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Veronica: :(

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Comment ID #20162

He says 'He told everything'. Her face says 'He didn't say shit'


Comment ID #20163

He’s absolutely right is the thing. Luce, please god don’t push him away now

James Fitzpatrick  

Comment ID #20164

Oooh Paulo. Maybe don't bring up a past that Lucy is still recovering from...


Comment ID #20165

Every. Single. Conversation. With her

Red Miso  

Comment ID #20166

Mmmm trying to understand why Lucy looks mad, and I think it may be because he only knew after the fact and didn't notice when it was happening. Similar argument to earlier with Jordan.


Comment ID #20167

Ah, Lucy does not look happy. At all. I hope she'll be able to handle the situation calmly, instead of lashing out like she used to do.


Comment ID #20168

taeshi please be kind to my heart

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #20169

O_O I'm scared, we're heading for a "closing out" of Lucy's emotions from Paulo again...... EEk I'm so very anxious. I know that look in her eyes.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20170

Please let Paulo be ur friend T_T but this chapter title is very apt so far, so I'm not holding my breath. Time to dive into "doubling down" on blocking out people who could be there for you, and have in the past.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20171

Lucy's like "I don't give a fuck what you say."

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20172

I would love to see Lucy actually open up to someone about this, and about Mike's treatment of her in general. Augustus is the only one that knows and she mostly didn't directly tell him, he had to find out the details through Augustus means.


Comment ID #20173

Tread carefully, Paulo.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #20174

I think there is something interesting coming up. They both admitted being awful in some ways towards each other.

Lucy and Mike.

So, I think this might be something we should really lean in and focus on. Will she be open to show her side in things and be open or be angry at Mike, and Paulo.


Comment ID #20175

I like this page and her ending expression so much because the possible meanings are limitless. She has so much to be bitter about. Why is this the first time anyone's told her his words were bad, if they knew the whole time? Why were they still friends with Mike at all? Hell, why was he the only one? When Sue was regretful about the play, why didn't she say anything? Or Paulo, when on their carnival date? Why did Lucy kiss Mike under the tree anyway? I think the simplest explanation is probably the most true because it's the easiest to call up in an instant: it was terrible. So her face reflects that feeling she'd had, to acknowledge what Paulo is saying. I don't think this is going to become a fight. Might be painful though.


Comment ID #20176

Mike said this, Mike said that. What does Lucy say?

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #20177

Images taken moments before disaster

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #20178

Lucy doesn't look happy about the fact that Mike spilled the beans about something pretty personal between them. She doesn't seem keen to be open to discussing December and probably just wanted to keep it in the past. But since Mike told them about what he did she can't guard that part of herself like she thought? I mean she seems pretty adverse to wanting to bringing it up to literally everyone.


Comment ID #20179

Paulo: And I’m proud of him for it.

Lucy: >:(

Paulo: :)


Comment ID #20180

damn shes pissed lol


Comment ID #20181

Lucy i am begging you, realize you are loved by the people around you. Even if Mike is a dumbass, Paulo cares about how you are just like Jordan and Augustus, dont shut him out.


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