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Author commentary

Veronica: Sorry guys you’re not getting an epic mall outing, that’s too plot-irrelevant to depict and also I don’t want to draw mall backgrounds :) BACK TO THE OTHER MAIN CHARACTER I’M SURE YOU’RE ALL VERY EXCITED TO SEE HIM AGAIN

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #19541

Oh, what's this?

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #19542

Ooooh this page is real pretty

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #19543

Dun dun dun??


Comment ID #19544

You know when those guys on the Titanic first spotted the Iceberg? Yeah


Comment ID #19545

Oh no, danger's back


Comment ID #19546

Is he at sandys school? Since hes walking towards as others leave hmm hmm... or hes waiting on lucy


Comment ID #19547

The anticipation is killing me. I hope it'll last.

F'real though, this chapter has been incredible! And we've seen a lot of development in the last few with these characters. I think the loose ends are starting to be picked up, ready to be tied in a nice, pink bow. Or maybe a scarf, I dunno. In any case, great job! This is a really slick looking page.

Robert Davis  

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Comment ID #19549

I gotta say I love the colors here

Red Miso  

Comment ID #19550

Uh... Mike? "home" is the other way


Comment ID #19551

Mike: No Way Home

Robert Davis  

Comment ID #19552

it looks like the entrance to the library in "December" to me. Why is he sort of hesitating to go in there though? is he reluctantly meeting up with someone? Is he going to research mental health books maybe?


Comment ID #19553

I kinda like the library theory. Homeboy studying


Comment ID #19554

Mike: (sigh) When are they going to open that damn Barnes & Noble already, I'm tired of going to the school library all the goddamn time!


Comment ID #19555

Ohhh, I love the colors of this page. They're so beautiful! ??Really evokes those early sunsets of wintertime


Comment ID #19556

ahhh the palette of this page is being remarked on multiple times, and with good reason. very captivating and vivid... *excitedly on the edge of my seat for what is to come!*

Bird Bell  

Comment ID #19557

Dun dun dun👀


Comment ID #19558

Ohhh, I love the colors of this page. They're so beautiful! 😻Really evokes those early sunsets of wintertime


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