about the group for a while.

I feel like there will be more coming from her about how she views them and Mike separately, for , unfortunately, she does damn herself in some way Im How she did treat Mike before hand and she will still have some Bittersweet feelings both before and after the incident...

There is alot of complicated feelings..


Comment ID #20304

She's been closed off for ages


Comment ID #20305

what are you DOING LUCY


Comment ID #20306

i feel so bad for paulo always getting pushed around and yelled at… dude just wants to help!!


Comment ID #20307

It did become a fight. Great. /s. Lucy's completely within her rights here, no matter why or for whom she's doing it. No much thing as people who are "meant" to be friends forever. If Lucy hadn't insisted the same from Mike, December might not have happened. Instead, pushed into a corner, claws come out.


Comment ID #20308

You need a red key to open this door


Comment ID #20309

Not unexpected, but certainly unfortunate. Some habits are too hard to break.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #20310

Fucks sake Lucy


Comment ID #20311

She does need help though.


Comment ID #20312

It is disappointing that she's doubling down on isolating herself but not surprising. I love Paolo for trying but honestly there's a big reoccurring theme here of Lucy getting grabbed, and continuously pushed when she asks for space and communicates she doesn't want to talk about something. You can see the pressure on her mounting pretty hard throughout this comic and her trying to retreat before snapping. It sucks because Paolo is also right to think if he doesn't push, this conversation might simply never happen, but sadly, Lucy's actually not in a good place for more sudden stress and having a make a sudden split decision about the future of the group...


Comment ID #20313

Yeah this pretty much sums it up

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #20314

Mike slammed Paulo's face into the table.

Lucy slammed Paulo into the ferris wheel

I dunno if Paulo should be either of their friend :/


Comment ID #20315

Paulo got a bunch of people in jr. high to beat and bully Mike

He probably gave Mike a swirly according to the last chapter

TL;DR: They're all bad for each other! Haha


Comment ID #20316

Color palette continues to be gorgeous. I'm glad I wasn't taken off guard by the turn of events, that would've hurt way more tbh.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20317

Can you blame her? Of course they don't seem like her friends.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20318

BCB is so good at delivering how painful and shitty life as teenager can be in a way that feels so real, my heart aches for these kids and their struggles… I just want them to be happy adults …… Also I wonder how Paulo will react this time here? Impulsive with anger? Or like Sue did with Mike, in a disappointed and sad way?


Comment ID #20319

While I empathize with what Paulo is trying to do here, and I know this will hurt him deeply, Lucy does have every right to choose her friends. And if she doesn't want to be buddy buddy with this group anymore, it's sad but that's life! In her eyes, the lunch table already picked a side and it wasn't hers! This may not be the healthiest choice for her in the near future (since Augustus will graduate soon and he can't be with her constantly anyway), but it is still her choice to make regardless.

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #20320

and thats why when someone says they dont want to talk you respect it, not hold them there and insist


Comment ID #20321

Paulo had the best intentions, but today was not the day for him to push her.


Comment ID #20322

Paulo...Just. Walk away now. She didn't want to have this conversation right now, please leave her be.


Comment ID #20323

Paulo: Okay.

Lucy: Good! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Paulo: ……….Let us help you, Lucy!

Lucy: AAUGH!!!!


Comment ID #20324



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