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Veronica: See, Mike? You’re a sinner just like Sandy now!! You don’t need to worry anymore!!

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #20041

Shes crazy for this one I love her

Lee Blackett  

Comment ID #20042

Judging by that smile she's DEFINITELY happy to have helped


Comment ID #20043

Daisy has such a devious side and I love it


Comment ID #20044

Spite is a powerful motivator lol. Good for her.


Comment ID #20045

Daisy speaks calmly, but her expression says 'I am going to f*** you up'


Comment ID #20046

Love everyone for their different motives. Daisy, you get what you want!!

Ashley Velasquez  

Comment ID #20047


LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #20048

girlboss moment


Comment ID #20049

This reminds me of when people (me) were worried about the New Year's Paulo/Jasmine kiss. If they're both ok afterwards then I think it's just closure for them and we can move on.


Comment ID #20050

Thiiiis made me actually like Daisy more. Not only did Mike take advantage of her feelings she did the same back to him while also getting revenge for something as petty as “oh she didn’t remember me! “ She clearly didn’t hear anything Lucy said about the whole doing better and not settling.


Comment ID #20051

I mean it's not the most amazing or mature thing ever, but that she kissed him impulsively and then was able to pull back and joke about it looks like progress for her. That she didn't jump off the deep end of feelings and assumptions like she would have before (yet anyway).

She seems overall more confident in herself and more playful.


Comment ID #20052

I’m cautiously optimistic that she doesn’t jump off the deep end to conclusions


Comment ID #20053

Imagine if Yashy could see them now

Red Miso  

Comment ID #20054

I'm glad Daisy seems to have a grasp on herself after all this. I think that was a "lemme just do this and get over it" thing?


Comment ID #20055

It reminds me a bit of Lorraine kissing Marty in Back to the Future, haha. As soon as she kissed him for real, she lost all attraction to him.

Jack Guidera  

Comment ID #20056

I think daisy got revenge on sandy herself


Comment ID #20057

Daisy has that smirk she got during the carnival date, I feel like this legitimately helped her somehow


Comment ID #20058

are you uh sure about that dais


Comment ID #20059



Comment ID #20060

Evil >:3c

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20061

YES DAISY STICK IT TO SANDY 👏👏 I'm team Let Daisy Do What She Wants. Sometimes being a lil mean and spiteful is ok. As a treat.

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #20062

That SMIRK in the second to last panel! You go kid!


Comment ID #20063

Glad Daisy is okay with this - but I can’t help wondering exactly how this will pan out for Mike now. He has always had conflicting feelings about “being a cheater” and now here he is, having done it! Will he feel more at ease with himself, or will he feel worse with time and reflection about his actions? (Regardless of how anyone feels about what counts as cheating, Mike has self-admitted that a cheek kiss is cheating, so this is from his own perspective!)

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #20064

Daisy: Now let’s go and get even with Lucy!

Mike: Okay.


Comment ID #20065

Daisy owning her feelings yesss


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