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Veronica: Ugh, the kind concerned comfort.. stop being so nice, STOP BEING NICE OKAY.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #20663

Not mike being paulos lucy rebound… SICK!!!!


Comment ID #20664



Comment ID #20665

I'm wheezing lmfao


Comment ID #20666

I approve of this


Comment ID #20667

Well if anything, Mike can help keep Paulo away from Lucy.


Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #20668

Come on Mike! Make out with another childhood friend~


Comment ID #20669

And sound effects do what Lucy couldn't: Stab Paulo.

....please don't hurt me, I love that big disaster cat

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #20670

The MikexPaulo shippers getting their yearly drop of water to stop the ship from burning down

Red Miso  

Comment ID #20671

LMAO big same Paulo

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #20672

Nooo show Lucy you were serious and keep walking! It hasn't been that long, she's probably still in eyesight of this mess.


Comment ID #20673

ahaha love it


Comment ID #20674

Aww the scrunkly doos the scrimblos

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20675

Oh, they're so cute! I love how their friendship has developed. This chapter has driven home the point that none of our teenage angst kitties are perfect, but they all deserve love and support from one another. 💕

Ara Scythe  

Comment ID #20676

It's so nice to see Mike looking out for a friend


Comment ID #20677

Wonder if he's gonna start getting better at that, now that he's not staring at his phone constantly and putting Sandy above all else. Whether or not Mike actually breaks off the relationship at this point, it's clear that his perfect ideal view of Sandy no longer exists, and either way, he might hopefully be able to start working on damage control for the way he had effectively brushed off and hurt the people he considers his friends.


Comment ID #20678

What a perfect page to summarize the way the issues between them all can be very cyclical in nature...! Paulo must be having a moment of stinging awareness of how, despite one's best efforts to encourage others to rely on you and open up, it's just so easy to react emotionally and protectively when being talked to-! The kneejerk response to experiencing high emotions is often to be protective and guarded, push people away — because it's just so embarrassing and painful to be spectated when crying-!! Especially because of rejection and the like...

I wonder if Paulo will rethink his choice to turn Mike away, with some self-awareness that he's more or less doing what Lucy just did to him? I could see Paulo not wanting to repeat this and push Mike away in parallel to Lucy, like a real 'be the bigger person' moment. Though also he could shove off and choose to talk to Mike later in the future, hmm...~

(I've really been loving this chapter collectively btw, just one of those chaps that have me on the edge of my seat just about every update and relishing in every line of dialogue and every messy choice a character makes. Everyone's having quite a whirlwind of a day today huh.. ToT Can't wait to see more-!!)

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #20679

I agree! I do think he’ll talk to him due to the self-awareness however I wonder how he’ll maneuver the fact that moments ago he was willing to drop Mike as a friend? This has to be awkward

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #20680

Paulo can't stay mad at those green eyes.


Comment ID #20681

The hypocrite arrow is my new favorite character


Comment ID #20682

Thankful that we get "I'm not that ugly lol" instead of "lay off, fruitcake" (Leaving Home chapter). He still deflects into jokes, but they trend lighthearted and about himself now. Not that he didn't just turn on Lucy, but his base nature is sweet and kind.


Comment ID #20683

Delicious! kindness from the guy he was offering to abandon moments ago


Comment ID #20684

Man Paulo, imagine how the previous scene could have gone if you had said 'I can't force you to talk but I'm here if you ever need it' instead of grabbing a girl with assault ptsd by the shoulders and demanding she tell you right now what happened and who to be friends with and screaming 'what's wrong with you' in her face when she won't! Makes you think!


Comment ID #20685

Goes to show that even the poster boy of growth and maturity for BCB still has plenty of room to learn and grow~


Comment ID #20686


Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #20687

Mike's famous last words, before he got his face caved in.


Comment ID #20688

In all honestly lucy hardcore rejection towards Paulo is probably partially due to the fact that mike told Lucy to face it because her dumb rebound didn’t even love her. Why else would there be that hesitation towards accepting that she doesn’t need to protect Mike.


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