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Veronica: Get those legs toned, Lucy! Jordan’s actually looking out for you and not being a careless idiot brother as usual!!! I’m sure!!!!!!!

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Comment ID #19004

I am so happy that Augustus is hanging out with people his age. I really wanna see what transpires in the car. :D I am a little worried about Lucy being alone though. There's a chance she'll run into Mike.


Comment ID #19005

Lucy: I know you’re hiding behind those bushes jerkface, come on out!

Mike: I’m not Mike, I’m a chubby lady hiding in the bushes.

Lucy: >:(

Mike: :)


Comment ID #19006

I wanna be happy about Senior shenanigans but I'm worried about Lucy being alone


Comment ID #19007

Cant believe I’ll never see Jessica and Lucy interacting again


Comment ID #19008

Yes Augustus, listen to your little sister


Comment ID #19009

I love the color palette the comics have been using lately but I am especially gay for any early morning or wintery pages, or both at the same time 😭 they make me so nostalgic and the whole cast looks great!!!


Comment ID #19010

also I wanna see both trips to school 👀 I wanna see how Lucy's doing on her own but I'm DYING to see how Augustus does with the seniors crew. I've been hopin for it ever since garb made that Augustus/Matt comic lmao


Comment ID #19011

Lucy should've went with them, because a giant squirrel came out of no where and ate her greasy head.


Comment ID #19012

The way he looks at her in the last panel 🥺 He care her

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #19013

Awww go make real friends Augustus 🥲


Comment ID #19014

I love the emotional support these two give each other. they are each other's people❤️


Comment ID #19015

This is going to be a tough chapter isn’t it?

Ginger Shark  

Comment ID #19016

Will Lucy be okay after what she went through a few chapters ago?

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #19017

Awwww, he's worried about Lucy! My heart! >w<

They are so good to each other! I love seeing a mutually beneficial friendship of people who truly care for each other!! <3

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #19018

theyre soo sweet, there is so much growth and love in lucy’s actions here. she’s absolutely one of my favorite characters of all time and so is augustus


Comment ID #19019

growing up reading this comic has genuinely made me more self critical in the most positive way possible. i owe you guys like 1000000$


Comment ID #19020

Yo. Who wants to bet Rachael gonna make a pass at him 😂

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #19021

oh no don't leave Lucy to walk to school ALONE, mike is going to jump out of the bushes with a shitty non-apology again--


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