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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #20826

Is that what?


Comment ID #20827

I'm assuming Sue!


Comment ID #20828

I think this was the point where Mike showed up before the show (and he runs into Paulo outside the door).

Mr. Beard  

Comment ID #20829

I wonder what he wanted to talk about and if they actually got to talk about it after the play

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #20830

He wanted to tell her he was in love with her and wanted to be with her. Paulo says after she leaves that he never got to tell her.


Comment ID #20831

God this sure is one messy situation to say the least


Comment ID #20832

Then 48 or so hours later Paulo woke up in Rachel’s bed. I like the guy but come on- given everything that we now know happened with Lucy before the show he really was not that devoted.

Mr. Beard  

Comment ID #20833

I always hated that, the way he goes on and on about how he “loved her and waited for her”, despite instantly rebounding to Rachel as soon as she left

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #20834

In all fairness you can love multiple people, poly people exist and Paulo could be one of them

Aeryn Monet  

Comment ID #20835

he’s like 16 lmfao

Mac Jude  

Comment ID #20836

devoted to what exactly

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #20837

What a way to end the chapter..


Comment ID #20840

Oh lol, this is the end. I forgot that the page count on the site doesn't reflect the patreon early update. WELL. Interesting to end a chapter on a flashback. Wonder if we'll get an intermission chapter...


Comment ID #20841

God damnit, Lucy breaking my heart. I was in her place once, that cold numb feeling in my chest all the time. It got better. To the young readers who are reading this now- I swear it gets better. Get past high school and it gets so much better. Get into therapy, find yourself friends who make you feel good to be you, and learn to love yourself. It’s going to get better.


Comment ID #20842

Mike: What was Paulo doing in here?

Lucy: He was telling me a story about David slamming face-first into a tree, while swinging on a vine.

Mike: Was it funny?

Lucy: Yes it was.

Great chapter, Taeshi!


Comment ID #20843

What an absolute bombshell of a chapter. It was a lot of fun to follow it so closely and always be joking with the discord "Is this the 'double down?'" Like a little dose of (good) stress every other day. Very glad it ended on a flashback as well. Wonderful job as always, you two :)


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