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Veronica: Looks like you’re not studying, Michael.

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Comment ID #19581

I love how the background fades when Mike is stuck with his own thoughts. There’s been such great background detail this chapter.


Comment ID #19582

Maybe Mike will confide in Daisy as to what is going on?


Comment ID #19583

I hope Mike confides in Daisy. She's really matured lately so I think she won't try to go for him, but Mike definitely needs to talk to someone.


Comment ID #19584

This is gonna be incredible, can't wait to see them talk this through!

Robert Davis  

Comment ID #19585

I love that he just wants to sit with his friend. Even if he’s feeling shitty, even if he just went there to study by himself. He saw a friend and wanted company. And daisy makes great friendly company.


Comment ID #19586

That fade to grey is amazing

Red Miso  

Comment ID #19587

Mike is thinking up ways to ruin his relationship further


Comment ID #19588

seeing that Mike is still being accepted as friend is kind of sweet of Daisy. bruh better not try any weird stunts like he did with Lucy tho 🔪 … I actually don‘t really (want to) think he‘d go for something like this after what happened recently, but on the other hand he‘s in a pretty bad spot right now … aah, good ol teenage years full of suffering. don‘t miss em. :|


Comment ID #19589

I'm actually really excited for some Mike and Daisy interactions, because I feel like we see the two of them fewer times than we see any other combo of the main 4. I can't predict where this will go at all and it's great


Comment ID #19590

Go home Mike, you're drunk


Comment ID #19591

Oh man. This chapter is killing me! I can’t wait for Monday!

Ginger Shark  

Comment ID #19592

I really sympathise with Mike, when I was in a toxic relationship I in turn became quite toxic and hurt some of my friends and family. Once cutting toxic people out of my life I’ve worked on my own toxic behaviours and apologised to anyone I hurt. Sandy may not be toxic and I am forgiving to someone so young but the relationship is having toxic affects on Mike and I have hope that he will grow and learn and apologise!

Rei Hall  

Comment ID #19593

I'm not sure if Daisy would be so good to confide in about his relationship with Sandy. Though, it does seem she's gotten over her huge crush on Michael and no longer gets down when Sandy is brought up, so she could be the best to confide in, in that case.

I do hope he apologizes for how he's been treating her the past few months, though...

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #19594

Daisy's being a sweetie :) I like their friendship when it's not messed up or having romantic undertones, lol

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #19595

Unknown to Daisy, Mike is terrible at math.


Comment ID #19596

Time for trouble :)


Comment ID #19597

Next scene, word vomit


Comment ID #19598

Yes Mike, you can ask for help with more than just your studies. But perhaps it would be worth starting with an apology. In any case, I'm very glad that he remembered that he still has friends

Rockfur Fox  

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