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Veronica: Madison’s word-vomit getting Jordan in the “oh i guess i’m a pretty bad brother actually” feels WHOOPS

tfw jordan cares more about madison’s feelings than lucy

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Comment ID #19307

is this the beginning of an amazing Maddie and Lucy BROTP


Comment ID #19308

They could seriously be the best of friends or bitter enemies which one will it be


Comment ID #19309

Wow Maddie! Now THAT is some character development


Comment ID #19310

~? Growth?~


Comment ID #19311

Quick! Everyone pretend you weren't talking about Lucy!


Comment ID #19312

Look at these friends, keeping an eye out for each other. Good kids


Comment ID #19313

I definitely feel like Madison may like her if they hang out :D

I can understand her being uncomfortable around Lucy with Jess having liked her ON TOP of her being compared to Lucy by Lucy's friends; I think it's mature of her to put herself in Jordan's shoes and include her despite how she feels!!


Comment ID #19314

I feel like she and Lucy could really be the best of friends. Lucy has grown a lot during her absence, but I wonder if she's still reluctant to make new friends and connections.


Comment ID #19315

I'm starting to wonder if the chapter title is less about Mike and Lucy reaffirming the distance between them and more about Jordan poaching Augustus as a friend and leaving Lucy without her "double" as backup.


Comment ID #19316


LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #19317

~☆ Growth☆~


Comment ID #19318

Madison: YOU! (grabs a fire axe from the school’s emergency case)

Lucy: YIPE! (runs away)

Madison: COME BACK HERE! (chases after her)


Comment ID #19319

I really hope this is a chapter about reaffirming the Mike/Lucy distance, Mike realizing his relationship sucks, and Lucy starting to make new friends.


Comment ID #19320

I hope Madison and Lucy become friends! and that Lucy gets a new group of friends as well!! As much as I love the OG group, I think Lucy beginning to branch out and hang out with new friends would be good for her!


Comment ID #19321

Pleeeeease let this chapter be about Lucy being adopted into a new friend group and befriending Madison


Comment ID #19322

They are all such good people at their age omg 😭 Madison is such an understanding person even if she does have hang ups she's willing to help someone who needs it. She must be protected just as much 🥲


Comment ID #19323

Yo. You think Jordan makes that face because he might feel like he's been failing in the brother department when it comes to looking out for Lucy???

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #19324

Honestly I feel like he has. He's quick to threaten Lucy's male friends, but slow to actually be there for her or stick with her. Dude seriously let her walk to school alone without even offering a ride.


Comment ID #19325

Wholesome mall adventure when?

Robert Davis  

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