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Veronica: I just realised this entire page has no faces lmao

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Tell them!!!


Comment ID #20231

Paulo is a good friend


Comment ID #20232

Not to mike lmao

Alex Covey  

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Comment ID #20234

And then Daisy and Paula can talk to each other and talk to them again XD


Comment ID #20235

I believe if you think this person is bad, you should make your own call to drop them and not go off anothers choice. However asking for anothers opinion on the matter and making sure their voice is heard is a very mature thing.

Red Miso  

Comment ID #20236

:( i like that he's asking this but also i worry that it puts the burden on lucy to be the bad guy bc then paulo can say "lucy asked me to"


Comment ID #20237

man I hope she isn't still of the mind that they're no longer her friends ?? they're all a lot more chill about Augustus now, so it's not like she can use that excuse, right?


Comment ID #20238

Now Lucy will say something completely different from what you want to hear, Paulo =/

Rockfur Fox  

Comment ID #20239

Lucy: BLOOOOOD!!!!

Paulo: O_O


Comment ID #20240

I appreciate the sentiment but what a horrible position this is putting Lucy in. Mike once threatened to take all her friends away and it made Lucy feel awful. Now Paulo is offering to do the same to Mike on her behalf. Lucy's tried to avoid anyone having to pick sides by taking herself out of the equation altogether but Paulo keeps forcing the topic and it's not going to make Lucy feel any better about anything to see Mike get abandoned.


Comment ID #20241

Ugh, this page hurts ;_; Thank you


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Magnolia Porter  

Comment ID #20243

Paulo clearly means well but I wonder who he's referring to when he says 'we'. I wonder if he'd be surprised to know not everyone would have Lucy's back in this at all. Especially considering what we just saw from Daisy...


Comment ID #20244

man I hope she isn't still of the mind that they're no longer her friends ☹️ they're all a lot more chill about Augustus now, so it's not like she can use that excuse, right?


Comment ID #20245

I don’t feel like anyones been this direct with her since Zachary


Comment ID #20246


Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20247

What say you, Luce??


Comment ID #20248

Isn't this the VERY THING Mike ended up resenting? Everyone going against him because he hurt Lucy's feelings, "cheated" on her? All that done to him WELL before he began to start lashing out after years of bottling his feelings on the matter? Bottling his feelings of resentment on Lucy? How he lashed out on everyone for ALWAYS taking her side?

This isn't going to end well no matter what.


Comment ID #20249

As a reader, I'm very glad that Paulo is pushing her on this. I would like some sort of resolution to this, even if that takes the form of comeuppance. IN-universe, I'm upset for Lucy AND Mike. I feel like "Good-Guy" Paulo took her snipe about still talking to Mike personally. Paulo wants to be consistent in his defense of the downtrodden, which has been a part of his ethics since Tess. I think that's why he's willing to just throw Mike away... to "prove" it.


Comment ID #20250

I think the way Paulo is wording it puts a lot of pressure on lucy. I know Paulo means very well. Either way it'll make lucy feel worst that it's still a pick or choose which side you're in.


Comment ID #20251

He has a point tho. She never reached out to them about anything. And that hurts.

Asher Noir  

Comment ID #20252

That's because Mike made her really believe she had no friends. Lucy was so used to not having friends and not being liked by people at such a young age and that sorta stuck with her. So of course she was quick to believe it.


Comment ID #20253

I swear mature Paulo is just chef kisses


Comment ID #20254

Paulo is pressuring her so much he really sees things in only black and white hdgsh

Lily Hoyda  

Comment ID #20255

this hurtssss this hurts


Comment ID #20256

Everyone is so hype on his leaving Mike piece but are ignoring that Paulo is literally giving her the option to voice what she wants. She might very well say not to abandon Mike, but as it stands currently nobody knows what Lucy is thinking. The group defaulted to Mike after the incident. This is the perfect opportunity to get some insight to what Lucy is feeling.

Aesthete Noire  

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