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Veronica: Yeowch.

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Sircreepalot 2  

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Comment ID #20494

The second hit hurts worse


Comment ID #20495

He kinda deserved it he went to far but I understand he feels incredibly hurt by lucy so hes just trying to hurt her back

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #20496

I think it’s a little more complicated than that…I can’t really blame her considering what Paulo just said tho!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #20497

She litterally yelled at Jess and Rachel for using him like this, so she definitely knows how this will hit him.


Comment ID #20498

Aw geez


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Comment ID #20500

Holy SHIT, that's a devastating way to end the conversation. He's gonna be destroyed by this, goddamn!

(Totally didn't post this on the last update by mistake, no way)

Jack Guidera  

Comment ID #20501

Guess she sees it as smacking sense into him, which I can understand


Comment ID #20502

Everyones getting hurt today

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #20503

will smith and now this…


Comment ID #20504

2022 - The year of the slap!


Comment ID #20505

And the hurting continues. Whhyyt can’t we resolve this already 😫

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #20506

Good talk! I think that went well!


Comment ID #20507

The sass walk though


Comment ID #20508

So this is confirmation that Lucy and Paulo have gone all the way? I wasn't sure before but now.. I really must've missed that somewhere. Was it implied after the play? Was it in the short time they were back stage together? Was it in a side comic I missed?


Comment ID #20509

Yep it happened during the play when they were alone for a bit backstage. A non-canon BCI vampire joke comic confirmed it (vampire Mike bit Lucy and was aghast to find she was not a virgin) and then in canon, it was heavily implied that they went all the way backstage when Lucy and Paulo were talking on the ferris wheel. And now we've got 100% definite confirmation in these pages!

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #20510

I didn’t interpret it that way; I thought the “too” was more of a “You’ve been hanging around August so long, it must mean you must also be sleeping with him.”


Comment ID #20511

But I could be wrong… I guess I’m just surprised it wasn’t brought up before.


Comment ID #20512

Oh wow! I have to reread that chapter!


Comment ID #20513

I figured the bci vampire joke was referring to the other bci comic "Another December" where they did go all the way. I Dont think the bci are canon to the actual comic. That's kinda the point of them. What if scenarios.


Comment ID #20514

Paulo: Oh fr? On god? Just like that?

orgasm donor  

Comment ID #20515

As real as she was messing around with Augustus. Which is only half-true at most. Basically she's trashing him back.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #20516

sorry, but if paulo tries helping her after that, then that is on him, unless she apologized that is...


Comment ID #20517

Annnnd bridge burned, well done everyone :/


Comment ID #20518

Oh wow….. I have no sassy reply to that…


Comment ID #20519

Lucy: "I felt sorry for you."

Jordan: "Paulo's someone I feel kinda bad for honestly."

It seems like Paulo is always trying to act a certain way than he actually is for appearance reasons. If he could just put all that aside and be who he really is I feel like he'd actually be able to say the right things.


Comment ID #20520

Wow that was honestly such a bitch thing to say. This is what happens when teens are full of emotions and don't know how to handle shit


Comment ID #20521

so wait... did Paulo and Lucy have sex in the dressing room in the play!?


Comment ID #20522

I don't know. People in the comments seem to think so through context.. But im not completely convinced. He could be referring to when they almost did it in "Another Shoulder"


Comment ID #20523

Uggghhhh reread the last few pages, I don't know what to believe now hahaha


Comment ID #20524

Eee-yep! Page 20 of After You mentions a BCI vampire comic that "makes sense now" - I won't spoil, but given the context, it means Lucy and Paulo did the do!

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #20525

i though they just were making out in that chapter??? they DID IT???


Comment ID #20526

Damn she just straight up lied.

Ella Cromeens  

Comment ID #20527

Honestly, I feel bad for both of them. Lucy is trying separate herself from her old /"Ex"-Friends, and Paulo just wants to be there for her/be With her bc he thought that maybe she wanted him too. Lucy leading him on/giving him hope for them to be a couple wasn't cool, but as someone who was very much in Lucy's place before, I understand the whole "might as well give everyone what they want/make them happy before I go out with a bang" regardless of how it makes yourself feel.

Honestly tho, at this point they're just lashing out at each other just to hurt each other with their own hurt. They need to walk away from each other and maybe one day far in the future after some proper therapy they can actually rebuild a friendship again. #GiveTheseKidsTherapy'22


Comment ID #20528

Daily reminder that no one deserves to be physically assaulted since people tend to forget that lmao


Comment ID #20529

Honestly he had it coming with what he was saying

Buff Duck Artz  

Comment ID #20530

Damn, good page. very cinematic

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20531

🥲 yeoouuch


Comment ID #20532

Is she saying she only slapped him cause she felt sorry for him or she only came crawling to him because she felt sorry for him?


Comment ID #20533

I think she means she rejected his request to be his girlfriend because she felt sorry for him. I don't know if it's because Paulo's so insecure, he needs to flirt to feel wanted, or Lucy's own baggage.

Lucy's currently struggling between her own self-worth and the things Mike told her that made her terrible. Lucy WAS out of control and mean, but Mike didn't handle it very maturely either. She didn't trust anyone from the get-go... Mike was the only one, and she was too "tsundere" to share her emotions in a healthy way. She teased him when he was nice, she hit him when he stood up for himself. There was just no winning! When he finally exploded, she... believed him at face value. It doesn't help that none of these kids know how to express themselves without screaming.

It's going to be a long time before Lucy trusts these people again, if ever. She was still bitter about Sandy despite her being out of the picture for 5 years.


Comment ID #20534

pretty sure she's saying she only slept with him because she felt bad for him; in "after you," she admits that she was tiding paulo over because she knew she was leaving, so in this page, she's basically emphasizing that again -- but with the added insult of implying that SHE didn't "need" anything (in reference to paulo saying "augustus is filling those needs") ... paulo did.

vesper v  

Comment ID #20535

Paulo really implied she was sleeping with Augustus for no other reason than to degrade her so like... he fucked around and found out lmao

Lily Hoyda  

Comment ID #20536

dayummmm that's HARSH


Comment ID #20537

Paulo: Wow... I just got slapped by Lucy. This is the greatest moment of my sad life!


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