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Instant regret :(


Comment ID #20608

Oh man this is rough... Neither of them were right for what they said but damn, overextending your responsibility of other people is an awful burden to bring onto yourself. I remember high school friend groups where people assumed the best for each other and it led to an overtly toxic friend group without having noticed.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #20609

Aw, Paulo... :(

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20610

Poor little sad boi


Comment ID #20611

oh paulo :c so the wrong lesson to take


Comment ID #20612

He’s defo talking about Daisy in the last panel

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #20613

Poor Paulo. But no baby that last line is not it.

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #20614

I don't know if this is about Lucy or even Daisy at this point. It's about his mom. This kid needs therapy so bad.


Comment ID #20615

I completely forgot about his mom abandoning him as a kid. I just wanna hug him, he definitely needs therapy, he doesn't need to prove himself the way he thinks he does for acceptance. 🥺


Comment ID #20616

oh my god. this poor kid...


Comment ID #20617

oh paulo my poor sweet dumb idiot boy

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #20618

Noooo, Paulo, nooooo... It's really not you. :(

Paulo really needs some support with his worth issues. He thinks he has to be a certain way to be "good enough" for others... That's not healthy. Though he has made efforts to change for the better in general, it needs to be for himself.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #20619

Oh no. Paulo. Please don't do something you will regret...

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #20620

It's good that he can at least acknowledge that what he said was out of line.


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Comment ID #20622

I feel so bad for my boi

Josue Aquino  

Comment ID #20623

Oh no oh sweet Paulo no

The Orangewalled  

Comment ID #20624

Oh, you fool. You're more than good enough. That was never the problem.


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I wonder if we're going to get a shot of Lucy feeling the same way-- Or if she really is just okay with what she said.

Emi Koizumi  

Comment ID #20627

If she was okay then she didn't grow very well as a character in terms of toxicity.


Comment ID #20628

Paulo: Shut up, Mike!

Mike: I’m not Mike, I’m your uh conscience…(runs away)

Paulo: ……….


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Leroy Fontaine  

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