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Comment ID #20731

Yeah sure you would Paulo


Comment ID #20732

Oh right actions could have consequences, huh

Emma Breslauer  

Comment ID #20733

I guess Paulo isn't punch Mike then


Comment ID #20734

Starting to realize the decision isn't easy for you to make, let alone force someone else to make for you, huh?


Comment ID #20735

You know what they say talk is cheap

Red Miso  

Comment ID #20736

Guess we'll have to wait another chapter for Mike to be held accountable for his shitty actions

Ella Cromeens  

Comment ID #20737

I wondered when he would think about what he said. Two seconds ago you were going to drop him but now you’re realizing it’s not that simple. What’s your next move Paulo? Cuz, you’re evidently the only one growing among these cats. Be the voice of reason!

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #20738

I‘m kind of proud of Paulo that he‘s at least realizing his own words.


Comment ID #20739

Here's the thing about "I'll stop being his friend": it's EXTREMELY unhealthy. Being forced to choose between two friends is a rather immature mindset, and Paulo knows that. He also knows that both Lucy and Mike have been wronged by the other, and that they have valid reasons to be upset even as they try to reconcile. But what Paulo needs to understand (and what took me a VERY long time to learn) is that he can't act as a mediator between Lucy and Mike if his intentions are just to ease his own conflict. He has to want them to reconcile for their sake, not his. And like it or not, that's not his motivation here.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #20740

It feels like ages since we've actually seen Mike happy again


Comment ID #20741

Like it or not Paulo, Lucy does need to lean on people who aren't close to Mike right now for both their sakes. And that's not you.


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Comment ID #20743

Well Paulo perhaps it's realising that she's not worth it.


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Comment ID #20745

Well, not like Mike wouldn't have it coming.


Comment ID #20746

Dammit, Paulo! You blew it!


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