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Comment ID #20631

Oh!! I bet this is going to go super duper well!!!!!!!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #20632

I'm sure this will go well and nothing bad will happen


Comment ID #20633

the mike x paulo truthers are either gonna eat good soon, or face their largest famine in history

Sue H.  

Comment ID #20634


Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #20635

now you two kiss


Comment ID #20636

Honestly this friendship is the one I care most about in the comic at this point, I love it when they can be bros to each other. They have a lot to settle but they have a genuine care for one another and lots of sweet moments together

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #20637

Either Mike's gonna need lip balm, or some stitches before this chapter ends...

orgasm donor  

Comment ID #20638

Or both.


Comment ID #20639

Ah yes my OTP. KISS


Comment ID #20640

There are two futures before us and they're totally dependent on which character doubles down first


Comment ID #20641

It's Paulo's turn to get his kiss.


Comment ID #20642

God I wish ??


Comment ID #20643

I knew it lmao


Comment ID #20644

Ah shit here we go again

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #20645

Increasingly worried that we haven't seen Lucy's face or any indication of her current state for several pages as the focus has switched to Paulo...


Comment ID #20646

oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god


Comment ID #20647

hehehe i love them so much :3 (not sure why this page elicited that reaction from me but alright)

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20648

I'm like, kinda giddy over the potential of Mike comforting Paulo now that he's got things somewhat together and an unusual alliance forming

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #20649

While I want Mike to comfort Paulo and possibly spill tye beans on the other day, I also want Paulo to stand by what he told Lucy and tell him to fuck off.


Comment ID #20650

Uh oh lol


Comment ID #20651

hell yes


Comment ID #20652

nervous nervous nervous


Comment ID #20653

Bro PLEASE let this be the moment where Paulo finds out about what he did to Lucy AND with Daisy. I want this grey twink obliterated.

Ella Cromeens  

Comment ID #20654

if things weren't worse before, it's highly likely that it would be now...


Comment ID #20655

So, assuming Lucy and Paulo left the school right after it was over, did Mike just go to the library to make out with Daisy before leaving to go home. The timeline seems off.

Russell Nils Lawrick  

Comment ID #20656

They were talking for a while. And Mike properly left soon after the smooch because it was awkward


Comment ID #20657

God I wish 😭


Comment ID #20658

Mike: Actually I’m from the Upside Down.

Paulo: What?

Mike: Sic ‘em, Dart! (a Demogorgon appeared and started to run towards Paulo)

Paulo: (screams and runs away)


Comment ID #20659

Here comes the ambulance for Mike, and here comes the police for Paulo.


Comment ID #20660

i wasn't expecting the dessert, but i wll enjoy it anyway.

Filias Nox  

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